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  1. Hi, i'm searching for underwater housing and ports for Nikon F100 or F6, Please let me know if anyone has one for sale Thank you
  2. Hi, Is this still available? and whats the price? Thank you
  3. Hi, is the housing still available? What about ports? Thank you
  4. do you have any pictures? send them to Abijith.agastya@gmail.com also please find out about shipping it here
  5. Hi, Paypal would be the best option. I just purchased a camera housing and paid through paypal. Would it be possible for you to come down on the price a bit? because i have to pay 41% for customs. 500$ + shipping? Let me know. Regards
  6. Can you ship it to India? I'll pay the custom charges and everything.
  7. Okay, but you'll have to ship it to India. are you okay with that? i'll pay the custom duty and everything. Also, i need the cable to connect the strobes.
  8. Hi, I'm interested in the strobes. Do you want to sell me two strobes?
  9. Hi, Can you sell me the strobes separately?
  10. Hi, I'm interested in the strobes. Do you want to sell them?
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