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  1. I would say that it is a Corallimorph decorator crab Cyclocoeloma tuberculata for the one at the bottom of your page, but not sure. May be there will be a better identification for your critter. Cheers.
  2. The first photo is parasitic cap limpet ( Thyca crystallina ) I have a similar photo from Lembeh they are parasitic on seastars of linckia. The second photo may be a Murex tribulus but i am not sure about that. Cheers, Aziz http://www.azizsaltik.com
  3. Thank you very much. I wasn't expecting such a fast reply.
  4. This seems to be like tailgating since there are 3 nudis in the frame, there is a smallar nudi on the upper left of the frame. Cheers.
  5. I have seen and photographed this strange critter in Lembeh recently. In 24mt depth, could not find it in my books and the dive guide did not know what this critter is either. Would appreciate an identification or any help that could lead to one. Cheers.
  6. Thank you, it is probably a member of the scaphopoda then. Cheers,
  7. I have photographed this cowfish in Lembeh - Air Bajo , i could not figure out the thing in the little fellow's mouth? Any ideas? Fish? Tongue? Prey ? Cheers,
  8. Thank you for suggestions. It has been identified as Jorunna Tomentosa thanks to seaslugforum. Cheers
  9. Dear all, I took these photos on July 17th, 2005 in my hometown Istanbul / Turkey near Prince's Islands. There was apparently a gathering and the nudibranches were rushing to a place to join a party . I think they are of Jorunna species but need help for exact identification. Best Regards, Aziz T. SALTIK
  10. Hello, I took this photo in Çeşme-Turkey, in Aegean sea, 25 meters deep, the nudibranch is 2 cm long by 1 cm approximately in diameter. Failed to find the identity and will appreciate your help. Thank you & Best Regards. Aziz T. SALTIK
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