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  1. There's nothing I can say to that one right now except The REAL response (as in REAL Drew) will come later
  2. Hi, This trip is to Raja Ampat in February 2010. You're most welcome to come, I'd love to have you along. I'll send you a separate email with all the particulars. Apparently the Seven Seas is very similar to the Archipelago Adventurer II that our board friends went on. It's gotten some rave reviews, too. The underwater photographer who invited me to go on this trip has been on the Seven Seas before and liked it so much he chartered the boat for another trip. Cheers, Ellen
  3. I have an opportunity to go on a trip on the Seven Seas. I was ready to sign up but just got some recent feedback from some friends who went on a trip on the Archipelago Adventurer II. They were raving about the high quality of the boat, the crew, the service, etc. How do the boats compare? I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who's familiar with (and even been on ) both boats. I'm all ears! Ellen
  4. For those who can shop at COSTCO, the above is even cheaper. COSTCO sells a "Power Pack" with the charger, 8 AA, 4 AAA, 2 C size adapters and 2 D size adapters. It sells for only slightly more than $25. It even comes in a blue carrying case with a handle. I snapped up two of them at COSTCO the other day and may purchase more for my trip to Indonesia. Also, if someone runs out of batteries, it will be nice to have extra batteries for them. Ellen
  5. Hi, I prefer # 1. In # 2, the gaze of the Fairybasslet appears to be looking away, drawing the viewer's eye towards the left which makes the composition less pleasing visually. That being said, I would prefer a tighter crop on # 1 eliminating some of the background to the right and above the FB. Was this taken with your new camera? Looking forward to seeing you in Bali! Cheers, Ellen
  6. Christian, I don't think it's the same Hesham. The Hesham who was the DM on the Wildcat and who saved my life was an Egyptian man who was quite a bit darker in complexion than the Hesham in your image. He also had hair!! Thanks for posting Hesham's image, though! Yes, it was quite the experience being hit from behind by a boat propeller. One minute I was descending for my first dive of the day and the next thing I remember I'm waking up in this zodiac not feeling very normal. If the DM hadn't been nearby when this happened, I may not be alive today. It also helped that we had in our group on the liveaboard one physician and one EMT. I guess I'm one lucky person. Thanks for posting! Ellen
  7. I'm wondering if Hesham is the same Hesham that was on the liveaboard Wildcat in 2001. He was the divemaster on that boat and basically saved my life. I was hit on the head by the boat propeller of a speeding zodiac when diving there in October 2001 and had to be rushed to the hospital in Sharm El Sheikh with a bleeding head wound. I ended up having six stitches in my head and four stitches in my shoulder. Hesham was my buddy on that dive and saved my life by bringing my unconscious body back on the boat. Could it possibly be the same Hesham? The Wildcat sank after my trip so it would make sense that he'd go to work for a different boat. Just curious. Ellen
  8. I like your idea, Steve, of going down there with an idea in mind of what I want to capture. At this point it's a toss up between the nudibranch image and the garibaldi image. I will tell you one thing....the water may be "cold" in Southern California but it'll seem like bath water compared to Puget Sound Thanks for your input. All the best, Ellen
  9. I'll be on the boat The Great Escape and we'll be doing three dives. I've never been diving in SoCalifornia before and would like to use the best choice of lens for those three dives. I'll probably have a better idea of which lens to use after I've been in the water, but want guidance for the first dive of the day. I've heard that the 16mm can be a great lens to photograph sea lions. On the other hand, I've seen some great images of nudis and I do have both the 60 and the 105 lenses for macro. I just bought a 1.4x teleconverter, too. I was thinking the 10.5 is great for places like Cozumel but may be too wide for Catalina. I'd appreciate your opinions on the lenses that work well for So California diving. Thanks. Ellen
  10. My preference is for the second image. It's a good one, and one I wouldn't mind having it on the wall of my office. Ellen
  11. Bruce has given you excellent advice. I'd like to add to his post and clarify that you can contact Ryan at Reef Photo & Video and you can contact Berkley at Backscatter. As Bruce has said, the links are on the right. I've personally dealt with Ryan at Reef Photo & Video and have had nothing but positive experiences. After the plastic mount for my Focus Fix light on top of my Subal housing broke on a liveaboard, I visited the store in Ft. Lauderdale and Ryan and Shen (another wonderfully helpful employee at Reef Photo & Video) fixed it cheerfully for me without charge. Ellen
  12. You are definitely not the only one who feels this way. Underwater photography improvement is a process. As you take more images, read more books on uw photography (BTW, I highly recommend Martin Edge's book), take uw photography courses and talk to more uw photographers about things you want to do and things they have done, you will gradually assimilate all of these things into your brain and you will begin to see improvement. It may be gradual improvement, rather than sudden, but it will be improvement. Sometimes I feel very frustrated that my uw photography is not improving as fast as I would like, but then I look back to the photos I took with the Nikonos V camera years ago and to the photos I have recently taken with my digital camera and I actually see a huge improvement, IMHO. Basic concepts like shooting up, shooting close and the concept of edge lighting with strobes have gradually been implanted in my brain enough so that a few of these things are becoming things I automatically do when shooting with my camera underwater. Now, that's improvement! Have patience and, as the others have said, practice, practive, practice and before long, you will be one of those uw photographers who post here and will be looked up to by beginning uw photographers. Ellen
  13. A spectacular visual feast for the eyes! Thanks. Ellen
  14. Thanks for the update, Jack. I'll get a chance to see the recovery in a few weeks. Cheers, Ellen
  15. I'll be diving at Hood Canal early next month. I haven't been diving there in at least five years. What are the recent changes that have caused Hood Canal to be "hit hard". In case there are big pollution problems, at least I'll be diving in a rented 7mm wetsuit Ellen
  16. Ouch! I'll be flying on Singapore Airlines in September. I must get out my calculator and conversion charts. When I see the weight limit in kg, it sounds like such a low limit. Duh! Then I have to remember that they are using the metric system. Now I gotta figure how I can get all my stuff from SFO to Singapore, then on to Bali while staying under the limit. Thanks for the heads up on this. Ellen
  17. Can I hire your wife as a dive spotter? How very splendid that she found it for you! Wives like that are a real treasure. I've been to Cozumel three times and have seen a splendid toadfish but have never been fortunate enough to be able to get an image of one. Your image is very nice! Ellen
  18. I think you need to sit down and think about your experience, your goals and what you'd like to accomplish. You have yourself a fine camera, maybe a bit dated comparing it to what is currently available. The autofocus on the D300 is much better than the D70, the ability to shoot at high ISO without a lot of noise is much better than the D70, there is no question that the D300 is superior to the D70 in these areas. But both are capable of taking good underwater images. If it were me personally, and my budget was limited, I would spend the $$$ on acquiring good glass. Then, when you've outgrown the D70, you would still have the glass and could use it on the D300. If, OTOH, your budget is unlimited, then by all means go for it. Or perhaps you're a professional and need the latest and greatest, that would also be reason to upgrade. Hope I've given you some things to think about. In the end, of course, the decision is yours. Ellen
  19. I think you've made a correct statement. To clarify, one lens may be able to do macro and wide angle, however, it won't do them very well . The best results are obtained by using a dedicated macro lens for macro shots and a dedicated wide angle lens for wide angle. In this case, unfortunately, trying to economize by buying only one lens is usually not a good solution. Ellen
  20. You're doing exactly what I did with the D70S, except you're doing it with the D300. I bought the D70S to learn digital, shot with it topside for quite a while, then bought a used Subal housing for 1/2 price from ReefPhoto. It's worked out well for me. Be sure to post and let us know how a "film guy" is doing with digital photography. Congrats on going digital! Ellen
  21. Who would have thought that using non-Subal ports would have the capacity to cause such damage? It's very interesting that temperature differences are enough to cause problems when the ports are made of different materials. Since I'm a Subal user, it's good to know these facts. As they say "Knowledge is power". Thanks for increasing my knowledge All the best, Ellen
  22. I've had very bad luck every time I fly into MIA. I've had to spend the night there at least twice because I arrived too late to catch my next flight out. My cousin, who lives in the Miami area, has had me as his unexpected overnight guest more than once. It's a good thing I have a relative nearby or I would have had to pay hefty hotel fees. Once there was a weather delay and the airline bussed all of us unfortunates to the Don Schula Hotel. The problem was that after waiting at least half an hour to check into the hotel, I didn't get into my hotel room until after midnight. We had to wake up at 3AM to get the shuttle to the airport to get the morning flight they put us on. What a good night's sleep I had that night I'll fly into Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm any day rather than deal with the hassle at MIA.
  23. Good point. That's exactly what I thought when I saw the title! Don't know that my input counts for much as I'm using a Subal housing instead of an Aquatica housing, but I'm a very petite person with small hands and have never had any problems accessing the controls of my housing. And, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that Subal and Aquatica housings are that much different in size. A good thing about having small hands is since no one wants to buy the size small diving gloves, there's a huge selection to choose from whether it's on the big auction site or my LDS. I hope things work out well for your Aquatica-using friend
  24. I love your second shot. Great angle on the garibaldi. I'll be diving on The Great Escape on June 7th. Maybe the water will be 1 or 2 degrees warmer when you dive there in late June
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