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  1. Not sure if they're ceasing publication but they were bought out by Bonnier. That caused a huge uproar on the www.scubadiving.com message board when they let a whole bunch of employees go right before Christmas. Here's a thread over on the D2D message board that provides some information on at least one change: LInk to www.scubaidving.com thread Hope that helps, Ellen
  2. I was fortunate enough to do more diving this past year than in previous years. And, the best part of all was that I got a chance to dive in Indonesia for the very first time. Selecting one image may have been easier in the past, but this year it was especially difficult. But the image that is my favorite was one taken in Tulamben in Bali. Jeff Mullins, with whom I took an underwater photo course, pointed me in the direction of this Coleman Shrimp. Fortunately, it all seemed to come together on this shot. I hope everyone gets to capture many wonderful images in 2009. I look forward to seeing them here in this thread at the end of the year Ellen
  3. I have some Pillow Pak silica gel packets that I'd be willing to part with. They are the kind that are purple and turn pink. If these are the kind you are looking for, let me know. Ellen
  4. Hi Scott, I replaced the old 105 lens that flooded in Wakatobi with the 105mm VR lens. Although I haven't used it underwater yet, I have used it topside. For example, the macro White Christmas images I posted on D2D were taken with this lens. So far, I am very happy with it. The focusing is much faster than the old 105 lens and the focusing is internal, so the lens doesn't rack in and out like the old 105 did. I don't know about the Seatool housing you have, but with my Subal housing I needed to purchase a separate port for this lens which cost me about $700. The other port (with extension) that I used with my old 105 was too narrow for this very wide lens. I don't think you can go wrong with this lens. It will give you much greater versatility for macro than just having 60mm lens you already own. Hope that helps! Ellen
  5. That is one amazing image. You're not kidding when you say you were at the right place at the right time It is so out of the ordinary to see the critter in the open ocean that it really pops! Well done! Ellen Edited to add: I meant to post under ce4jesus' post and was referring to his image.
  6. Ditto on liking Steve's rotation. I think the composition of the image is improved. As Gary mentioned, the rotated image has the perfect rule of thirds going for you. Ellen
  7. Wonderful images! You've done a great job with them. If I used that high of an ISO on my camera, well, let's just say the images would be way too noisy. But I see no evidence of noise in your remarkable images. The Nikon 16mm lens is a great lens and you've used it to its full advantage with these images. Thanks for sharing! Ellen
  8. I had a similar experience and I'll share my thoughts and what I've been told by others. When in Wakatobi, I experienced a flood when my 105mm lens was attached to the camera. Like in your case, my camera was toast. However, I wondered if the lens was repairable and was thinking of sending it to Nikon. What I found out from others more experienced in these matters than myself, was even if Nikon could get the lens working again, eventually fungus and other non-desirables would kill it off eventually. I've since bought a 105mm VR lens to replace the one that flooded. Ellen
  9. I'll add to the list of those who've had great experiences with workshops from Jeff Mullins. I took a day and a half workshop with Jeff in late September in Tulamben, Bali and it was worth every penny I spent. I even wrote a testimonial for Jeff and, in a short time, it will be up on Jeff's website which is mentioned in diggy's post. Jeff spends a lot of time with you before you even go in the water to see where you're at and to make suggestions that will improve your uw images from the camera you're using. Then he goes diving with you to capture the images. After the diving, he sits down with you to go over your images. He's offering a liveaboard course in the Komodo area in the spring of 2009. If I can get off time at work, I plan to be on that liveaboard. Ellen
  10. I agree with Steve. It would be a great idea to add a focus light, especially since you'll be using the 105mm lens. You don't specifiy whether you are purchasing the VR version of the 105, but if you haven't already considered it, I'd give it some thought as to which one you want to buy. I would advise you to refrain from purchasing the 12-24. It's been shown to be, due to its soft corners, not that great a lens for uw photography. I haven't used it personally, but a lot of folks have posted on Wetpixel that it's not that great due to the soft corners. I would recommend you buy the Tokina 10-17, a great lens for underwater use. If you buy the Tokina, you could probably save yourself some money and not get the 10.5. I own the 10.5 and it's a super lens for WA, but if you buy the Tokina 10-17 they do overlap in their coverage. Sounds like you're off to a great start! Ellen
  11. Wow! That was one excellent slideshow. I was there last month also and thoroughly enjoyed the excellent diving that Wakatobi has to offer. When I looked at a few of your anemone fish images, I immediately thought "What's my image doing in his slideshow!" A few of mine were quite similar to yours. Yours were a lot better, though! Thanks for posting. Ellen
  12. Scott, I agree with James that a great lens to acquire would be the Tokina 10-17. It's available for both Canon and Nikon and it is a fabulous lens for Wide Angle photography. The image that won Best Wide Angle for me when we were at Wakatobi was shot with the Tokina 10-17. I can't agree with James more about acquiring a used housing. They can be bought relatively inexpensively now, especially compared to the cost of buying a new housing. Have you looked at what new housings for the D300 are going for? Yikes! That rivals my total cost for my daughter's freshman year at college!! OK, OK, she is on a scholarship...but still you get the idea :-) Ellen
  13. What great timing! I 'm itching to do a slide show from my trip to Indonesia and this looks like it may fit the bill for me. I do have one question - Is it possible to do a slideshow for PC users that doesn't require the use of a PC? In other words, can I do a slideshow on my MacBook Pro that will work for PC users. I don't want to ignore all those PC users out there Ellen
  14. Outstanding images! Thanks for posting these. That's a very cool Mandarin shot! We stayed at Lembeh Resort last month and I was blown away by the diving there. One question: where is Kingsville in MD? I grew up in Maryland (and graduated from the Univ of MD) but never heard of Kingsville I hope you're able to go back soon and get photos of the Blue Ring. Ellen
  15. You've got some very unique perspectives there that we don't usually see in images taken with the Tokina 10-17. Very well done! The Tokina is a great lens as I recently found out. I'd purchased that lens just before my trip to Indonesia and got some decent images with it. It's a great lens for WA underwater photography. Thanks! Ellen
  16. Glad you got your problem resolved. The following comment is just a note for the future as you have taken care of the problem. I found that my Subal leak detector is very tempermental, for lack of a better word. When I was in Cozumel last summer, I assembled the housing the night before my dives so it would be ready to go in the morning. When I woke up, the leak detector was flashing! I knew it couldn't possibly have been a flood as it hadn't even been wet. I never could get the leak detector to stop flashing when in Cozumel so I just removed the battery. When I got home and reinstalled the battery, the leak detector stopped flashing. I posted here on Wetpixel about the problem and discovered others had similar problems with their leak detectors. You might want to read the earlier thread to see what experiences others have had with the Subal leak detector. Ellen
  17. I finally got in touch with my claims adjuster today. It is Michelle Timmins. Like you, I've found them non-responsive. I did receive an email from her after I initially submitted my claim online, but she didn't respond to my phone calls/emails until today when I expressed dissatisfaction to another person in her company that Michelle wasn't getting back to me. After that phone call, I heard back from her in less than 5 minutes :-) I guess it takes a little complaining to get a response She did tell me that links to quotes on the Internet would be good enough for the items that aren't repairable. So that's what I'm going to do for the D70S + battery, the 105mm lens, and the teleconverter. Interestingly, I won't be getting quotes for the 8 Gig CF card I was using at the time of the flood, because it seems to be working fine. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Bonnie, with H2O. Thanks to everyone, too, for your input. Ellen
  18. I recently experienced a flood when diving at Wakatobi. It was my fault and I know exactly what I did wrong to cause it to happen. Needless to say, I won't make the same mistake again The good news is that I had, in my infinite wisdom, purchased a backup camera specifically for this trip and, most importantly, that I had it with me. The additional good news is that I was able to get the electrical connections in my Subal housing to work again with my backup camera. Move forward to things back at home .... I contacted my insurance company, H2O insurance, which I had wisely decided to renew just before departing for my Indonesia trip. I explained to the claims adjuster that I had flooded my D70S camera, my 105mm lens and my 1.4x Teleconverter and that they were not repairable and I asked her what I needed to do. She said if the equipment is not repairable, a copy of replacement estimates/quotes on dealer letterhead or from an internet website is needed. She said I could take the items to a local camera store and that would be fine. I contacted my local camera store, Pro Photo Supply, here in Portland, OR. They told me to contact another shop called Camera Solutions, who does all of their repair work, for the estimate on dealer letterhead. I contacted Camera Solutions who told me it was cost the following to examine the equipment and provide a repair/replacement estimate: For D70S camera: $49 For 105mm lens $42 For 1.4x TC: -0- Total Cost: $91 I've contacted my claims adjuster and asked her if the $91 is covered. So far, I haven't heard back from her. This got me wondering what you all do when your equipment is flooded and not repairable. Do you ever pay for an estimate of the cost to replace it? I would be very interested in hearing about your experiences when a flood results in the loss of equipment (camera, lenses, etc) that cannot be repaired. Thanks. Ellen PS Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, as I've decided to move up to the 105mm VR lens to replace my flooded 105mm non-VR lens. Never mind that I'll have to spend another $700+ on a new port for the new lens :-)
  19. I'll jump in here as I also have a combo of TLC arms/clamps and UCLS arms/clamps. They are completely interchangeable, so the answer to your question is yes, the TLC clamps will fit the UCLS arms. I just got back a few minutes ago from a trip to Bali, Wakatobi and Lembeh and used both TLC and UCLS on this trip. Ellen
  20. I'll be in Tulamben on Saturday. I'll ask how long it takes to get to Ubud. That way you'll have "up to the minute" information Ellen
  21. I couldn't agree more on the foam makeup applicators. They are effective, inexpensive and, most importantly, don't leave traces of lint. I'm surprised no one has mentioned a small magnifying glass. I have a small plastic one that has a small screwdriver in the handle that I picked up at an eyeglass store. I use it to check for hair or bits of sand on the o-rings. When I was shooting with my Nik V in the olden days, I used a Bob Warkentin (of Southern Niikonos fame) trick of taking the Nikonos 35mm lens and using it as a magnifier to check the o-ring. Now that I don't travel wtih that lens anymore, I've taken to using a small magnifying glass which accomplishes the same thing. Anything that I can do to reduce the chance of flooding that doesn't take too much time is on my "to do" list of tasks before a dive with my camera. Ellen
  22. I'll be flying coach on Singapore Airlines next Thursday (9/25) from San Francisco to Singapore. I'll try to post about the experience I have. Ellen
  23. That was certainly your lucky day The price of the 6T that I just purchased was considerably more than that. Thanks for the feedback. It was greatly appreciated and helped me to make my decision. Ellen
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