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  1. Seems like this thread has lost its purpose. Probably time just to close it.
  2. First, I apologize as I don't have direct interaction with Bob. That said, I find this very sad to see him go. When I first began realizing the "travel" portion of my dive life, it was Bob's Telita that I saw as one of the pinnacles. I never managed to make it there, but executed several trips on the Tiata and one on the Febrina. No offense to anyone, but this was back in the heyday of PNG diving (with the Barbarian, and all that she established; Kevin Baldwin and the Tiata; true titans walking the diving landscape). I often quote what I once told on the Tiata's back platform before a solo dive: "That's the ocean, it's deep, make sure you come back to here". True PNG diving ... So long, Bob. Thank you for all you did and who you were.
  3. Thanks, Tom. It seems like you and so many use 'prescription dive mask' that I'm going to go with this known quantity. I appreciate the input.
  4. Tom, I've seen the prescriptiondivemasks.com website and they seem to be one of the few that I can find any reviews about. All positive. That said, their website suggests the lenses are "chemically bonded into your mask by hand". They also have a FAQ answering the question "do the lenses come unbonded?". I just wonder how thick the end combination becomes ...
  5. Hello all, Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I need to get a prescription dive mask with a bifocal setup. My local dive shop uses 'Aquatic Optics' for doing this. I've searched a bit and not found much about them. Does anyone have any experience with them? My understanding is that they replace the original mask glass, as opposed to bonding onto it. Thanks for your input. David
  6. Hello Tom, Too bad you already have a housing. This setup I have would have been perfect for you. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62046
  7. Hello all, I have too many housings sitting around, so I'd like to sell my Aquatica D7000 setup. This includes the Aquatica brand housing, 4" mini dome, macro port, extension rings, as well as the Aquatica close-up kit with the +5 and +10 diopters and diopter caddy for the housing's handles. Thanks! David
  8. Hello, For the past many years, I have traveled with the ThinkTank Airport Accelerator (V1.0) backpack and an Urban Disguise 2.0. This lets me take all of my "delicates" on-board with me (housing, ports, lenses, bodies, etc.). It's been really nice for two reasons: * Backpacks (IMHO) fly below the "we're going to weigh your bag" airport staff (and my backpack is really heavy ...) * The Airport Accelerator has gone into almost every small overhead bin I've encountered (after removing the laptop pouch) Unfortunately, my back just doesn't want to tolerate it anymore. So I'm toying with a smaller roller like the Airstream. The theory is that I can keep all of the heavy stuff there and transition to a smaller backpack for less load. And I'm hoping the small size will still avoid attracting the crew's attention. Thoughts on this? Do all rollers attract attention? Will it still fit in small overheads? Thanks! David
  9. Still sitting at my house and needs a home ...
  10. Hello all, I'm changing systems, so I'd like to sell my Aquatica D7000 setup. This includes the Aquatica brand housing, 4" mini dome, macro port, extension rings, as well as the Aquatica close-up kit with the +5 and +10 diopters and diopter caddy for the housing's handles. I had it service in March of last year before its last trip in June'14 (and an o-ring re-serviced by the folks at Lembeh). A great deal at $1500 USD. Thanks! David
  11. Thanks. Nikon seems to be very adamant that AF doesn't work (in the website table, the manual for the lens, etc., regardless of TC factor). I'd think if you were in the business of selling products, you wouldn't want to discourage people from buying them. David
  12. Hello, I'm looking at the Nikon website and they have a "Teleconverter Compatibility Table" where they list the 105mm VR lens as "AF not possible". Really? I thought AlexM's review of the D750 (as an example) discussed AF capability with the Nikon 2x TC. Does anyone have any insight here? Is Nikon just confused on selling their products? Thanks! David
  13. Thanks, all. I'm going to pull the lens out of the closet this weekend and see how smooth the aperture and focus distance knobs feel. I'll ping Kevin as well just to get another opinion. David
  14. Thanks, John. That's my thinking as well. Even if I could find some shop that claimed they had the capability, I'm not sure I'd trust them with that lens! I've found that the servicing shops tend to be of dubious capability on things as simple as housings. That 15mm would likely be well beyond them. David
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