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  1. Wonderful images! I'll be diving there in a little over a week. With luck, I'll capture some images like yours. Did you use the 105 lens to shoot the Pygmy Seahorse? Did you use any diopters or teleconverters? You did a great job on the Pygmy image! Thanks for posting. Ellen
  2. The way that I handle this potential problem is to slip the neoprene dome port cover on my arm, like a very loose armband, after the boat crew person hands me the camera/housing. When I'm ready to get back on the boat, I simply slip off the "armband" from my arm and attach it to the dome port. Voila! The glass dome port is protected from potential scratches on its way up to the boat. You might check with Ryan at Reef Photo & Video, he may have a customized neoprene cover for your dome port. When I bought my Subal dome port, I bought a custom cover made specially for my port by Reef Photo. The Subal cover apparently didn't work very well and customers didn't like it. Ellen
  3. I have an opportunity to purchase both the Nikon 5T and 6T close up lenses. I don't currently own any diopters and haven't used them before. I'm thinking about buying them to use for my Indonesia trip (Lembeh, Bali and Wakatobi) for the small stuff. I checked and found out my 105mm has a filter size of 52, whereas both the Nikon 5T and 6T have a filter size of 62. I would have to buy a step up ring to use these diopters with my 105. My questions are twofold. 1. Would I encounter any difficulties using the 5T and 6T with a step up ring on my 105? I'm thinking primarily of vignetting, but there could be other problems of which I'm not aware. 2. Would purchasing these be a good idea to use on my Indonesia trip? In a very old thread, I saw that James recommended these diopters in the "high end underwater photographer's bag". I'm wondering if that's still the case. Thanks for your input! Ellen
  4. Thanks, Eric. It doesn't sound difficult at all. I don't know why my friend was having such problems. I'll post again if I have problems when I try it tonight after the lens arrives. Ellen
  5. My zoom gear for the Tokina 10-17, which had been on back order from Reef Photo, finally arrived yesterday I am expecting the Tokina 10-17 lens to be delivered today My question: what is the best way to put it on the lens and use it in my Subal housing? The reason I'm asking is because I was talking to a friend who told me that it took him 20 minutes to figure out how to put it on his Tokina 10-17 lens! (He uses the same camera, housing and lens as I do) I'd like to avoid such problems and, therefore, seek advice as how to do this before I try it myself and encounter potentially massive frustration. The good news is that the zoom gear arrived in plenty of time before my scheduled trip to Indonesia. I leave two weeks from today. Thanks for the help. Ellen
  6. Beautiful images! The over/under shot is quite nice. What lens were you using? Also, were you using a strobe for the "under" portion of the shot? Ellen
  7. Thanks for the images and the outstanding commentary. I'll be in Lembeh Straits next month and your post was an oustanding introduction to what I'll be seeing (and hopefully photographing!) there. Ellen
  8. Gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing these! Carol was so much looking forward to the trip to Port Hardy when I was talking to her about it on the Bandito Charters boat in Tacoma. You've really shown a glimpse into how spectacular the diving is up there. Reminder to self: Make it up to Port Hardy as soon as my drysuit is fixed and ready to go Ellen
  9. Hi Carlos, Welcome to Wetpixel and to the wonderful world of underwater photography. Choosing a housing for your camera is somewhat like choosing a car. Budget is definitely a consideration. So is the handling and feel to you. Ikelite housings are somewhat like Ford and Chevy. They are basic and have what it takes to get you where you want to go and won't cost as much as other housings. Ikelite is known for top-notch customer service which is a definite plus. If you have a problem, Ikelite will generally make sure you're taken care of promptly and courteously. Aquatica is a step up in that it costs more, has a few more features, but does the same thing as an Ikelite housing, i.e. allows you to use your camera underwater. If your budget allows you to purchase an Aquatica housing, then I say go for it. Otherwise, an Ikelite housing will work fine. Since you live in South Florida, you should be able to find a store near you where you can hold one in your hands and see how it feels to you. That may be the deciding factor. I would recommend you head over to Reef Photo and Video in Ft. Lauderdale in particular and have a talk with them. They also may have a used housing in stock that would fit your camera. Feel free to ask more questions as they come up. You've come to the right place. All the best, Ellen
  10. I'm one of your travel companions so I guess I'll respond I just finished my course of Vivotif, the live oral Typhoid Vaccine. You should really start it right away because the last dose must be taken at least 1 week before you enter a high-risk area, according to the instructions. It's a week long course of 4 pills. One pill is taken every other day and it has to be taken on an empty stomach. I was also prescribed Malarone which I'll start one day before entering the high risk area. Fortunately, because I'm with Kaiser, the Malarone only cost me $15 for the Rx Other meds I purchased that Kaiser's Travel Clinic recommended were Loperamide anti-diarrheal tablets and Cipro in case I am unfortunate enough to get a case of diarrhea that Loperamide can't control. Also, I bought Oral Rehydration Salts that I can use if I get severely dehydrated. Also I bought an insect repellent containing controlled release Deet. And, added to that were the Hepatitis and Polio injections I got a couple weeks ago. My arm is still dark purple around the site of the Polio injection. You'll probably see the remnants of the bruising when I see you on the 27h :-) My whole philosphy on the preventative meds is that it's better to take them to avoid any potential problems. I've gotten quite sick in the past when traveling overseas and I sure as heck don't want to repeat that experience. Ellen
  11. Hi, I just went through this in Cozumel with Steve Philbrook, the U.S. Inon Rep. The answer is that you do need them if you are not using TTL. I do not use TTL so they are required in my case. As Steve and his wife explained to me, the plate covers a pin that is used when shooting TTL. If the plate does not cover the pin, weird unintended things can happen electrically that are not desired. I had lost one of my insulating plates and Steve set me up to shoot one of my Z240 strobes as a slave. Of course, the strobe that was set up as a slave often went off when another diver's strobe fired leading one of the divers I was buddying with to avoid me like the plague If you do need the insulating plates, you might want to get more of them as backups because they do tend to get lost easily. I had lost one of mine when disassembling my rig on a boat after a dive. I can't imagine that the D-300 would be any different as far as requiring the insulation plates (when TTL is not used) than my own D70S. If, OTOH, you are using TTL then the plates are not needed. Hope that helps, Ellen
  12. The closest airport is, not surprisingly, Cozumel [CZM]. That is the most convenient airport to use. From the airport, it's easy and inexpensive (less than $10) to get to Scuba Club Cozumel. Some folks, on the other hand, fly into Cancun on the mainland. The downside of this is that they have to take a bus to Playa Del Carmen where they catch a ferry to Cozumel. See the following link for more information on getting to Cozumel from Cancun: Ferry from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel I've been to Cozumel four times. I just returned a few weeks ago from spending one week at Scuba Club Cozumel and I did the same last August. For all four of my trips to Coz, I've always flown directly into Cozumel and have never had to take the ferry from the mainland. These may be included in your package but I'm not certain about this. If you're able to go in February or August instead of May/June, I highly recommend doing Bonnie's Underwater Digital Photography Workshop. I've been to this workshop twice (August 2007 and August 2008) and have greatly enjoyed both trips. There is no extra charge for the workshop to guests at Scuba Club Cozumel. Bonnie is Underwatercolours who responded to your post. Bonnie has a unique way of combining Fun and serious learning to make for a most memorable vacation. I've only been to Cozumel once in May/June so I'll leave it for others to comment on the weather during that time. Hope that helps. Feel free to post or send a PM if you have other questions. Ellen
  13. Thanks Jim for the ID on the image. And a big thanks to Jeff for letting you use his image. I'm going to have to research this critter and learn more about it. It was the very first time I had a chance to see it while diving. Hope we get to dive together again soon! Ellen
  14. I took a picture of this in Cozumel last month, but am having trouble identifying it. Your input would be most welcome. Thanks! Ellen
  15. Have you considered sending images of the housing to Ikelite and asking if they can help you to figure out which camera the housing was designed for? And, if sending images of the housing doesn't do the trick, as a last resort you could ship the housing to Ikelite so they could have it in their possession. I'm sure one of the two solutions proposed above would get you the answer. Hopefully, the first proposed solution will work for you :-) Good luck. Ellen
  16. I use the Kata OC-84 and can't say enough good things about it. Ryan recommended it and I'm glad I bought it. The laptop fits in easily in a separate compartment (even has it's own bag to carry your laptop), there's room for lots of photo stuff inside the case and it has an Insertrolley which makes it easy to transport. And, it even fits in the the overhead of the airplane. It's very well constructed, too. Ellen
  17. Hi, First of all, welcome to the world of underwater photography. It's a very exciting hobby and you've come to the right place for answers to most questions. I agree that your setup is most unusual (your housed flash used with the Ikelite housing) and that has a lot to do with why you haven't received many replies. You might try contacting Ryan at Reef Photo and Video. There's a link to Reef Photo on this site. He is very knowledgeable about everything related to underwater photography. If he doesn't know the answer, he will find out someone who does. So you might want to check with him and see what he has to say about your specific situation. Hope that helps. Ellen
  18. Hi Eric, First of all, thanks for the feedback. I was shooting with my 60mm lens inside my Subal macro port. I don't know if this has anything to do with why it looks back-focused but I did tinker around quite a bit with the raw image using Capture NX. Which diopter would you recommend? I've never used them before. I did notice that a number of images taken on that dive were out of focus, although of course they looked decent in the camera before they got downloaded to my computer screen. I was wondering why so many of them were out of focus. I've had great luck using the 60mm lens before. Thanks again. It was fun to be on the boat with you on Monday All the best, Ellen
  19. Here is an image of what I'm told is a Cucumaria Miniata. It was seen at Z's Point on the Monday dive. Any comments and/or corrections on the ID would be most welcome. Cheers, Ellen
  20. Johanna, That is one stunning image! Thanks so much for being a great buddy during the dive on Monday. And, thanks so much for helping me out when I ran low on air. I certainly did not anticipate that happening after doing 60+ minute dives the previous week in Cozumel at depths greater than that dive at Z's point. Ellen
  21. It was wonderful to meet everyone at the Meet and Greet on Sunday night. I did not realize that Martin and Julie's dog would command so much attention. Incredibly, I even had Isabelle doing tricks for me The food was great, the company was great and I'm so glad I went. At times, I questioned my wisdom in deciding to go to the party, since the traffic slowed to a crawl numerous times on the drive up to their house in Seattle. But I'm so glad I went. Thanks, Martin and Julie for the hospitality! The diving today offered numerous photo opportunities and I was most pleased to get my first image of a wolf eel. I'll try to post a few images from the dive as soon as I download them to my computer. Thanks to Carol for offering to share her hotel room with me, I sincerely appreciate it. And, Linda, if you read this before I fire an email to you, they found your box on the boat and I have it safely in my possession ready to give back to you. Thanks, too, for letting me borrow your Fisheye Focus Light after Bonnie borrowed mine in Cozumel for an important photo shoot. I'm ready to do this again next summer! Ellen
  22. Scott, The batteries I used on our Cozumel trip are the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. They easily lasted for two long dives (some over 60 minutes long) in my Inon strobes. They recharge easily using a very small charger that doesn't take up much room in your luggage. I bought them at Costco for just over $25 for a whole set, making them a very cost effective option. They are the latest and greatest in low discharge technology, too. I'd be happy to get them for you and bring them with me to Indonesia if you'd like. That sure was a great trip. Congrats to you and all the winners! Ellen
  23. I just got back from Cozumel where I used fiber optic on one strobe. It turns out that I only had one insulation plate. Steve Philbrook, the Inon rep, was there diving with us and set up my rig to use fiber optic for one of my Inon strobes. The strobe was set up as a slave to fire when the strobe that was electrically connected went off. The disadvantage was that my buddy noticed my strobe firing in response to his strobe and he had to move far enough away from me that it wouldn't be a problem. Ellen
  24. Is anybody driving up from Portland on Sunday in time for the Meet and Greet and returning on Monday after the dives on the Bandito? If so, maybe we could drive up together and share expenses. Ellen
  25. I'm in Cozumel right now and will be flying back to Portland tomorrow arriving about 7:30 PM at PDX. Thankfully, I already picked up my tanks and weights before I left for Coz Ellen
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