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  1. Jim, So it sounds like the 170 port w/40mm extn is still the best option. I just can't figure out why Nexus offers a new, dedicated port if it's not a better option. Thanks Todd, Jim. I appreciate the input. David
  2. Ok, so I really don't like bringing this up, but I don't feel there's consensus yet. I'm really looking for my wide angle lens for a D200, something to match my old 20mm / N90 combination in a Nexus housing. And I'm not overly interested in the 10.5mm fisheye... My thoughts drift back and forth between the Nikon 14mm and the 12-24DX. Seemingly, the 12-24 gives me the flexibility of a zoom, but it is still unclear on whether this can be effectively housed in Nexus ports. Is there consensus on a quality port / extension / diopter combination? Has anyone had experience with the "new" 12-24 specific port from Nexus? The 12-24 is just going to be a lot lighter on my wallet than the 14mm, but I don't want to be disappointed on the image. Thanks. David
  3. I'm struggling with a new packing arrangement. For carry-on, I've traditionally traveled with a smaller hardcase (an UW Kinetics case, similar in size to a Pelican 1520) and a small regulator bag. I want to keep the UW Kinetics case, but perhaps augment it with something more substantial to shift some weight out of the UW Kinetics case. But, I really want to fly below the radar of the airlines and carry-on restrictions. I'd like to change the regulator bag to a small backpack. Am I more likely to get hassled with this combo? Should I stick with just a bigger "man-purse" than the regulator bag? Thanks. David
  4. I've need help on some port questions... Thanks. David
  5. Way too much foam in that case... Mine it loaded with so much equipment, that I think it would be lighter carrying rocks in it.
  6. Hello, Marine Camera has just let me know that my Nexus D200 housing is in. Thanks, Tom! So now, I need to finalize some port decisions. I currently have a port for the 105mm, and a WP-3 port I had been using for a 20mm lens. I'll augment these with a port supporting the 10.5mm. Here's the question. I'd like to have a "middle" lens for fish portraits. But I want to re-use the WP-3 port. Does anyone have knowledge on what works well with the WP-3? 28mm f/2.8? 35mm f/2? Thanks. David
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