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  1. i would say its safe to leave macro behind. Atleast to my experience (only few liveaboard trips). Also packing in "normal" backpack instead of Pelican, you have far less chance being stopped by customs scam. I would also look into buying dedicated ThinkTank or similar backpack, instead of inserts to old backpack.
  2. I guess these settings apply atleast partly to A7RV. Im moving to Sony with this camera first time.
  3. During last 10 years or so, i have been to Indonesia approximately 35-40 times. I have never entered through Bali, always Jakarta/Manado/Makassar. 3 times i have been flagged down for customs check at Jakarta. They have gone through my equipment and their main concern was that i was importing unused equipment for sales purposes. I had all ports/gears/ect in their original Nauticam packaging so i had to show signs of wear on them. No money was exchanged and i was on my way always. I try to be "just a normal tourist" with everything packed in normal Samsonite hard spinners. This has worked twice at Cabo airport also.
  4. Couldnt help to notice this, any idea when actually? I have a trip in december and i was thinking that i havent been too naughty so i am thinking about getting this with 28-60 and WAPC-C. V vs. IV looks to be not too much different in size and button placement atleast.
  5. First off little background info. I have been shooting Nikon D7200 since it came out, mainly macro (90%) at Lembeh or similar destinations. Some wide also, like trip to Socorro. For the wide, I have used Tokina 10-17 with the small 4.33” dome. Now its time to get a new setup (gear lust, it hits hard). I am strongly leaning towards D850 (I am looking for Z options also, but not likely). D850 should be enough for me for the next 3-5 years, I guess. But this is not the actual question. It seems like I will be doing more “wide-angle” places (still doing macro as I somehow love the muck) in the future, like Triton Bay (Whale Sharks and reefscapes), Alor (Reefscapes, jettys), Raja Ampat and possibly Cocos Islands and more Socorro. As I am still bit newbie with the whole wide-angle thing, I am asking for some help with lens choices. I would most likely be looking only one lens and I have most likely narrowed it down to the 16-35 or the 8-15. I know these require large dome and big extension which is not the most convenient choice when travelling. I recently met someone on a trip who had the Nikonos RS 13mm, and he was full of praise for the lens. I have done some internet digging and it seems like this is good lens also. Actually, his words were “It’s the only WA lens you need for Nikon”. I think its either the 8-15 or RS 13, because i think fisheye is the better choice for me instead of the 16-35. Given the price for all the choices (including domes/extensions/conversions) are fairly close to each other, I really don’t know what would be the actual best choice.
  6. If the complete set is available, im interested. Send PM or email tuomas at birchhill dot me. Also interested without lens and dome/extension. But complete preferred.
  7. Is the protective cap required in making the vacuum hold, as it has o-ring also for it in the valve? Still having same issue, with cap hold over night no problem, without 15 minutes. Or defective valve and i go beat up my m8 who gave this to me(j/k, got it in exchange for a dome as he moved to 810).
  8. Yes i did screw the silver ring down. Everything done as per user manual. Vacuum stays with the protective cap on for hours. Without only under 30 minutes. Maybe try bath tub without the cap so see if bubbles are coming?
  9. Hi, These might be stupid questions, and if they are answered i couldnt find it using search. So i just got a 2nd hand Nauticam D7100 housing and im planning to use my D7200 in it. First question, 7100 and 7200 should be same size and ive seen the posts about fitting 7200 into a 7100 housing. Mine also fits and alll other buttons/dials work perfectly except ISO button, the lever doesnt hit the button but instead it hits the space above it between the button and the button above(sorry cant remember which button it is). I take its not normal since i didnt see any posts about it? Second question, my housing came with vacuum valve installed, and ive been restricted to bath tub and dry use until my trip to Indonesia later this winter. The problem is, when i pump the vacuum, all is well IF i put the protector cap on. If not, the vacuum is gone in 15-30 minutes. Is this normal? Im guessing it might be, but the Nauticam instructions doesnt say anything about this. Sorry if the questions are bit confusing, english isnt my first language. TIA.
  10. Occasional traveller/photographer wondering what system to get next
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