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  1. Thanks Drew. Much appreciated. Shooting in a few weeks and I think the school is covering it.
  2. Hi, My friend and I committed to a film school underwater narrative shoot as an underwater camera operator. I'll be shooting a small scene with actors underwater and my friend will be the support/safety diver. I'm a little confused about what kind of insurance is needed for narrative film shoots. He and I are currently certified divemasters and I am currently a professional camera operator on land. We are bringing all the scuba gear. The school has film production insurance that covers everyone on the set and near the pool if they get hurt and for any damage to my gear. Do we need our own insurance as underwater specialists even if this is not our production? In case an actor bludgeons his foot by kicking our scuba tanks laid down on the floor or if by chance something unusual happens (ie like we have bad air in our tanks and they get sick)? Or if I accidentally flood the camera during the shoot? Will a waiver that we create and have everyone sign before working be enough? Ideally I know everyone needs insurance for everything, but just confused on what people actually do. Thanks so much!
  3. Okay, I thought I was going crazy trying to figure out this one. When they explained it to me, I don't know why I thought it made sense when I read it (a bubble of air in a vacuum? it'd just dissipate)... I worked/built the same exact Gates housing before, but didn't see anything about this supposed "vacuum balancing" in the operating manual. Unfortunately, mine was neither neutrally bouyant nor balanced properly so who am I to say. Oh well, thanks for the replies and knowledge.
  4. Hi, Did a search but couldn't really figure this out. I was watching the Behind the Scenes for Highly Suspect's Lydia. The ACs in here say that the vacuum helps with bouyancy for the housing. I don't really understand why since the housing is hard aluminum and since the weight of air inside is probably negligible. I thought it was purely leak protection. I also read someone's comment on their their video talking also about balancing pressure, so I assume they knew what these guys were talking about. Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks!
  5. I put an RX100 IV into a Nauticam RX100 III housing. Only half the controls work. The power button, mode dial, control ring in front for manual focus, and shutter buttons all work. The four way D-pad type controller part with center button and the jog dial do not. The movie button, custom button, and playback do not either. So, all the buttons on the top and front of the unit work. All the ones on the back do not. It's pretty much unusuable to me unless it's in Auto mode. Although they say the bodies are identical, they are actually millimeters different enough that it makes a big difference in the housing. I was looking to upgrade but unfortunately still keeping my RX100III.
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