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  1. Hello, I would like some help to ID this lovely fella. I'm prety sure is common but I have never seen it in the ocean neither pictures. It is from the Indic Ocean at the north of Mauritius Island. Thanks and kind regards, Joss
  2. I have just started and I'm liking it. https://www.instagram.com/josiluna_uw/
  3. Hello, I have been using my Nauticam housing for the D500 since almost a year. So far I have been very happy with it. What I like about it is: Latching system, is very easy to open / close How easy is to install the camera Port mechanism The feel of the buttons and levers Optical trigger Optional vacuum valve + a ton of accessories. However, I don't think that you will be disappointed by the Aquatica (Or Sea & Sea) housing. They look very strong and sturdy. Bluewater photo did some nice reviews about them. Look for them on you tube. As Tim mentioned, the best would be to go to a store where you can try both of them and make a decision. If going to a store is not an option, maybe with friends using those brands. Even if different cameras, you will have a very good idea. Good luck and happy shooting! Joss
  4. A+ for deepshots gears and service, I got mines with my name printed on them!
  5. Vivid, http://www.vividhousings.com/leak-sentinel.php or Backscatter system: http://www.vividhousings.com/leak-sentinel.php
  6. I got mine at the end of 2015 with the bulkhead slot. Before drilling a slot, make sure that the housing's electronics supports the nauticam vacuum. As far as i can remember, the electronics for the RX1002 housing didn't have capability to detect pressure / vacuum. Can you post a picture of your housing?
  7. Hi, I used that combo this January in Revillagigedo. You can see my photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155733224455358.1073741844.539830357&type=1&l=f429d23ecc All pictures were taken with the nikkor 10-24 and Zen 170mm. Not the best pictures to check corner sharpeners tough. I like that i can store the dome in my camera backpack and also compatible with the tokina 10-17. Cheers, Joss
  8. Hello, do you still have the 50mm extension ring available? Kind regards, Joss
  9. Hello, is it still available?
  10. By any chance is it still available?
  11. Hi: For 1 day diving from the shore or small boats, let's say 2 tanks for 60 to 80 usd I think that tipping around 10% is all right. But what about when liveaboard companies suggest an "expected tip" around 10% of the cost of the trip? I just don't see how items as fuel, boat and others equipments depreciation should be tipped for. For me, if an expected tip is suggested in advance I'm kind of obligated to tip suggested amount and I consider it as part of the price before taking a decision about the trip. About people tipping in advance, it looks to me like they would be trying to get something extra from the crew. Regards!
  12. There is a very interesting post about olympus flashes: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=60039&do=findComment&comment=385848
  13. Hello, thanks for putting this together and sharing. I'm definitely interested. However, i don't have any electric / electronic skills and the best for me will be to get your bill of materials and instructions to a electronic repair shop. Thanks! Joss
  14. Thanks Draq, I think thats a good idea, here are 2 links to my fb albums. I'm curious about your rig, do you use a 170mm (7in) dome? How do you pack it? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153721343275358.1073741833.539830357&type=1&l=e78d4191af and https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153648067040358.1073741832.539830357&type=1&l=047f95202c Thanks and regards, Joss
  15. Hello Phil, I'm curious about your rig, 200mm dome with Oly 7-14? My guess is that you already had the 200mm dome for the N120 system. What adaptor / combination do you need? Do you see any benefit over the 170 dome? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Joss
  16. I want to upgrade my rig from a rx100m2 with inon wet lenses and strobes. (I have been saving for a while though) The Olympus OMD E1 m2 looks very interesting, but I'm wondering if I should go for a nikon d500. I'm not concerned about size difference, but I have never use a DSRL. At the end, price difference is around 30%. So price is not the most important issue. I want to do wide and Macro, so far I have managed some decent macro with strong diopters but not much luck with wide angle. Due to my lack of experience, I'm a bit worried about not seeing a substancial image improvement when compared to my current rx100m2. Have any of you guys have gone trough this when upgrading? Kind regards, Joss
  17. Any comments on the OLY 60mm + Nauticam CMC-2? According to Nauticam tables, the OLY 60mm + CMC-2 gives you a longer focus range (33 – 120mm) Looks like CMC-2 is right option with the OLY 60mm Regards, Jose Nauticam CMC-2.pdf
  18. Good news, I'm still making my mind between the EM1 mark2 and the Fuji XT-2 system. I would like to see full compatibility with: Zeiss Touit 12mm (aperture ring) Fujifilm XF 10-24mm and Zeiss Touit 50mm Hopefully with N120 port system in order to avoid the expensive N85 to N120 adapter and also in this way, we don't need to remove the lens everytime we take out the camera from the housing. Extra space for the power booster grip will be awesome, might be to much to ask though.
  19. Hello, Im looking for a Nauticam or Acquapazza (black) for the Sony RX100m2. If you have any of the above please let me know. Regards
  20. Thanks for shearing, they fit prefect on the strobe knobs.
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