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  1. Thank you Pavel, I'm looking forward to try it. Could you please send me the manual?
  2. Hi Pavel, is the #11031-HSS (for Nikon) available?
  3. Have a look on the nikon auto focus system from Backcountry Gallery (Steve Perry). https://bcgwebstore.com/product/secrets-to-the-nikon-autofocus-system/ It is very well explained. Youtube video: This is also a very good thread in WP Regards, Joss
  4. Interesting article, as always. I think that there is a think that we normally tent to miss when we talk about new gear. Who is going to use it? A beginner, an experienced hobbyist or a Pro? I’m not surprise to hear that an experience photographer on a point and shoot pulls out better images than a hobbyist with an expensive rig. This is the same for any other field. 2.5 years ago I upgraded from a RX-100mii, after spending months on spreadsheets trying to balance my budget with the options I settled on the Oly E-M1m2. At that time, I didn’t wat to go into FF. At the end, just before hitting the buy button I switched to the D500. I’m very happy with the D500, but I’m sure that I would be as happy with the Oly. With the time, I have seen improvement in my images that keep me from regretting expending all that money. UW photography is “just” a hobby for me, and other from work (with phone) I normally don’t take pictures on land. I know that I don’t need / use all the options of the D500. But I love how fast the autofocus work with the Nikkor micro lenses. Regarding your conclusion I agree with you, we hobbyist tent to expend way much money on equipment and gadgets. However, when I look at the equipment used in award winning competitions it is always FF & APS-C formats. I’m not saying DSRL is better, I have seen great videos and shots with the Panasonic and Sony cameras. As a hobbyist, I don’t think that I can tell the difference from shots taken with DX and MFT system. Is it the same for everyone? Maybe… I think one should consider the size and weight of the final rig (housing, arms, strobes, etc) and make sure you are happy with it. About the extra cost from MFT and DX, for me it was around 15% and it wasn’t the most important thing. And there is nothing worse than looking at a shoot thinking that you should have bought a “better” system. I think that this discussion involves more than technical facts and comparison, making it very hard to get a conclusion where everybody agrees.
  5. Joss

    FS: Nauticam d7200

    Hello, I would like to ask you about using the Nikkor 85mm in the Nauticam Macro Port 60. How well does it fit? Are you interested on selling only the Nikkor 85mm? Kind regards, Joss
  6. Hello Pavel, what about D500 cameras with nauticam housing?
  7. Thank you for your comments. I do appreciate them I understand that a 230mm dome on a DX body might seem a bit weird, but I already own one. And I like to use it while free diving. I want to take a reef shot with dolphins early in the morning with low light. I want to limit the speed to no lower than 160, and ISO not higher than 1000. I have done some testing and it looks like f5 might works well in terms of exposure. Regards, Joss
  8. Thank you for your comments. Not sure about pulling the trigger on it. At least not just yet The credit card is still recovering of the purchase of 2 new strobes...
  9. Thanks Tim, yeah I did search on WP but didn’t find anything on the 10-24 or any other DX lens. Maybe it is only useful with a full frame camera / lens. I think some guys around WP have D500 and D850 cameras and was hoping to hear from them. Kind regards, Joss
  10. Has anyone used the Sea & Sea Internal Correction Lens in combination with the DX Nikkor 10-24 on a large dome? I wonder if it will add any benefit to using a 230mm dome. And if it does, how it is at something as low as F5? Kind regards, Joss
  11. I just got my new strobes and physically they are beautiful, even the neoprene sleeves look awesome on them. Hopefully the wheatear this weekend will allow for diving here. With out yet been shooting underwater, my only complain would be is that it looks easy to scratch the front acrylic. Retra sells protectors to use when not using diffusers or reducers. Those bits are now ordered. Bluetooth connectivity seems to work well, but I have only been playing with the pilot light intensity. Now we have to wait for a new trigger with HSS, it will be interesting to try HSS. Only time will tell if the new strobes are as reliable as the trusty Inons Z240. I hope they do. Kind regards, Joss
  12. Interesting, what port and extension are you using? How do you like that lens underwater?
  13. I got the SMC-1 to used with the nikkor 105 VR on a dx body and it has probed to be quite a challenge. Sometimes I manage to get focus and it is great, but most of the time is just fustration. Now, I do preffer to use the old INON UCL-165 and the most recent UCL-90. However, this is my sutuation and only shows my lack of expertise. I have seen awesome pictures from others with the SMC-1 and event with the SMC-2
  14. Hi, I have been using a pair of INON fiber optic cables since 2015 and done about 600 dive with them. So far no problems. Also, keep in mind that for High Sync Speed you will have to use the new SEACAM or new Retra strobes.
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