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  1. I have been testing my WACP-C together with the Sony 28-60 f4-5.6 in a pool. It seems to work great for subjects far away from the camera, and the corners are really sharp at lower f-stops. However when i shoot subjects close up I don't see a big advantage using this combo. At apertures below F10 I get issues with with depth of field for close up photos, and there are also a bit more barrel distortion compared to my Sony 16-35 behind a 180mm glass dome. WACP is not a silver bullet and as always there are pros and cons, but is will be a great tool for some situations and the zoom function will be interesting to explore a bit more.
  2. Yes, I will send the whole setup including adapter, extension ring and dome.
  3. As some of you already suggested I decided to send it for overhaul. If I still have problems after that I will switch extension ring and test with my larger dome port. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. You’re probably right, I will check with my dealer how long it would take before I decide to buy a new one.
  5. Yes, I guess it would take some dives before finding the problem using an empty housing.
  6. Yes, I suspect the extension ring, but it’s brand new. The strange thing is that is starts leaking after a while, and then it fills up quite quickly.
  7. That would probably be the best option, but it would take some time (and cost). I'm considering buying a used or even new housing if I can't trace the leak.
  8. Yes, I thought about that option to use a line, but the issue could be when using one of the buttons. I have tried to push every button with vacuum on land, but no alarm triggered. It would be great if I had access to a hyperbaric chamber
  9. Hi Tim, it's the vacuum valve M14 #25611 Yes, the worst thing is that I cant trust the thing and don't know what to replace first, because I cannot reproduce the error without diving.
  10. Hi! I have been using Nauticam housings since 2012, and my current one (A7II) since 2016. Two weeks ago I was doing some photography in an old mine. On the first dive I had no problems, but on the second one (i did not open the housing in between) the leak sensor was going red after 20 minutes, 37 meter down and soon I could see the water filling up the dome port. I kept the dome port downwards and the canon 8-15 lens was partly under water. The lens was fine, but unfortunately the camera display was dead. The only thing that was new is an extension ring to fit the canon lens (instead of my Sigma 15 that I used before), but I did an 40 meter 80 minute dive with this setup some days before without any problems. Afterwards I checked all O-rings, cleaned and used greased before checking vacuum for 24 hours before the next dive with my spare camera. However the exact same scenario happened. After about 20 minutes at 32 meters the alarm went off again, but this time i called the dive more quickly and could save the camera and lens. Does anyone have a clue whats going on here? It's really hard to find out when the vacuum check is all OK before diving.
  11. Hi folks! My name is Toby, diving and taking pictures in cold water mostly. Been a member since 2015, but has not been active in this forum for some years. Cheers
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