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  1. Here's another vote for Habitat Curacao. The house reef is excellent and is great for a new diver as there is a rope you can hold on to for "comfort" that leads you to the wall where you'll be diving. If you want to head back after only a short time, it's very easy to do that. It's almost impossible to get lost. There's also a dive site called Mushroom Forest that is highly recommended. Don't miss going to Willemstad to see all the brightly colored houses and the walking bridge. Very cool. Ellen
  2. As Undertow says, you can keep Image Review on and display images without pressing the Playback button. Be aware that the D300 default setting is for images to be displayed only upon pressing the Playback button. By using the Display mode option in the Playback menu, however, you can set the option to display images automatically after every shot is taken. It seems like this option would solve your problem of not being able to use the Playback button to view your images. There are several options to display the histogram, including separate red, green and blue histograms and an overall brightness level histogram. But, you're correct, for the overlay histogram, you must use the Custom Setting Menu F1 and specify that the overlay histogram appears by pressing the center of the multi-selector button. If you're able to get a copy of David Busch's book "Nikon D300 Guide to Digital SLR Photography", you can find a lot of this information in Chapter 2 Working With Shooting Data. All of the display screens are shown including all of the information that appears in each display screen, And, after you get the camera, this book wouldn't be bad to have on your bookshelf. Ellen
  3. Fantastic Video! I really liked your choice of music. I preferred the first video for viewing the sheer beauty of the area. Nice underwater shots of that huge jellyfish like creature, too. I don't dare ask the temperature of the water that they were swimming in :-) And, as for floating on a chunk of ice... Maybe he'd had so much to drink that he just didn't feel any pain Thanks for sharing. Ellen
  4. I think you've raised a very valid point. When we spend a great deal of time, energy and effort to get a particular shot, we often tend to value it more highly, regardless of what others think. A case in point is when Wetpixel asks everyone to post their favorite image of the year. Many give their reasons for selecting their favorite images. More often than not, it seems that, when reasons are given, it is because the photographer waited a long time, or something similiar, to get the shot they wanted to get. The shot was very memorable to you for these reasons. That does not mean that others will necessarily agree with you. They simply are not aware of the huge effort you put forth to get the shot. Ellen
  5. I would give my eye teeth to see the expression on their face when they tried to use the flooded/broken equipment. Of course, that's if they ever tried to use it. From what I've heard of today's thieves, they may have just fenced the items. As they say, let the buyer beware Ellen
  6. I wish I'd seen your post a couple of months ago. I had a flooded D70S and a Nikkor 105mm lens. When I realized I could never use them again, and after I'd received the insurance payment for them, I threw them away. Hopefully, I'll never again have any flooded cameras or lenses, but if I do, I'll definitely keep you in mind. It's nice to know that someone could make use out of equipment that can no longer be used to take images. Ellen
  7. Hi Hannah, I shoot with the Nikon D70S in a Subal housing but have used the lenses you are asking about. You've obviously done your homework, as the lenses you are looking to buy cover both macro and wide angle. But that being said, if it were me, I would look at buying the 60mm lens before I bought the 105mm lens. You don't say whether the 105 you are planning to buy is the VR version or not, but, in any event, the 60 is a much easier lens to use. It's also a very sharp lens as well and is in almost every uw photographer's bag of lenses. I would purchase the 105 as a second macro lens. The 10.5 is a great wide angle lens but it can be tricky to use. You have to make sure the strobes are well back of the camera or else they end up getting photographed as the 10.5 is so wide. If you want to go for a prime lens, you might consider either the Nikkor 16mm FE lens or the Sigma 15. They are both excellent Wide Angle lenses, but not quite as wide as the 10.5. If you want to go for a wide angle zoom lens, the Tokina 10-17 is highly recommended. You will need a zoom gear for the Tokina lens to be able to make use of both the 10mm end and the 17mm end and everything in between. Have fun on your holiday and be sure to let us know how it all went. Ellen
  8. Hi Alexx, First off, let me say that I'm not a Canon shooter so I'm not too familiar with the various models. However I did a bit of research and here are my thoughts on the matter. It appeared that you are comparing getting a 5D camera Body which is Full Frame with getting a less expensive camera which is DX along with the 17-85 lens. Based on Alex Mustard's results comparing DX sensors with FX sensors on Nikon cameras, where he concluded that the D300 (which is DX) s the better camera for underwater photographers, I would be very cautious before I bought the FX camera. You will, as you have said, have to change your lenses which factors into the decision. I can't say, though, how the results for Nikon cameras translates to Canon cameras as far as FX vs. DX goes. Maybe some others can chime in with their experiences. It's hard to say how much more the 5D housing will be at disposal. If I'm understanding you correctly, I think your question is how much will you get for it when you sell it. You might want to check some of the places that sell these housings (maybe even ebay?) to see what the current market value is for them. I am not familiar with the 17-85 lens but I would check out the Sigma 17-70 lens. It seems like it covers the same range and I've heard some very good things here on Wetpixel about the Sigma 17-70. I hope that helps. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to post them here. Ellen
  9. Although I'm dying to meet Mike Veitch & Simon Buxton, based mostly on what I've read about them here on Wetpixel you are a proven entity and I just may schedule this trip with you. I think I've been on at least three trips with you and all of them have been tons of fun. What more can an uw photographer ask for? Ellen
  10. Bonnie, is this trip going to be one of your workshops? If so, maybe I'll mark it on my calendar now Ellen
  11. Indeed the diving seems to be in marked contrast to the diving at Lembeh Resort! Thanks for sharing these lovely images taken at Buyat Bay. Several of the images looked like they should have been entered in this week's Picture of the Week contest for schools of fish Ellen
  12. That's an excellent price for a new camera. The D200's have been selling for approximately $600 used on the nikonians web site. Ellen
  13. It's too bad it can't always be the way it is when diving at Lembeh Resort, where I was diving last fall. If it happened that we lost our group and found ourselves alone, we were specifically instructed NOT to move around and look for the Dive Guide, but instead to stay in the same place and wait for the Dive Guide to come to you. I can recall one time when I got engrossed in photographing an unusual critter. I lost the rest of the group and was alone, but did as I was told, and waited for the Dive Guide. I honestly could not figure out how in the world he knew where I was, as the viz was quite murky that day. But, alas, in a few minutes, sure enough, the Dive Guide showed up to get me. I was relieved, especially since the viz was so poor, that I was not alone any more. Ellen
  14. Congratulations! Too bad I couldn't be there for this trip to submit an over/under image I hear the currents were really ripping on this trip, but the images are still fantastic in spite of everyone having to deal with them. Thanks Bonnie for posting these images. Ellen
  15. Thanks for the link. You did a wonderful job on your smug mug gallery! Both the underwater and topside shots were a real treat to see. Keep up the great work with that new camera of yours! Ellen
  16. Well done, Scott! Looks like you're not having any trouble with the settings on the D300 Ellen
  17. To add another wrinkle to the mix, have you considered adding an Inon Z240 strobe instead of another Ikelite? When I had only one strobe, which in my case was an Inon Z240, and I discussed the issue of adding another strobe with Ryan at Reef Photo, he let me know that it was possible to add a strobe of a different brand, such as an Ikelite DS-125. I'm guessing this wouldn't work if you have only one bulkhead connector, but if you have two, then I believe it can be done. Ellen
  18. The short answer is "Yes", although hopefully it won't happen often. It's been said before and it bears repeating "It's not a question of if you experience a flood, it's a question of when. I didn't completely believe this, thinking that it would never happen to me. But, sure enough, I became the victim of a flood last fall when diving in Indonesia. It was caused totally by human error, which is the reason for many floods. To deal with the inevitable flood, there are steps you can take to minimize its effect: 1) Bring backups 2) Take out an insurance policy In my own case, I had brought a backup camera just in case I experienced a flood. This enabled me to continue taking images, albeit not with my lens of choice. But at least I was not prevented from taking underwater images. I had also insured my equipment, so at least I was reimbursed for the damaged equipment. There are several options for insuring your equipment if you choose to take this route. It may not have been the answer you wanted to hear, but I hope it helps. Sorry to hear about your flood. Ellen
  19. No need to apologize for asking questions. That's what we're here for! Glad that Wetpixel could be of help to you Ellen
  20. I totally agree with the others in saying that the best book to buy, without question, is The Underwater Photographer Third Edition by Martin Edge. There is another book that you may want to get, although I don't recommend it as highly as the book by Martin Edge. It's The Essential Underwater Photography Manual by Denise Nielsen Tackett and Larry Tackett. Hope that helps. Ellen
  21. Hi Scott, You may want to take a look here for starters: Settings for the D300 Looking forward to seeing your images from Cozumel. All the best, Ellen
  22. In my former life: 1. www.scubadiving.com I started posting on this site in 1998 when I first started diving and hardly knew the difference between a BC and a wetsuit It's where I've learned a lot about diving and made a lot of friends. I've been on more than one trip with others that post on that site. I have a sort of sentimental attachment to it. In my current life: 1. Wetpixel I find myself going here for answers to questions and to learn more about this world of uw photography. It's a great place to hang out. Now I find I enjoy giving back and helping others who are new to uw photography. I hope I can contribute to the knowledge base of the newbies :-) 2. www.nikonians.org It's a great place to learn about anything to do with Nikon cameras. Lately I've been hanging out at the Post Processing Forum a lot. 3. www.scubadiving.com I still post here a lot, but find myself going more to Wetpixel as the uw photography forum at scubadiving pales in comparison to wetpixel. Ellen
  23. Thanks Carol! I'm looking to purchasing that housing after I get my D300, which I will upgrade to in the near future. Good to know what it's for and, who knows, one day I may end up shooting images with a pole cam
  24. First of all, I am not too familiar with that camera and housing, but I did notice a few things and here are my thoughts. I'm wondering if that Ikelite strobe is a good choice for you. From what I understand, it is not as powerful a strobe as you might eventually want. I did notice that the cost for the entire package is $616.95 whereas the strobe by itself sells for $379.95 at underwater photo retailers. Before I plunked down that kind of money, I would definitely give Ryan Canon a call to discuss your choices with him. He's at Reef Photo and Video (the link to Reef Photo is right here on the Wetpixel site). I also don't know if that strobe arm is the one to buy. Most folks here use either the TLC arms or Ultralight. But again, I would give Ryan Canon a call for the best advice. Most importantly, welcome to Wetpixel and to the wonderful world of underwater photography! If you have other questions, feel free to post them here. Ellen
  25. My oh My! I sense a bit of aggression going on here I hope this kind of warm welcome doesn't happen to ALL visitors to Lembeh Ellen
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