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    Sola 800 Focus Light, Subsee +10 Diopter,i-Das UWL-04 Wide Angle Lens w/ Dome

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  1. trying to find some review about XT1 for uw photography over the internet.. and surprisingly nobody has done it.. perhaps nobody use XT1 underwater... the camera itself is a very very good camera and there are lenses suitable for wide angle and macro photography available both from fuji itself and from zeiss..there's also camera housing available from nauticam together with the ports.. so why nobody has use it????
  2. thanks Tim.... the blue ring got agitated by my presence, yes it is a benthic species... it is a cropped image by the way.. otherwise, you'll see clearly why the blue ringed is in mid-water.. and yes i agreed with you Coinee.. the nudibranch is over sharpened... the raw file is deleted by mistake.. there's no way for me to make proper corrections.. :-)
  3. These are few underwater shots which i took using my always reliable Powershot s110 in nauticam housing.... sorry for the qualilty ( it is really small files).. your critics are much sought after...
  4. Hi There.. My name is Yusran Abdul Rahman, I am from malaysia, semporna Sabah to be exact.. I am a Hobbyist underwater photographer, currently shooting using Canon Powershot S110 in Nauticam Housing with double sea&sea YSD1 strobes... joining this forum in my attempt to learn and exchanging knowledges and idea... https://www.facebook.com/SubaqueousShutterbug
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