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  1. Since we are only dreaming, here is my perfect camera system: Based on a Nikon d500. Global shutter to be able to sync at high speeds (1/8000?) with full power on the strobes Higher dynamic range (don't ask how much) Inside an underwater housing (iIm not so brave) but with new wide & fish eye lenses designed to be use behind current available domes. VF with Focus peacking, and image review. Other than the wished lenses, I think we are almost there. By the way, have you guys noticed the price increase for the nauticam D500? 47% Increase! Seems I did a great investment 5 years ago, jajaja
  2. I use Nikkor AF 105mm with a D500. I normally don’t use manual focus. I have to say that I find the Nauticam SMC-1 hard to use. When diving with the 105mm, I always take 2 close-up lenses, the Inon UCL-165 + (most probably) the Inon UCL-90. I really recommend the Inon UCL-165, is very easy to use. I think that the SMC-1 has more magnification than the UCL-90. At least, I have less auto focus issue with the UCL-90. Kind regards, Joss
  3. A straight nail clipper works great to cut fiber optic cable.
  4. Hi, have you swimn / snorkel with a UW housing + strobes before? My experience is that It is quite complicated to push all that gear trough the water surface. Same goes for free diving. I think you will have plenty of light with out strobes. Regards, Joss
  5. Come on, you should be proud about your no-labels housing. After a few dives you will not need them at all.
  6. Seems like you learned a lesson, jejeje Glad to hear the retras are ok and the only loss were the batteries.
  7. If you decide to cut the cable, I have learn that a nail cutter works fine.
  8. What do you mean by "too long"? You might try the Aquatica Sync Cord Clamps https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/164829-REG/Aquatica_19215_Sync_Cord_Clamps.html Or something similar from an electrical hardware shop.
  9. That would depend on what lenses you already have, you can also try a tele-converter with the tokina 10-17. If I were to choose a single lens, the 10-17 would be the best option.
  10. Dive computer bip? C'mon, there is nothing more annoying during a dive than a computer beeping! I know is not your case, but now a days there are better options like the vibrating alarms. Cheers, Joss
  11. I get surprised at every time I see folks comparing the new Retras Vs the YS-D3's. Just make a search here on WP about S&S strobes. If you want to save some money better think about the Inons.
  12. Awesome work! At some point it is so close that it gets scary. What focal length was used?
  13. I like the say to hell part. What trigger system are you using? I would get new Inon or Retra strobes if time and budget allow for.
  14. Another option is to try with the TRT electronics trigger, it works with the YS-D3 strobes according to their webpage.
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