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  1. Is the protective cap required in making the vacuum hold, as it has o-ring also for it in the valve? Still having same issue, with cap hold over night no problem, without 15 minutes. Or defective valve and i go beat up my m8 who gave this to me(j/k, got it in exchange for a dome as he moved to 810).
  2. Yes i did screw the silver ring down. Everything done as per user manual. Vacuum stays with the protective cap on for hours. Without only under 30 minutes. Maybe try bath tub without the cap so see if bubbles are coming?
  3. Hi, These might be stupid questions, and if they are answered i couldnt find it using search. So i just got a 2nd hand Nauticam D7100 housing and im planning to use my D7200 in it. First question, 7100 and 7200 should be same size and ive seen the posts about fitting 7200 into a 7100 housing. Mine also fits and alll other buttons/dials work perfectly except ISO button, the lever doesnt hit the button but instead it hits the space above it between the button and the button above(sorry cant remember which button it is). I take its not normal since i didnt see any posts about it? Second question, my housing came with vacuum valve installed, and ive been restricted to bath tub and dry use until my trip to Indonesia later this winter. The problem is, when i pump the vacuum, all is well IF i put the protector cap on. If not, the vacuum is gone in 15-30 minutes. Is this normal? Im guessing it might be, but the Nauticam instructions doesnt say anything about this. Sorry if the questions are bit confusing, english isnt my first language. TIA.
  4. Occasional traveller/photographer wondering what system to get next
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