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  1. Good point, hadn't given much thought to buoyancy of rig. really only thinking of choice of manufacturer at this stage - ULCS get great reviews and wondered if Nauticam arm components match this (since they are cheaper!)
  2. Ok, so just about to spend some serious cash on 1" ball arm system. Is there any preference between Ultralight or Nauticam systems? Will be used on a Nauticam housing with 2 strobes, expect to be buying 2 x 5" & 2 x 8" as per general agreement in other discussion. Any comments would be welcome.
  3. Really interesting thread as I too am looking at a new 4/3 set up. The look and feel of the Nauticam housings have me sold - now what to fill it with? Is there really much of a difference from an u/w photographers point of view between the Oly M5 mk 2 and the M10 mk 2? I am aware of the difference in weatherproofing but any opinions on pluses and minuses for each?
  4. Hi I'm Simon from UK, currently diving with a Canon S90 compact with strobes. Looking to upgrade to mirrorless to soften the financial outlay on the next step however want to expand my range. Mostly UK green water diving but occasional trips to warmer climates.
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