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  1. Thanks Tim, yeah I did search on WP but didn’t find anything on the 10-24 or any other DX lens. Maybe it is only useful with a full frame camera / lens. I think some guys around WP have D500 and D850 cameras and was hoping to hear from them. Kind regards, Joss
  2. Has anyone used the Sea & Sea Internal Correction Lens in combination with the DX Nikkor 10-24 on a large dome? I wonder if it will add any benefit to using a 230mm dome. And if it does, how it is at something as low as F5? Kind regards, Joss
  3. I just got my new strobes and physically they are beautiful, even the neoprene sleeves look awesome on them. Hopefully the wheatear this weekend will allow for diving here. With out yet been shooting underwater, my only complain would be is that it looks easy to scratch the front acrylic. Retra sells protectors to use when not using diffusers or reducers. Those bits are now ordered. Bluetooth connectivity seems to work well, but I have only been playing with the pilot light intensity. Now we have to wait for a new trigger with HSS, it will be interesting to try HSS. Only time will tell if the new strobes are as reliable as the trusty Inons Z240. I hope they do. Kind regards, Joss
  4. Interesting, what port and extension are you using? How do you like that lens underwater?
  5. I got the SMC-1 to used with the nikkor 105 VR on a dx body and it has probed to be quite a challenge. Sometimes I manage to get focus and it is great, but most of the time is just fustration. Now, I do preffer to use the old INON UCL-165 and the most recent UCL-90. However, this is my sutuation and only shows my lack of expertise. I have seen awesome pictures from others with the SMC-1 and event with the SMC-2
  6. Hi, I have been using a pair of INON fiber optic cables since 2015 and done about 600 dive with them. So far no problems. Also, keep in mind that for High Sync Speed you will have to use the new SEACAM or new Retra strobes.
  7. I tried that combo on my D500 two months ago and it didn’t work. It could not focus even with my finger at 20mm from the port….
  8. Hello, check this link from Nauticam https://www.nauticam.com/blogs/news/choosing-the-right-dome. I seriously doubt that someone could look at a picture and tell whether the pictures was done with an acrylic or glass dome. The most important is to get the right extension. There are famous and awarded photographer whom using acrylic domes just because they are lighter above water and able to polish. Obviously they don't care about having the most expensive option... If you are getting your fist setup, get the acrylic dome and maybe have another thought in two years? Joss
  9. I have my primary computer attached with bungee cords to a float arm. This computer is air integrated and I find it very convenient not to have to look the gauge which i keep tucked it on the bc. I have the camera attached to my BC with a cetacea lanyard. I hope never lost it... I wear a second computer (simple one) which I only look at the end of each dive to check my depth in case I have to deploy a smb while my camera rig is hanging from the bc. This work great for me. Joss
  10. Please see this webpage: http://parquenacionalcabopulmo.mx/turismo-y-recreacion/ Unfortunatelly only in spanish, at the bottom it mentions the permit. However Nautilius should assist you with that...
  11. Hello, To reach the shutter release and AF On levers simultaneously, i would recomend smaller handles. (In case you use a nauticam housing). I used the 10-24 with a Zen 170 (+ 60mm ext.) in Revillagigiedo 2 years ago and was very happy with the results. I'm not sure why Nauticam don't have the 180 as an option in the port charts. Regards, Joss
  12. Cabo Pulmo divers is a great option. I had a great time diving with Daniel and David. http://www.cabopulmodivers.com/?lang=es Please note that since this year in Cabo Pulmo, you need to apply for a photo permit in advance. It is very easy and only takes a couple od days by e-mail.
  13. Hello Carig, if I understand correctly you are already using the "release button to use dial", but you want to switch the Main / sub commands only for the Iso. I think it is not possible. To adjust iso on my Nauticam D500, i press the iso lever with my right thumb and then adjust the main command with my right thumb. It takes some practice, but then you can do it by "memory" I can do it easily with 1 hand. Please note that I'm using short handles. Kind regards, Joss
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