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  1. Great shot, Alex! That's got to rank way up there on Behavior Shots. Wish I'd been able to get that kind of shot when I was in Lembeh last fall, but, alas, mine is just an ordinary shot of only one Mimic. Sigh. Very cool that you got a nice send off from Lembeh Resort, too! Thanks for sharing. Ellen
  2. You've gotten some good advice already. I use my Inon Z240 strobes on manual and I've found that checking the histogram after a shot has helped me a lot. In other words, at least for me, there does not seem to be any set formula, but rather a trial and error of sorts. If there are blown highlights (e.g. the histogram goes off the edge on the right side), there are different things you can do to solve the problem. Using the diffuser for the strobe has been mentioned. If I'm not mistaken, different strength diffusers come with the strobe so if you are consistently overexposed, you could use a diffuser with a different strength (i.e. 1.5 rather than .5). Also be aware that the strobe settings needed will vary based on whether you are shooting a dark subject or a white or light colored subject. Another thing that helps is to vary the strobe distance from the subject. For example, if the histogram shows I'm overexposed, sometimes I'll just move the strobes back rather than adjust the strobe settings. If you take a shot and the histogram shows the image is overexposed, just adjust the settings on the strobe by a small amount. Keep adjusting the settings until it looks right on the histogram. I've sometimes adjusted the settings in large increments after the histogram looked too dark or too light and have regretted it. Ellen
  3. It doesn't seem possible that wetpixel and popular photography could actually have anything to do with each other, but I did see www.wetpixel.com mentioned in an article titled "Getting Nemo: How to light the world below" which appears in the March 2009 issue of "Popular Photography". Lest you think that I actually would subscribe to this magazine, let me explain: a relative sent me an email one day and told me he could get a free subscription for someone else to "Popular Photography" and asked if I was interested. I said sure, why not. Although the cover of the March issue was plastered with interesting looking articles such as "Nature How-To issue 50+ pages of tips", "Wildlife & Scenics: Amazing Sunsets, Dramatic Skies and Majestic Birds" and last but not least "Photoshop How to Use the Best New Feature", none of them related to underwater photography, I managed to find the Getting Nemo article on page 38. At the bottom of the page was a section called "More Tips" which included as one of the tips "Read diving and natural history magazines, and network with other photographers at such websites as www.wetpixel.com" Ellen
  4. That's excellent news! Glad to here things are OK now. Glad they found the charger you lost, too. Ellen
  5. Ahh...promises, promises.... I'll be sure to keep my eye on you closely to see if you follow through on that promise Thanks for the congrats. Ellen
  6. I think the person I bought the drysuit from wore a Size 8 or 9 shoe and my shoe size is only 6 1/2. The main problem is the trapped air. I eventually took to using fin keepers (those little triangular things) to keep the trapped air out of the feet. Uncontrollably turning upside down in a drysuit, which happened to me I think because of the trapped air, is not my idea of fun :-) Have fun on your charter and let the guys bitch again about another good deal on a drysuit Ellen
  7. Here is one more possibility for you to check out. DUI has for sale a number of suits, which it offers for less than full price, on their web page. These were suits that either had been custom made and were returned by a customer or can't be sold new at retail for other reasons. DUI Factory Seconds They send the drysuit to a dealer where you can try it on. Then you can decide if it fits you. Most of the drysuits on the list did cost more than $1,000. Still it's something to consider and you can get a close to new suit for less than full retail. Ellen
  8. How very interesting how you acquired your DUI TLS Trilam suit! I had a very similar experience when I bought my DUI CF 200 drysuit. A friend let me know about a DUI drysuit that was for sale on Ebay for only $500. It had been custom made for a woman my height and weight, but unfortunately with feet much bigger than mine I bought the suit and it was also one of the best $500 I've ever spent. I've used it for a number of cold water dives. After I bought the drysuit she sent me the drygloves that came with the suit. It was almost like getting a present as I didn't even know she had drygloves for the suit when I bought it. Ellen
  9. I use Linux and the website looks fine. One minor point is that in the Gear section underneath the Setup narrative, you show an asterisk and say (not used under water yet). I didn't see the asterisk next to any of the lenses. Later on, when I looked at the rest of your website, I could see that the Tokina 11-16 is the one you haven't used underwater yet, but you might want to place an asterisk next to the lens in the Lenses section so we could see which lens it is that you haven't used underwater. I suspect, though, that you'll soon use the lens underwwater and the asterisk will not be needed at all! Nice job overall! Ellen
  10. Ryan, I have all of the lenses you mentioned (Nikkor 10.5, 16 and Tokina 10-17) and use a Subal housing. Is this small, lightweight and relatively inexpensive acrylic dome available to purchase? If so, how much does it cost? I could see that a small dome like that would be great to have, especially for travel. Thanks. Ellen
  11. I took a trip to Okinawa a few years ago as a side trip after visiting my nephew in Tokyo. I went diving both off the Sunabe seawall and at the Keramas Islands. I was very disappointed with the diving at the seawall. It seemed devoid of life, although I guess I can't complain too much because that's where I saw my first sea snake. I was given an opportunity to head out to the Kerama Islands and jumped on it. The islands are absolutely beautiful. Again, I didn't feel there was too much to see in the water compared to other places I've been but the islands themselves and the scenery around them are stunning. Of historical note, the Kerama Islands are where the Marines first landed at Okinawa in World War II. The Keramas Islands are about 20 miles west of Naha. I can't remember the name of the dive op offhand (I think the word "Blue" was in their name) but I'll check my records and get back to you. If it were me, I would not miss a chance to dive the Kerama Islands. Ellen
  12. You have every right to show off these images. Wow! Kudos to you for being honest and open about the less-than-perfect behavior you witnessed. It's too bad some folks can't pass up a shot even though it will likely damage the reef. More of them should read Martin Edge's book and read about his philosophy on this topic. When I was at Wakatobi this past fall, they have Martin Edge's comments about photographer behavior displayed prominently in the camera room Too bad those fellows just don't seem to care. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the images and hope to see you and Julie at a future Pacific Northwest dive event. Ellen PS Congrats to the happy couple
  13. Thanks, Dan. I will try that. I see you are just across the river from me. I did not know we had any underwater photography shops in the area. I'll have to check out your website. Thanks again. Ellen
  14. Gosh darn, Linda, that's the absolute pits. I remember that photo very well. To this day, it's the best mandarin fish image I've ever seen. Shame on the guilty parties for stealing your image and those of the others! I hope you can resolve this in your favor and get them to remove images which do not rightfully belong to them. Ellen
  15. Has anyone used the Nikon 5T and 6T diopters with the 105VR lens in a Subal 105VR Port? I'm talking about the newer 105VR Subal Port that is longer than the 105VR Port that Subal first came out with. I was talking to Ryan at Reef Photo on the phone the other day and it seems Subal doesn't really provide a good answer to this question. Therefore, I wondered if any of you have had actual experience using the combination of either the 5T or 6T underwater with this lens and port. In a nutshell, I would like to know if there is enough room for the diopters to fit on the end of the lens without scratching the glass on the port. For the old 105 lens, I had to purchase a step-up ring to use these diopters, but the 105VR lens has the same diameter as the Nikon 5T and 6T diopters so no step-up or step-down ring is required. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts and your experiences. Ellen
  16. Congratulations! It's about time the judges started rewarding you with top scores for your underwater images! I think this is worthy of a celebration Ellen
  17. The Costco package used to sell for about $25. After I got back from Indonesia in October, the price had gone up to about $28. Keep your eyes open for the coupons Costco sends out. I recently was able to purchase one of the Costco Eneloop packages for around $20 using the coupon. I don't know if they will send out coupons again for the Eneloops, but if they do, you can pick up another set of Eneloops quite cheaply. Unfortunately, you can only use the coupon to buy one set. I tried to purchase more than one but was told the coupon was good for only one Still, it was quite a bargain. Ellen
  18. My experience has been completely opposite that of your friend who said "they are crap". I will say right off the bat that I don't use the newer type 3 Inon Z240 strobes but I use the older version. I went to Indonesia this past fall and used Costco Eneloop batteries exclusively in my Inon strobes for the entire trip and never had a problem. In fact, I was often able to do several dives without recharging the batteries. In addition, I also use Costco Eneloop batteries in topside applications and haven't had any problems. I'm wondering if your friend got a bad batch of batteries. Ellen
  19. Hi Nige, Thank you for the compliments on my gallery. I'm glad you liked the images. Yes the mimic octopus shot was taken at Tulamben while I was on a dive with Jeff and Dawn. Dawn was the spotter and I moved in for the shot He was moving pretty darn fast so I had work quickly. I was fortunate to get a few shots before he "ran" away. Thanks for the kind words on the Coleman Shrimp. Another shot that I never would have gotten had not Jeff located it for me. He knows the area very well as he lives there most of the year. He seems to know exactly where to find all the cool critters. Opal appears to be Siamese, but since I got her at the local Humane Society, it's hard to say what species she is. You are not alone in noticing her beauty. My friends all comment on how beautiful she is after seeing her in person. Do let us know how your trip goes! It's so nice at Scuba Seraya, the problem is that you won't want to return home. If you get a chance, try to spend some time in Ubud, too. It's in a different part of Bali but well worth the trip. And be sure to go to see the kecak (fire dance) when you're in Ubud. it's quite impressive to watch. Ellen
  20. I was there at the same time as Scott and Ellen the last couple of days in September '08. I can't say enough good things about the place. I would go back again in a heartbeat. The others have already given you good feedback and answered your questions so I'll just add a recommendation about a great uw photo course I took with Jeff Mullins and his wife Dawn. They are super people and wonderful to work with. I spent a day with Jeff and the time spent with him was well worth it. I learned a number of very useful things about uw photography that I had not known before. I was so pleased that I arranged for an additional half day with him and we dived the Liberty wreck together. Jeff is very patient, no matter what your skill level and I can practically guarantee that if you hire him your images will improve. I didn't need any convincing to write a glowing recommendation which now appears on his website. I treated Jeff and Dawn to a wonderful dinner at Scuba Seraya. Have fun! Ellen
  21. I am also going to miss Steve and Jolene. Ditto your comment that Inon America has been wonderful to work with. Steve and Jolene have always responded promptly to my questions about using Inon Strobes. They have also been super people to be around both on the boat and off the boat in Cozumel. I wish them the very best in their future endeavors. Ellen
  22. Big huge thanks to cor, Alex, eric and/or whoever was responsible for fixing the glitch in the system. I was finally able to upload my images thanks to the good folks at Wetpixel who were on top of the situation almost before I posted about the glitch. It was nice to finally be given the opportunity to select the competitions and categories I wanted to enter instead of seeing no space to enter this information. My images have been entered in the competition and I'm now keeping my fingers crossed that one of them will win a prize. OK, I admit I'm hoping I'll win one of these prizes: Ellen
  23. Thanks Alex for taking care of these glitches promptly. I do appreciate it. Ellen
  24. That's good you were able to squeeze them in In my case, I'm sure I checked the competition and category (Novice for me!) boxes before the upload page even appeared. Now, on the page where I'm uploading the image(s), there isn't even a place to check competitio/category. I'll try again today. Thanks. Ellen
  25. It seems you're not the only one that's getting error messages. I've been able to upload the image from my hard drive, but after I enter all the information they're asking for, e.g. Title, Location, Shutter Speed, Aperture, etc, and hit the submit button, I get a message that says "There has been an error submitting your entry. You must submit your photo to at least one active competition" I had told it earlier when I registered what competitions I was entering, then it asks again, Enter Photo in the Following Competitions but doesn't seem to have a space to enter it (unless it goes in the Title box) If anyone has the fix to this situation, I've got my listening ears on. I'd like to enter at least one of my Indonesia pics! Thanks. Ellen
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