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  1. Hello Carig, if I understand correctly you are already using the "release button to use dial", but you want to switch the Main / sub commands only for the Iso.

    I think it is not possible.

    To adjust iso on my Nauticam D500, i press the iso lever with my right thumb and then adjust the main command with my right thumb.
    It takes some practice, but then you can do it by "memory"

    I can do it easily with 1 hand. Please note that I'm using short handles.

    Kind regards,

  2. On 8/8/2019 at 12:20 PM, Pavel Kolpakov said:

    Hello Joss,

    Only Sony plays that game with sync speed (1/160  >> 1/250).

    Nikon D500 has fixed max sync speed 1/250. This is simply a speed of Nikon mechanical shutter.  Impossible to improve it by this way, The only way to use high shutter speeds for D500 is to use HSS underwater strobes (if appear on the market), which can produce 40 khz flicker long flash.

    Hello Pavel, thank you for taking the time to answer.

    Regarding HSS. I have seen the specs of the new Retra strobes and it shows "HSS ready".

    What do you think about it? does it means that that my credit card will be bleeding soon?


    Kind regards,


  3. I just switched to small handles on my D500 housing and I´m liking it.

    I have “regular” size hands, but I was not able to move the focus points while having my finger on the shooting handle.

    When doing macro, most of the time I use a finger of my left hand to “balance” myself. With the short handles now I can: hold my rig, change focus points and shoot with my right hand.

    I have the impression that the standard handles are for divers wearing gloves…

    I think you made a good decision, happy shooting!



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  4. I think that rear curtain on panning shots does not work? If you use read curtain you get the motion effect with slow shutter speeds


    Hello and thanks for the comment, Maybe I´m not 100% clear.
    I´m looking for long exposures with rear curtain as described in Alex Mustard book, chapter "Panning and Spins".
    I want the subject to be frozen by the strobes with the blur going to the opposite direction of the subject.
    But I have failing miserably on the focusing part.
    Kind regards,

  5. Hello,

    I'm looking for advice with panning shots.

    I understand the concept of using front courtain but I want to try the rear courtain.

    My question is, how to achieve focus when the camera is stationary and using rear curtain.

    Should I try 3d focus system (nikon shooter)? Maybe moving the focus point to the left if the subject is moving right?

    Thanks and kind regars,


  6. Just get it, it is a no brainer.

    I have been using one on my D500 housing for 1 year and I'm very happy with it.

    I dont hesitage to enter the water with a back-roll o leap step entry when required.

    I dive every weekend, sometimes I do prepare the housing 2 or 3 day in advance. The baterry will last for at least 4 months and they cost only a few bucks.

    I hope this help.


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