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  1. Also- Even the focusing seems to be a lot less reliable. Just as another example, the front on picture is taken with my old s90 under very similar conditions. I got a number of photos that turned out well, the details were in focus and crisp. The s120...well I took quite a few photos, all were at least slightly out of focus. This was the only semi-salviagable one of the lot which I'm still not very happy with. Not sure what the story is, I would have thought the s90 would have been similar to use compared to the s120? (Minor editing to both photos for colour and contrast).
  2. Hi all, question for everyone (may be obvious, I'm not sure). I've been taking photos for a few years with a canon s90 and about a year ago added an ion strobe without any issues. I recently upgraded to a canon s120 and have been having persistant issues with over exposure. Light shots (ie light through pier pylons etc) are sometimes blown out. Macro is usually blown out. I'm not sure if this is a "feature" of the s120's as I rarely had this issue with the s90, a problem with my particular camera or if I'm doing something wrong. Obviously doesn't apply to the light shots but with the macro I had a thought today maybe it has something to do with my flash settings? I read somewhere to turn the flash power down to conserve battery life, my strobe is operating on an optical fire. Is it likely the blowing out is happening because the camera thinks there's only going to be a low light flash but it's actually getting a much higher level from the strobe? (I would have thought the camera would have adjusted for the light levels it detected rather than relying on the flash setting but maybe not?) I know I could just go out and try it again, but it's the middle of winter in southern waters and I discovered yesterday I need to invest in some warmer gear, so if it's an issue with the camera, it'd be nice to know so I can contact canon. The camera is often set on "P" underwater mode. Since the photos I usually take are on breath hold diving, I often don't have the time to set everything manually so it is operating on automatic at times. The seahorse is an example of a photo I took yesterday with no editing (camera settings on automatic underwater mode were: F-stop: f/1.8 Exposure time: 1/60s Iso: 800 The pier shot has had some editing (can probably dig the original up) but again shows the tendancy to blow out the highlights much more so than the s90 I had. Any help very much appreciated! Thanks in advance Edit: Should have mentioned for this photo the strobe was set to STTL in the "C" position. It was an overcast day with low ambient light.
  3. Hi I'm Jac from Australia. Mainly shooting underwater freediving although I do scuba dive from time to time also.
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