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  1. Hey. Just installed my new 6 in 1 flash card reader ($40 at Fly's electronics) http://shop2.outpost.com/product/3499483 It installs in a 3.5" drive bay (who needs a 3.5" drive???) using the USB connection on your motherboard, or you can use it externally with a USB jack. It also has a firewire connection (only if your board has firewire - it's just a front access extension). Went in really easy, and seems to work, for only 40 bucks.
  2. The video on dolphins is excellent.
  3. Hey I'm heading to Punta Cana in July. What is your impression of the diving? I believe Isla Catalina is accessed from Punta Cana?? I'd love to see more pix. Thanx!
  4. Wouldn't it be great to take a series of shots, to be stiched together later for a reefscape panoramic?? You could set the tripod up on a sandy substrate to avoid damage. I imaging it would be very difficult to stich these shots together what with the moving subjects... How about putting an 'ipix' type of virtual tour together, for those of us that can't afford PNG, or Truck Lagoon???
  5. Ok, sorry to get off topic here, but I need to know: I'm going to the Dominican Republic in July. Are they on 110, or 220 volts???
  6. Thanks James. You're the best. How about shutter speeds????
  7. Allright. How about this: My IT dept. just upgraded (hee hee) my laptop HD from 15 GB to 40 GB. This means I now have a spare 15 GigaByte laptop drive... So which storage tank systems do you have to provide your own drive for?
  8. Please see my post "ttl Flash w/A5000" I do like the Aquatica housing very much, but I disagree on the TTL issue. I have a problem with TTL closer than about a foot. The shots are too hot, and also inconsistent (lighting, that is - I'll take credit for all other issues ). I think that once you reach a certain distance, the port blocks the sensor. Unless the sensor is using the data of the space directly in front of the sensor to judge exposure, but that's not the subject, is it? I hope I am wrong, but I don't think so. When I am more than about a foot away, with variable output set to -2, diffusers on, and strobes pulled way back, I get shots that are still SLIGHTLY hot. Does anyone have settings to recommend for manual? Or settings to use with ttl? Also - does exposure compensation have any effect on strobe shots?? I appreciate everyone's help.
  9. Interesting...this was fresh water??? I think that if you adjusted your exposure to provide a darker background, you might have forced the viewers eyes to concentrate more on the subject. I could be biased as where I dive, most of the light in my shots comes strictly from strobes. Were you using some sort of red filter? There is a definate color cast in your image. I hope you don't mind - I loaded it into photoshop and applied Image>Adjust>Auto Levels, then Edit>Fade Auto Levels and faded by about 12%, then applied a slight crop, and then slightly sharpened the photo under the Filter menu (actually, probably sharpened a little too much). These options obviously weren't available to you underwater, though I wonder if your white balance setting may have been adjusted to improve on that color cast? Hope this helps.
  10. Hey folks. I'm still new to the digital U/W thing, and I am finding it difficult to use ttl flash w/Aquatica 5000 in w/a. If I shoot from a distance better than 1 foot, the shots seem fine, though just on the edge of too hot. But, when I come in closer, I get way too many blown out spots. This could be due to the port blocking the sensor, but I am not sure at this point. I am using 1 or 2 Nikonos SB105 strobes, both with diffusers variable power set to -2 ttl setting on strobes. I have tried program exposure, and recently 1/500 at 5.6. I don't see much difference with different settings (flash is most of the contributing light). I assume the exposure compensation does not make a diffence with strobe light???
  11. Umm, I just heard this weekend about a local photog who switched to 2000 milliamp Nimh batteries with YS-90 strobes and fried the electronics. I didn't believe this was possible, as the voltage s/b the same, just a higher capacity. Is this possible?
  12. Alright, in here is Aquatica's response to my concern:
  13. The elusive Quadipus Ikerae: A nocturnal cephelapod, the 'quad' is often persued by the California 'photosapien', looking for images of its golden orange coat. This creature is revered and feared by most, and quite tasty marinated in a beer batter and deep fried in small slices... Unwary prey will often fall victim to its relentless right hook. post your addition...
  14. Hey pal I'll take you diving anytime. Did Sask only have 1 dive shop????? hee hee. I have the moisture alarm too, but unless the camera is perfectly level it won't work. I find that it is often pointed down too much to allow the sensor to be first in contact. I'll send the thread to Aquatica. thanks.
  15. Great shark photo. In 2 weeks all I saw of sharks was a nurse shark. Where did you stay??
  16. I guess it's my turn. I'm Rob, and I am Abe Froman (the sausage king) of the US pacific northwest (though I live in BC). In my spare time, I got hooked on diving around 7 years ago (oh man...gettin' old). I never thought I would be able to say that I was a DM, or had dived the Coral Sea, or Honduras, let alone owned an UW camera. I was going to Honduras for the trip of a lifetime, and I foolishly bought a used Nikonos and strobe. The seller insisted I do not service it, as it was just done. The strobe flooded on my first test dive at home. The camera made it for 20/22 dives in Honduras a couple of weeks later before flooding. I actually salvaged part of that roll and had some of my best stuff on it. Interesting technique... I joined the Underwater BC Photographic Society, to learn how to shoot. So far, all it's done is make new friends and a lot of work as Vice-pres. (anyone want to become a member????) Anyway, a few years later and a new NikV, several lenses and strobes, and tubes, and framers, etc. What a lot of stuff. I guess the next progression was the SLR. I'm glad I decided to jump into digital instead though, with a CP5000. I do like the camera, though I had to learn to love. I think I'm sold on using it UW, though it will take some time. I'm super happy I found this site. I thought digital underwater would be a lonely place, but I'm surprised by how digital has spurred a new growth of underwater photography.
  17. I'm interested in this feature. I use PS7 but am not familiar w/selective correction. Could you give a description??
  18. Hey Ike, is that octopus logo supposed to look like it's winding up to punch someone?? Just curious.
  19. Thanks guys. That is what I figured, but it was driving me nuts that I couldn't see the location of the ring in the window. I appreciate the help. Todd, what do you think??
  20. Hey Aquatica users. I got a scare on Saturday during a dive. I saw what I thought was water creeping into my housing through the rear window. It looks like water is in between the rear window and the housing. The acrylic changes color as the water contacts it. If I tilted the camera, the water would slowly move left/right, like a bubble level. This is just on the cut edge of the window, against the seal, I assume. The housing did not leak, but I haven't noticed this before. Have any of you seen this? Is this normal??
  21. oops fat fingered the wrong button!! ...and THEN install thel locks, but I've been lucky so far. Are you guys just giving up your locks as they get cut off?
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