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  1. @clownfish, We're about an hour and a half away so believe it or not it happens to be one of the closer dive locations for us. There is a dive shop in Eugene (http://www.eugeneskindivers.com/). It's a fantastic shop. I'm not aware of any trips they guide there.
  2. Triggerfish, I dove in a semi-dry suit. It was "tolerable" for about 30 minutes. The people with drysuit/gloves were in much better shape that I was. The water seeped into my hood a few times and it was pretty unbelievable. It's a pretty unique place and worth the trouble if you are in the area.
  3. Here are a few photos from a recent dive at Clear Lake, Oregon. The lake is just above 3000 ft and quite cold. Generally the visibility is absurdly good. We were there during some sort of seasonal algae bloom so it was a bit compromised but still very clear. Shot with a Panasonic GH4, Lumix G 8mm lens, Nauticam Housing, natural light.
  4. The License Lab has been a great resource for us. Price depends on how it is used. They have a huge library of high quality pieces. http://licenselab.com/
  5. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share a segment we put together as part of a series we are producing here at Oregon State University about a global coral reef research project. Our first stop for this project was the Red Sea this past March. We were based on the Saudi Arabia side which was an incredible experience. Our dive training just started back in December so this was our first warm water dive experience and maybe only our 4th time taking the camera under water. We've come to accept the steep learning curve of shooting while diving! Our setup is a Panasonic GH4 with an 8mm lens. We're using the Nauticam housing and two Keldan 4x lights. Additional footage was shot with the Gopro Hero 4 Black. Everything was captured in 4k and scaled down to HD. Here's the short edit:
  6. Hi, I'm Justin Smith from Corvallis, Oregon. I'm in the midst of producing a documentary about global coral reef decline. http://coralreefmovie.org/ Previous to embarking on this film my producing partner and I had no previous dive experience. It's been a thrilling journey thus far. I'm looking forward to connecting with experienced underwater shooters and progressing our skills as we continue to travel for this project. Thanks!
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