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    Inon Z240 strobes
  1. Hi Guys, I was looking for a third (remote) strobe. The seacam remote trigger looked pretty cool, but works only with seacam strobes... and for the price of one seacam, I can get 4x new Z240 strobes. In my opinion over 2000 euro for a strobe seems pretty much ridiculous. So I checked subtronics, also a german, aluminum housed strobe. Apparently they make LED strobes! Any comments on this ? Its called the Subtronic Sirius.
  2. Hi Guys, Nothing bad about the Nauticam SMC to begin with, the only thing is that I managed to get a minor scratch on the front glass. I contacted my dealer, it can be repaired... by fitting a new front glass into the SMC. Since the SMC is nitrogen filled, it can has to be sent back to Nauticam. I don't know the costs yet, but in order to prevent this next time. I was wondering do you guys utilize the front thread of the SMC to fit for example a relatively cheap UV protector filter? Does the compartment between the SMC and the filter fill with water? And, does it drain . Another idea I had was to use a rubber sunprotector, like Hoya is making, the flexible/foldable ones. so that things around the SMC can not get onto the front glass so easily. Im open for any other options , being more carefull is one, but since I dive mostly in murky waters its more likely to take some precautionary measures.
  3. Hi guys! Many thanks for your replies! I was thinking that a seperate screen such as the smallhd dp4 or 501 gives a larger view of the subject compared to a viewfinder, and the monitor can be held in almost every position. If the monitor is positioned behind the camera drag isn't much increased, but it adds some weight for sure. But then the camera settings should be projected on the external monitor. Since i mainly dive in murky waters the reflection will be not such an issue. The battery thing is a good point and i like to keep it simple. So I will try if i can borrow a 45 degree viewfinder to figure out if it suits me. In the mean time maybe a OWhousing company can make a ipad mini housing with somehow focus assist using an app and make it possible to see the camerasettings on the ipad mini screen ?!
  4. Hi Guys, Can you please share with me if an external monitor would be suitable for (macro) photography over a 45 degree viewfinder? The resolution of these screens are becoming better and better, but what about the AF speed? Thanks!
  5. Apparently nobody did some comparisons. I asked the Saga manufacturer, he could tell me the same Schott n-BK7 hemispheres are used. So for European photographers... with the current dollar/euro rate... chose yourself .
  6. How is the quality of the SAGA domes versus for example the ZEN domes? Anybody did some tests? Saga minidome for the canon 8-15 fisheye costs 595 euros, and the ZEN dome cost here in Europe 1050-1100 euros. Both glass, both coated, and both have removable hoods, what about picture quality? Thanks!
  7. Hi Guys, I'm in the market for a 7D mark ii housing. I currently own the following canon lensens: 18-135 STM, 100mm macro IS, 8-15mm fisheye. The two latter will be used for UW photography. Could you maybe give me an indication about how much buoyancy is needed? I will go for the 8 inch dome (18802) and the 94 macroport. I was thinking of purchasing two dia 60mm (x length??) carbon float arms and two 8 inch normal arms to facilitate two inon Z240s. How did you guys set this set up ? Thanks!
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