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  1. I have a seatool housing for a canon rebel XTi flat port for 18-55mm and 60mm macro with zoom gears and a couple XTi camera bodies if you are interested. Dave
  2. Looking for canon TTL converter for Inon strobes. Getting tired of waiting for internal strobe to recycle and missing shots.
  3. Want to buy used Seatool XSi Housing, also interested in M-mount ports/gears.
  4. You can contact http://www.mauidigitalimaging.com they may have something that will work for you. Other than that no one really rents high end camera gear on the island. Are you using it for diving or do you just need a "splash" housing?
  5. has anyone had the seatool t1i and watershot t1i housings together for a comparison? I have a seatool housing for my xti and love it, but for ~$2000 less with ports and gears the watershot is looking pretty good. how do they compare size and feel? thanks for your help! Mahalo Dave
  6. b]Inon WA Lens SOLD[/b] Inon WA Lens SOLD
  7. YS90 Auto strobe for sale $200 OBO, works great small scratches on outside. Ikelite sync cord #4118.1 Digital Housing-to-One strobe $40 OBO Ikelite sync cord #4118.2 Digital Housing-to-Two strobe $60 OBO check here for full specs http://ikelite.com/web_pages/sync_cords.html Both sync cords work great, each cord has a couple of twist from wrapping around strobe arms. These cords connect Sea & Sea and Inon strobes to all Ikelite housings. They provide only manual strobe operation. Olympus PT-015 housing for Oly 5050 $100, well used still works, some of the buttons are sticky. Inon wet mount wide angle lens UWL-100 type 2 $150, good condition, fits on 5050 housing and others. The Type II lens can be mounted directly to the front of housings having a 67mm threaded front port ring. Or, an Inon “M67 Mount Base†can be used to attach the UWL-100 to housings without a 67mm threaded port. This Wide Angle Lens is also compatible with many Ikelite digital still and video camera housings with a 67mm threaded port. check here for full specs http://www.inonamerica.com/products.php?pr...at=1&search I'm willing to Part it out or sell everything together, buyer covers shipping from Hawaii. First reasonable offer takes them.
  8. Inon DSLR housings also supports optically triggered strobes. But why the move to optically triggered strobes for DSLRs?? With older "point&shoot" cameras it was the only option for triggering strobes. Many of these cameras didn't have hotshoes, it was optical or a video light. Can you really get true TTL thru optically triggered strobes? Has anyone had alot of experience with these "optical TTL strobes?? I'd be interested in peoples opinions. Is optical superior to electrical sync?
  9. here are some larger images of housing Dave
  10. Here are some larger images of the ports. Dave
  11. I was wrong about the Inon d-180 they will not electrically sync with Ikelite DSLR housings. only strobes with electrical syncing capabilities will work. Sorry for the confusion. Dave
  12. Yes the strobes should work in manual mode just fine but not ttl check out http://ikelite.com/web_pages/inoncords.html I use sea&sea ys90s with the housing and they work great. I even have some sync cords available that should work for the Inon d-180. Dave
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