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  1. Need some advice. I'm very new to this whole underwater photography thing and don't want to invest more that $400. I own a Canon A-85 digital camera that takes decent pics on dry land and want to know if I can purchase waterproof housing for it. Are underwater digital cameras that much different from land cameras (water resistance asside) Can I get decent results using a land camera in a housing as I would in an inexpensive UW digital? Are housings reliable? When you reply, please keep in mind I'm an amateur at this and just looking for average results. There may come a time in the future where I'd want to invest more but for now this is all I have work with. I'd appreciate any advice you can give.
  2. My wife and I do some snorkelling and diving and currently use one of those throw-away cameras. Yeh, I know what your thinking but you have to start somewhere. Anyway we wish to move up the ladder a bit and purchase an UW digital camera in the $300-$400 price range (it that's possible). Just something that is a no-brainer that takes decent pics. The most we would be enlarging is 8X10 so as to keep the cost/megapixel down. I'm from Missouri so dive shops are few and far between with very limited selection. I would appreciate any information on what brand and model of cameras that might fit my needs and budget. If you have any suggestions on where to purchase that would be a bonus. Thanks in advance.
  3. Need some advice on purchasing my first digital UW camera. My wife and I vacation in the Caribbean and do some snorkelling and diving. We have been using those cheap throw-away cameras and now want to move up to something a little better. We need a camera that is pretty much point-and-click since neither of us are real camera savy. For that reason we feel digital would be the best way to go. I'm looking for something in the $300-$400 range. I'm not sure what that will buy but we don't want to invest in anything to expensive for our purposes. If we make enlargements it would only be 8X10s so as to keep the quality high and not break the bank for more megapixels. It would be appreciated if you could make some recommendations that would meet our criteria. Thanks in advance for your help.
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