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  1. Gee, now I don't feel so bad. I couldn't figure it out either on my MacBook Pro. Finally, in desperation, I called one of my friends who is an acknowledged Mac expert and he educated me on where to find it. They really should label it better so we brilliant folks can find it Ellen
  2. My story reads somewhat like TheRealDrew. I started young, in my case, with a Brownie Hawkeye camera. When I was 9 years old I was developing film in the powder room of my parents' house. Like Drew, I clearly recall developing B&W shots when I was 9 on my own. In my case, I developed the film and made contact prints. No expensive enlarger for me! The first time diving in the Caribben (in Cozumel) I rented a Sea and Sea MX5 camera and was able to get a decent shot of an angelfish. It was taken with color print film. That print still hangs on my wall. I started regularly posting on another message board and I was very impressed by the images that other members would post after a trip they'd taken. I bought myself a used D70S on www.nikonians.org. I thought it incredible that I actually spent the huge sum of $600 on a camera! But hey I wanted to go digital and this was an inexpensive way to get into digital photography. I decided to house my D70S after I'd used it topside for about a year and felt somewhat comfortable with it. I researched carefully all of the housing options. I came close to buying ScubaSi's used Nexus housing. However, right about that time, I talked to Ryan at Reef Photo and he told me about a Subal housing for the D70S that they had at the shop. It cost about $1,500, which was only a tiny bit more than a brand new Ikelite. You'd think I'd gone to heaven. I immediately told Ryan "I'll buy it!" I thought to myself, what a bargain! Subal quality at a price not much more than an Ikelite! I decided to buy the GS Viewfinder as well as the big dome port and a flat port for macro. The moment I realized I was an addict was when I told my co-worker I'd just spent about $4,000 for a housing, ports, etc. He looked at me like I was the craziest person alive! But, I thought I'd made very wise and well-researched decision. Here I thought nothing of blowing 4 grand on my new rig. Clearly, I'd become hooked on the wonderfully addictive world of underwater photography Ellen
  3. Thanks, Erwin! I have no doubt that we will judging by what we've heard about Wakatobi. I also wanted to thank you for answering my questions and explaining how one can be equally at home with a macro or wide-angle lens regardless of whether an "M' or "W" is posted for that dive. I have used my 10.5 before and like it a lot. Now I own a 16mm lens and I'm looking forward to trying it out while I'm there. Cheers, Ellen
  4. Hi Mads, A friend of mine purchased the focus light you mention and has been happy with it. I own the Fisheye FIX HG20DX and have found it very useful in my underwater photography adventures. There definitely are differences between the two focus lights. One of the differences is that the LED focus light you're talking about uses standard AA alkaline batteries instead of the dedicated lithium ion (and much more expensive) battery that the HG20X uses. The HG20X uses a halogen bulb whereas the LED focus light uses 8 LED bulbs. Another big difference is the burn time which is rated at 6 hours for the LED compared to only 55 to 200 minutes for the HG20X. There is also a good thread about focus lights that was posted on Wetpixel recently. As to your question about working with an Ikelite housing and DS125 strobe, I am not familiar with the Ikelite housing. I own a Subal housing and there is a place on top of the housing to mount the focus light. Perhaps Ikelite owners might want to jump in with how they attach focus lights to their housing. As far as using the focus light with your strobe, as far as I know the focus lights work equally well with all strobes. Hope that helps, Ellen
  5. I just joined Team Wetpixel. I'm excited about taking advantage of the great features it offers. Edited to add: I just went into the Messenger area and immediately saw one benefit of joining Team Wetpixel. Previously, my folders had been nearly 100% full. With no change in the number of PMs, it now says "Your folders are 23% full". I can live with that! Looking forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks, Eric! All the best, Ellen
  6. Thanks Jim for the link. That graphic was very helpful. I like the way he presents the alternative strobe positions. With the colorful graphics, it couldn't be more clear. See you one week from Sunday in Coz! Ellen
  7. Ahh, so she is related to Victor Atiyeh our former Governor. Hmmm, does that make her a niece-in-law? Actually, I think I'll stick to diving. At least I know a little about it Thanks for checking! Ellen
  8. Atiyeh is a pretty famous name here in Oregon. I'm wondering if Hillary is related to the former Governor of our state. Vic Atiyeh was the first Arab governor, according to the article in the following link, in the United States: Victor Atiyeh In any event, no matter who she is, or is not, related to, she deserves a big huge congratulations. Thanks, Carol, for posting the link Ellen
  9. Simply spectacular! Thanks for sharing these images. Ellen
  10. Hi Scott, You should check out Martin Edge's book "The Underwater Photographer" Third Edition. He has a very good section, as I recall, on photographing sunbeams. The book is almost a "must have" for the underwater photographer, it's that good. I wasn't sure what you meant when you asked if the sunbeams are "added in". Do you mean are they added in using Photoshop or other post processing software? Photographing sunballs using digital cameras is a bit tricky, and not as simple as it used to be with film cameras. That's where Martin Edge's book is very informative and helpful. See you in a couple weeks in Coz, Ellen
  11. Hi Ed, I'm one of the friends Scott refers to in his post and will be at Wakatobi at the same time. Thanks for the heads up on the wetsuit. I just recently bought an Excel 4/3 wetsuit which hasn't been wet yet, but I'm suspecting it will be keep me warmer than my 3mm suit. Thanks for the inside tip! I'm a big tea drinker and a warm mug of tea sounds infinitely better than a bottle of possibly ice cold water after a dive. I've often been chilled after drinking a bottle of cold water after a dive but decided to hydrate anyway as it's the safe thing to do. Now that I know tea is an option, I'll happily indulge Thanks for the great images and all the information. I do have a question on your lens choices when at Wakatobi. Which lens did you find yourself using more? All the best, Ellen
  12. Great Stuff Robyn! Looks like PFP never ceases to produce great macro shots. Maybe I'll use some of my FF miles to head to Florida next year just for the purpose of diving there. Thanks for posting these on wetpixel. Cheers, Ellen
  13. Please change my ~maybe~ to a "Yes" for Monday. Thanks. Ellen
  14. After thinking about it, I ~may~ be able to do Monday. I'll need Sunday off for my body to recover from the flight back from Coz and from the time zone changes, but Monday may be OK. I'll check tomorrow at work and let you know tomorrow if I can make it on Monday. The good thing is that I'd already have my camera gear already packed and ready to go. I would need, however, to change my exposure suit. A 3 mil just wouldn't do it in Puget Sound. Ellen
  15. Dang! I'll be returning from Cozumel late on Saturday night so I don't think it would work out on Sunday. And, of course, there's work on Monday But I'll be thinking of all of you enjoying the diving on the Bandito as I'm rinsing my gear in the bathtub. Ellen
  16. The product is called DeoxIt. Here's the link to where you can get it: http://store.caig.com/s.nl/it.I/id.64/.f?s...p;category=-117 I personally haven't tried it yet. I was just told about it by Shen at Reef Photo. Ellen
  17. That's very kind of you to share this stuff with other divers. I found out about another product that Reef Photo uses on electrical connections. I'll post the name of it later when I'm not at work. Ellen
  18. The folks at www.nikonians.org always seem to have an answer for everything related to Nikon. One of the forums on www.nikonians.org is for software and post processing questions. Here's a link to get you started: http://www.nikonians.org/forums/dcboard.ph...s&forum=196 You might try posing your question on that site to get an answer. Good luck! Ellen
  19. I'm not absolutely 100% postive about this, but I don't think that Scott can correct it himself. Once something appears in a quote, it may require the intervention of a moderator to change it. We had a poster here a while back who had great difficulty staying on topic (and that's putting it mildly) who was eventually banned from wetpixel. He and others would use the technique of quoting something as a way of preserving what a poster had said. Ellen
  20. Yes, that's a big plus! I'm sure these skills you're acquiring will prove very helpful in Indonesia. Are you using your new MacroMate in these images? If I come to PFP again, I'll be sure to bring my 105 lens + 1.4x Teleconverter. It just may come in handy Ellen
  21. Hi Robyn, I have no doubt that you will be able to find many of these creatures on your own in the future. Wow, PFP is really producing some awesome stuff these days and you're helping to show us 'the stuff' I wanted to tell you how great your images look on wetpixel All the best, Ellen
  22. I'd like to give you a very warm wetpixel welcome! I think you've seen by the posts in reply to yours that everyone is happy to see you and have no intentions of putting you down because of some silly thing that appeared in the media. I, for one, would like you to tell your story here only when you feel completely comfortable doing so. If that happens tomorrow or if it happens next week or next month, the time will be right when it feels right for you Yes, I did read about your story but I don't recall reading anything about you here. We're good folks here and most of us are happy to help others who are interested in underwater photography. It sounds like you are Ellen
  23. That is really the pits! It sounds like you did everything right, other than perhaps choosing to dive in such lousy conditions, and had absolutely no reason whatsoever to think that the housing would flood so soon after submerging it. And, yes, you did a test dive without the camera in it to make sure all was OK after the service. I own a Subal and have not seen that stream of bubbles across the top of the backplate that you are talking about. Assuming you get another D300 and Subal ships the same housing back to you, I'll bet you'll test dive it several times without the camera inside before daring to do a dive with your expensive camera inside the housing. I hope you insurance coverage is good and that you don't have to incur too much expense on your own nickel (or whatever is equivalent to the nickel in Oz!). Most importantly, I hope you eventually can figure out the reason for the flood so that it won't happen again. All the best, Ellen
  24. I have a couple of questions: 1. Did the airline give the passengers a reason for asking for all carry on luggage that had wheels? 2. You say "...and a way to get you to pay the $25 per checked bag". It's not clear to me if the airline actually required you to pay the $25 when they moved the bag to the belly of the plane. It seems they should have given the passengers advance notice they were going to do this, thus giving some folks the option of packing their possessions in a soft carry on without wheels. But I've never flown on Spirit Airlines, so perhaps what I'm asking is unreasonable given the current climate in airline transportation. Ellen
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