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  1. Underwater photography is a bit of a wide concept. If you are talking about wide angle photography, you will not find in lights the same power you can get from strobes. I use lights, cause I make both video and photo with them, but from my (short) experience with my mirrorless, the difference is certainly in the range of several stops even if you use lights of 8 / 10.000 lumen. I can't talk about macro. Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. Being Italian I definitely can confirm that the company, even if probably not very well known in some countries, has been around for many years. They produce just polycarbonate cases. A friend of mine uses their case for the D70 with good results and satisfaction. I have never used any product from them instead and I have no relation with the company. Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Thanks Lutfu, I don't think the sending from Turkey would have been a problem, but I went into another (slightly more expensive) deal yesterday night just 5 minutes before Iadiver33 message. Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. Would you sell the lens separately? Inviato dal mio ASUS_Z017D utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. If anyone is considering to sell a second hand Nauticam housing for Panasonic GX80-85, let me know.
  6. Ops...thank you! Actually the Nauticam official site now indicates 100 meters also for the 6'' dome port. I should have checked it, given the time elapsed from the starting of the topic. The WWL-1 is expensive, but must be really great solution for the flexibility allowed
  7. Oh dear! This old but very helpful post from Davide, that I read only yesterday, completely distroyed my plans. I have a gx80 that I have been so far using for out of the water stills, and recently I have been thinking about getting a Nauticam housing with the 6' port for the Pana 7-14 to start using the cam also under water, in order to update my Intova action cam rig. I thought the port would have supported the 100 meters, hence with a bit of luck it would have resisted even a bit further down. Now, the fact it is instead given for 75 meters significantly affects this plan. The idea of spending at least a couple of thousand euros for housing and port and then having to either rely on "luck" during the best dives or leaving the new rig at home for using the old acton cam, are both not very attractive... I would then ask if anyone has any advice about, and Davide in particular if he has found a different solution for his wide angle shooting (asking him directly an update on the state of his luck in the last 4 years would not be very nice... ) Thanks! Paolo
  8. Hallo everybody, I have been reading you with interest for quite some time, but I never shared here a video before, as I have been quite shy in relation to the impressive quality of videographers here and the level of your equipment, work and experience. I take the courage this time as this 3 minutes video of mine was judged as first in the category reserved to short videos taken with action cams in the "See in the sea" Ortonamare 2015 video contest in Italy. Hope you can appreciate my effort. Most images were taken in the range 35/40 to 55 meters with my Edge X. I am aware of some weaknesses in my footage, and to have plenty of space to improve. So let me just say that I would very much appreciate every comment from you guys that could help me to improve. Thanks a lot https://vimeo.com/142057131 Paolo
  9. I imagine that probably the use of usb, ir or wi-fi connection depends on the model you put inside, but, as they don't explain it clearly you should ask directly to them regarding the A7II. From the site it seems that the model dedicated to A7II should be the wi, not the Leo 3.
  10. Hallo. I am Paolo from Toscany, Italy. I knew about this forum from Davide DB, that I have to thank a lot for advising me to have a look here. After reading for some months in which I have had the chance to appreciate the quality of posts, I thought it was fair - and useful for me - to register. I don't have much competence, as I started only last year filming underwater with an Intova action cam, just to see what I could do and if I would have enjoyed. My videos are mainly for buddies. I got my first diving course in 2006, but only in the last two years I started diving more frequently. I have had the chance to dive mainly in Italy and the Red Sea. Thank you.
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