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  1. Hi Jake, I agree with okuma with his advice to get rid of the filter for these type of shots. You might try using a strobe for the underwater portion of the image. Make sure you meter the exposure for the portion of the image that's above the water. When I did my over/under images, I also used the 16mm lens. I don't know if it's available on the island, but I found Rain-X, which I purchased at an auto parts supply store, to be great for use on the dome. Good luck! Ellen
  2. Thanks, Tim. This is excellent information on the use of strobes. I don't generally shoot wrecks, with the exception of a few images shot in the Red Sea in my Nikonos days, but I'll keep this information in mind for the future. Ellen
  3. Great images, Bonnie! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun at the show. Since you won't tell us what Paul just whispered in your year, I guess I'll just have to pry it out of you next time I see you Inquiring minds want to know Ellen
  4. I agree. It will be nice to be able to get more than 36 images on a dive I sent the PM again, this time to your email address. Let me know if you don't receive it OK. Cheers, Ellen
  5. Hi Tim! I'd like to give you a warm welcome to Wetpixel. Hmmm....the A35, was that by any chance the old Ikelite film camera? I seem to remember lots of folks using it when I started diving. Of course that's before digital took over! I am not familiar with the DC1000 elite. I did check online and it seems to cost about 999.95 List with an advertised price of 899.95 at the places I checked. Hopefully someone will jump in that's used it or knows someone that's used it. Good luck in getting answers to your question. Best regards, Ellen
  6. You're correct, Carol. I didn't buy my Subal 105VR port until after I came back from Indonesia last fall and needed to replace my old 105 lens that flooded. So far I haven't used a TTL converter so hopefully won't be a problem. In any event, I am not going to install the latest firmware in case I should want to use a TTL converter in the future. Thank you Carol for this very valuable information! It probably would have taken me weeks to figure all of this out on my own. I'm very appreciative of your effort in posting it. I know it wasn't that easy doing it on your iphone. I do have the Tacketts' uw photo book so I'll have a look to try and perfect my Blue Tak technique Let us know how it went using the 5T. I must add this before I end this post: Ellen
  7. Very sad news. The following link, which includes an image of Carl, provides more information on the accident: Click here Condolences to family and friends. Ellen
  8. Hi Carlos, I indeed carefully read all of your post. What you actually meant to say, which is now very clear to me, was not apparent in your first post. You did not even mention the D90 camera in your first post. If you had mentioned it, I think I would have understood exactly what you were objecting to. I now understand that if you own the D90, you need to purchase NX2 to be able to do post processing of the NEF files. Thanks for the clarification. Cheers, Ellen
  9. I think your claim that the software is useless is without merit. It is entirely possible that the box of Capture NX2 that CADiver bought had been sitting on the shelf and, therefore, had not been updated to allow use of NEF files from the D90. Nikon can't possibly include on their disk all the cameras that were not even in existence at the time the disk was made! That's why they have different versions of the software which are easily and quickly updated to be able to use the NEF files of the latest cameras. If CADiver had purchased the software and downloaded it, rather than using a disk to install it on his computer, I imagine he would not have had the problem he did. The downloaded product is more up to date than a boxed version containing a disk. I use Capture NX2 to do virtually all the post processing on my images. It is a very powerful software and well worth purchasing for those using Nikon cameras. Glad to hear you were finally able to open your D90 NEF files You will love using NX2. There is a book I highly recommend that just came out. It's Nikon Capture NX2 - After the Shoot by Mike Hagen. Very useful to help you get the most out of the software. Ellen
  10. Hi Carol, What a fantastic shot you got at Blue Heron Bridge! That is great news you were able to get your Subal 105VR port modified and, most importantly, are now able to use it. What kind of modification did they have to make on the port? I recently got the same port though I haven't used it underwater yet. I'm a bit nervous and hope I don't experience any problems with it. Have you used any diopters with the 105VR lens and port? I bought the Nikon 5T and 6T diopters for use with my old 105 but not sure I can use them with the new dedicated port for the 105VR. Thanks for sharing the image! All the best, Ellen
  11. J'aime beaucoup les photos! In your first underwater image, there is a small fish. It reminds me of the first time I saw it when diving the Red Sea. A very beautiful fish and a very beautiful image. Merci Ellen
  12. If the results of taking the empty housing to depth tomorrow, as Timmoranuk suggested, reveal a flood, you might want to go to Plan B. Plan B would be to rent a camera. Have you checked out to see if any of the dive shops can rent one to you so that you can take pics? If your test at depth indicates no water in the housing, then I would consider it safe to use with the camera inside. But first clean the o-ring of the vaseline, let it dry and then lubricate with the proper lubricant. I would also inspect the o-ring carefully for hairs, small pieces of dirt, etc. I have even religiously used a magnifying glass to inspect the o-ring for offending particles that might cause a flood. Good luck...I hope it all works out and you're able to get some underwater pics in Cabo! Ellen
  13. Congrats on your Honorable Mention! The image really does warm the heart. Christian was one of the most well behaved 11 year old boys I've ever seen, and he certainly deserved to do his first dive at Wakatobi. It was indeed a pleasure to be on the boat with both he and his family. I found out that Christian's father used to work for Switzerland's version of the Internal Revenue Service. We definitely had some stories to share with each other about working for the government auditing tax returns :-) Keep up the good work, Ellen!
  14. Any idea on when these might be available? Any idea on price? Or are you truly just teasing us Ellen
  15. Congratulations on your new housing for your Canon 5d mrk2! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Another place to go for questions on strobes would be the Lights, Strobes, and Lighting Technique forum. Generally speaking, I will say that one problem with using strobes underwater is that they can cause backscatter in your images. This happens when the strobe lights up particles in the water. Taking images underwater using strobes is quite different from using speedlights in land (topside) photography. There are definitely ways to mimimize and/or eliminate backscatter. If you're not already familiar with them, you might want to become familiar with them before using your strobe underwater. If you're shooting with an ultra widelens, you probably will want to add a second strobe as soon as possible. Again, feel free to fire away with your questions as you enter the wonderful world of underwater photograpy. Ellen
  16. Thanks for sharing these very nice images! My favorite is image # 1 of the Moray. You've got his eyes in sharp focus. Oh, and the teeth, too Ellen
  17. I agree with the others. Using the 60mm lens, which is a great lens, when shooting mantas is a case of not using the best lens for the subject. If you can get the Tokina lens along with a dome port, I think you'll be more successful at getting the shot you want. That being said, I was on a dive once and saw a Manta right in front of me. But all I had on my camera was the 60mm lens! I decided to go for it anyway and got the following image: I'll let you be the judge of whether it works or not In short, the 60 is not the best lens for the job, but if it's all you got, then try for some interesting shots of parts of the animal. And hopefully, you'll also get some nice macro opportunities on your dives. Ellen
  18. Great! Glad you were able to get ViewNX to work on your computer. Ellen
  19. Have you contacted Reef Photo? Their website says that the 100m version is available by special order. Information on FIX G10 100m version If you haven't already, you might contact them and see what they say. Good luck! Ellen
  20. View NX will allow you to view the raw files you've taken with the D300. If you use Nikon Transfer to upload the images to your computer, then viewing them in View NX is quite simple. It's not, however, thought of as a useful Raw image editor. Ellen
  21. That's really hard to answer without knowing what software you'll be using. I don't have enough experience in that area to answer intelligently. I do all my post processing with Nikon Capture NX2 and it's easy enough to do selective adjustments on certain areas of the image in that software. I really don't know whether it would make a whole lot of difference in the image. Your reasoning sounds good on the comparison between film and digital. With the larger cards that are being used, it's possible to hold a huge amount of images on one card and I could see that your recycle times might start to bother you if shooting in machine gun style. But I'm not so sure that the 3 manual power settings on the SB 105 would be so limiting. There are other things you can do to "increase" or "decrease" the power, for example by moving the strobe closer to or farther away from the subject. There have been several threads on this topic. I personally don't think you should be concerned, although some others think differently. I once had a conversation about this with one of the US Inon distributors. If I remember correctly, Inon recommends using Eneloop (or similar) type batteries in Type 4, whereas with type 3 you're not limited to the slow discharge type of rechargeables. I think it had to do with heat build up in the strobe. It's a different kind of ttl. They call it sTTL. I always shoot manual though. I don't believe it accomplishes what true TTL, as you may be thinking of, can do. Hope that helps. Ellen
  22. I personally think you'd be happiest with any configuration that uses two strobes instead of one. Using two strobes gives you more flexibility for lighting subjects and with less chance for shadows that you may not want in your images. That's especially true for wide angle images using your 17-35. You'll ideally want strobes to light both sides of the image. For that reason, I wouldn't use the SB105 by itself. I have, however, used the SB 105 by itself as well as in combination with other strobes. When I used the SB 105 by itself, it was generally for macro images. Used in combination with other strobes, you may want to consider the color cast (i.e. how warm or cool the strobe is) of the SB 105 and the color cast of the other strobe you are using. Other issues would be recycle times. I have heard that the SB 105 recycles more slowly than other strobes. It hasn't affected me in a negative way, but it's something to think about. Another suggestion would be to take a look at the Inon Z240. It's a strobe that a lot of folks here use and are very happy with. The small size makes these strobes great for travel. Here is an image I took in Cozumel. I was using two strobes when I took the shot but for some reason only one of them was working. You can see how the right side is in shadow and the lack of even lighting in the image. I think the shot would have been a lot better had both strobes been working. I'm not familiar with the YS110a or Ikelite DS 160 strobes so I'll let others comment on them. Most of all, enjoy your D700 in your new housing! Ellen
  23. You're not kidding it's a great read. Ty Sawyer seems to state quite eloquently what many of us already knew Ellen
  24. If you do decide to go to Bali, check out Scuba Seraya in Tulamben. I had a fantastic experience there last fall. The ambience was great, the food excellent and the extremely inexpensive massages add a lot to a dive vacation. Plus you can hire Jeff Mullins for a private uw photo workshop for a very reasonable price. He'll help you to improve your uw photography skills enormously. Highly recommended. And, if you're going to go to Bali, definitely take Singapore Airlines. The experience flying on Singapore Airlines is unlike any other airline you've ever flown before. It's much, much better. Ellen
  25. I agree with Jean on this one. I still have my SB-105 from my Nikonos film days and have used it successfully on manual with my D70S. One advantage is that it is light for travel, unlike some strobes that are quite a bit heavier and, thus, more difficult to travel with. It does have some disadvantages, but if you already have it, you might consider keeping it for, at the least, backup for your main strobe(s). Ellen
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