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  1. How are you guys checking your housings, etc., when you can't lock your cases anymore??? I have been able to have my luggage searched, and THEN
  2. NOW you guys tell me... I have Photoshop Album coming. I'll post a review as soon as I get to work with it.
  3. Just read about "Salt Water Aspiration" in Diver (Canadian) Magazine. Does your reg breathe 'wet'?? A possibility...
  4. Todd, yes, while Campbell River is awesome, it does get better still (significantly) as you venture north to Port Hardy. I've done DynaMike's, but you can also do Abyssal. Pricing is similar, and each operator has advantages over the other. Both outfits are great. As for the wreck, I love diving the Columbia. It's true, I've seen over the last 5 years it's gotten reaaaaally silted up inside. I buzzed from Starboard to Port in a scooter once - sorry for anyone who had to enjoy the silt for several weeks afterward It's not as safe to penetrate as before, though you can easily go through the superstructure w/o incident. As for God's Pocket, yes it's expensive, but awesome. The liveaboards must be quite expensive too. The thing about God's is that they generally dive twice a day on slack. I think with a liveaboard you might have more opportunities to log bottom time. Mind you, at God's you are too busy eating to get any more dives in. If schedules permit, one really should try to log a couple of dives at Campbell River on the way to Port Hardy. You could even do the 6 gill thing at Hornby Island on the way up.
  5. These are some of the concerns I had. The resort we were considering is a Breezes. I've seen video from the Bay of Pigs, but how do you get there? Is it an all day thing, or are there resorts there too???
  6. This is a great topic, as UBCPS has been debating the digital evolution as well. For a one day or one dive shootout, couldn't you provide participants with flash cards that have been numbered and preformatted? Low capacity cards aren't too expensive and can be reused time after time. This might keep big chip cameras in line as they would have to reduce image size to keep from filling the cards. The official would know the cards went into the hands of the competitors empty, and they could then reformat if necessary when installing into their cameras. After the dive day, the official could collect the numbered cards and burn to CD. Maybe the competitors would have to select 5-10 images and delete the rest. As for image sharpening, etc., that could be chalked up to differences between different film cameras too - just part of the deal.
  7. Nice link Sean. I have been doing it with JPEGs too. You can get improved balance with a single exposure, though obviously not ideal. Assume I have an image that has some dark areas which I want to bring into balance. I don't have a raw convertor, so once in Photoshop, I duplicate the image onto another layer. Then, I choose the top layer and use the Adjust>Levels to bring up the shadows to the desired level. This will improve the dark areas, but make the highlights blown out. Then I apply a mask, and paint away the areas that did not require increased exposure. Once you flatten the image, you have brought the image into balance. You can't recover missing data this way, but if, say, you have an obvious shadow due to strobe placement, you can improve the image quite a bit.
  8. Looking at going to Cuba for wedding and (hee-hee) diving. We are thinking about Jibacoa. It's somewhere between Veradero and Havana. I hear there's a nice all-inclusive resort there, blah blah, but let's get to it: will I like the diving???
  9. Is it a good idea to use compressed air on a housing? I thought that might cause problems with the seals/rings.
  10. Above was the best I could get with the focus area selector on the anemone, and below was locked to the right of the subject, and then recomposed and shot. Hope the examples are clear enough.
  11. I found that it's strange having to be concerned with focus now that I've moved to a housing. Before, I had a Nikonos V, and I thought the manual focus with no slr viewfinder sucked, and I couldn't wait until I moved up to digital to get that 'autofocus', yeh! But, I am surprised to see that it's taking a great deal of effort to get a sharp shot. Please, any tips, if you have them. One thing I thought I'd share is with a test dive I just took with my buddy and his new camera: I found the autofocus didn't like anemone tentacles and the camera kept tracking back and forth from soft to sharp to soft, and just released way out of range. I guess the many different tentacles at different distances is too much for the focus to lock on. One thing I tried was to lock focus BESIDE the subject at a similar distance, then recompose and shoot. I was concerned about being able to keep the same distance for a length of time while moving the camera, but I found that the depth of field is great enough with digital that it wasn't a problem. I know you housing folk have probably done this before, but I'm a newby to anything beyond simple ttl and thought I'd show an example:
  12. How are you guys getting your housed cameras out of their housings?? With my Nikonos V, I would get back from local night dives and soak the system in water at least overnight, then remove the film the next day and go for processing. It's a nice thing to have local sites - my gear is always nicely rinsed after each trip. With my new digital setup, though, I now have this great 'instant gratification'. I want to get that thing out of my housing as soon as I get home so I can see where I screwed up my shots So, what do you guys do? Do you use a lint free chamois or towel to dry the housing, then take the camera out and reload/whatever, and then close up and put the housing in for a soak, or what? I guess on trips you have to do this. My worry is that salt water may eventually get into the system if I open before a good soak.
  13. Here's all you need to know about U/W etiquette: "Take only pictures, leave only bubbles, and don't touch anything" As for U/W photographer etiquette, there's a lot more to it. Perhaps we should have a separate thread??
  14. Here's one from my first trip with an u/w camera. Honduras. NikV - Flooded right after this dive
  15. No kidding. You must travel first class!!! All us photographers have so much money to burn...
  16. Lots of interesting comments, but I don't see anyone debating the pitfalls of laptops. I am fortnate to have a laptop for work, so I have access to one if I choose. The issue, however, is whether I can lug this thing around, what with the airport size/weight limits. I only have so much carry on room, so do I check the laptop (and chargers, cables, etc.), or my camera? Don't even think about your regs or dive computer. Tough choice. Still, depending on your budget and luggage considerations, a laptop would be the goal. I use a Toshiba Satellite. Please, get XP if at all possible. It makes life with photos simpler. Mine has the dvd (not very usefull for me) rather than the CD burner. Does anyone know what I have to do to install a burner? Do I have to get one from Toshiba, or can I go aftermarket?
  17. Rob Esaw

    site down

    Hey Guys. Dunno if it's important, but your site went down about an hour ago. Seems to be up now though (DUH?)
  18. Nice shot. I never have luck with the big ones - they are always in a crack. As for strobe use - I don't know if it hurts them, but I do know that they will allow MANY shots before leaving the vicinity, however, they typically turn white, which I assume means they don't appreciate it much. As for critique - I suggest you try to take macro shots of the eyes. I've seen amazing photos of Octopus eyes. Another suggestion is to take shots of the tentacles curled up. Nice repeating pattern that non-divers can recognize.
  19. Hey folks. Moving to digital unfortunately costs us all. It costs me, my Nikonos V system Hopefully, it costs one of you $$$ sent to me Please check out my ad (first time!) on Ebay at: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...bayphotohosting Thanks!
  20. Thanks Robert! I'll let you know if mine fit when they arrive.
  21. I ditched my Sandisk cards for a Lexar 12x 192 MB. It was about twice as fast, so yes, you definately can take advantage of faster cards. That being said, I don't think you can go much beyond that as the consumer type cameras aren't that fast themselves. Note that for the 995 the spread was between 2x and 4x. The ratings on DPreview show that for SLRs, the fast cards just get faster and faster (25x?!?). I guess you do get something for the big bucks SLRs cost.
  22. I bought some SanDisk 128s from Costco (serves me right) and they are useless speed wise. Too small even for a doorstop. Now I'm using a Lexar 192MB 12X card - much, much faster. Anyway, I digress... I count 2.5-3.5 seconds at full size in fine jpeg mode, and about 15 seconds for RAW. I can't imagine using this mode underwater. Another thing to consider is the processing after the fact. It was suggested to me to go to Bibble for RAW plug in but they don't yet support the 5000. I'm not sure who does at this point. BTW, you definately get a preview with the RAW mode. A nice, long, preview.
  23. I was surprised to see the light in the shots too. Had to look at all photos to be certain, but yup. Thanks for the tips.
  24. You guys are going to have a hard time getting Ike to warrantee those strobes. You'd better recant your stories! I don't think any execs from Nikon read this forum, so I'm not worried
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