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  1. Thank you Chris for taking the time to give me a thoughtful answer. Ralph
  2. I've been using a canon first generation g7x in a fantasea housing. It's worn out. I'm primarily going to use the camera for macro, and wide angle is secondary (but not unimportant). I'm a solid diver but my photography skills leave a lot to be desired so I'll have a steep learning curve. I'm interested in mirrorless for a lot of reasons including portability and have been looking at the Sony a6500 and Olympus omd em1 mk2 but prefer a nauticam housing. The a6500 seems to make more sense, but then the lens options appear to make the economics of the 2 pretty similar. Also looking at a used a7r2 but that seems overkill. Not really interested in much other than basic video. Not interested in using the camera on land. I have all I need in strobes and decent enough video lights so lighting isn't an issue. Camera, housing, and general starter lenses only with emphasis on good macro capability. I'm hoping to make this my last camera purchase in a long, long time but of course can add lenses as time goes by. Any and all thoughts are appreciated up to and including it can't be done or I'm asking for too much or I'm crazy. R
  3. Ha ha ha yes I get it and you are absolutely right. I'll be posting another thought soon - as soon as I think it through a little more. Your input will be appreciated then as now. R
  4. Thanks Wolfgang, I don't take much video. This is more to think about.
  5. Thank you barmaglot for taking the time to give me a thoughtful answer. It's much appreciated!
  6. Greetings, I'm currently using a canon g7x (original, not mk 2) and have thousands and thousands of snaps on it. A few even look good. It, and the fantasea housing, are beginning to give me trouble. (For example, getting good focus is becoming more difficult, and the camera freezes at depth - which I think is a housing problem caused by pressure on the controls. Both units are well used and tired.) To top it off, I'm just not happy with the g7x performance top side. It's time to move along. I have a chance to buy a sony nex-7, with 2 lenses and flat port, and a nauticam housing, both of which are represented to be low use and in excellent shape, at about 30% of the new price. If this is in fact true, is the nex-7 still worth buying? Or should I be looking in another direction? For about the same money I can get a Sony rx100v in a nauticam housing. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. same. if these fall through i'll take it. pm sent
  8. greetings, took up diving rather late, in 2011. i'm 57 now and have 300 dives in. would not dive with anything but a gopro until i had just about 2oo dives in, minimal weight, and bomb-proof buoyancy with the wing i will probably dive the rest of my dive life. certified to sdi solo. getting 100+ dives in a year. was getting bored diving somewhere between 100 and 200. so the last 100 dives have been using a g-16 in canon housing with the in-board flash only, and loving it but that was getting too easy. the diving and multi-tasking, that is, not the photography, and most of my pictures left a little (and by little i mean A LOT) to be desired. so decided to take the macro plunge and buy a g7x and pair it with a fantasea housing. also decided to use a pair of inon s2000 strobes, but lucked out and got the z240s (ver. 4) new for about the same price as the s2000s so what they hey. needless to say, i am in way over my head.
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