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  1. Hey guys. The SB105s power down to 1/16th, and my first dive with the A5000/CP5000 on Saturday found that 1/16 is fine for macro. In fact, it seemed to expose better (cooler) than the ttl setting. So, no problem with the Nikon strobes - keep in mind, though, you have no modelling light, which is posing somewhat of a problem for me. On the lens issue, I bought the dome port for the 19mm W/A lens. There are some downsides: You have to put the camera in the housing, then, screw on the 19mm lens, then, install the dome port. This is an extra step, and an extra ring (there are two rings on the dome port). This could be a drag when you have to uninstall this after each dive to change batteries/flash card. The extra ring is not really a big risk/issue as there are many rings in the system already. I'm not sure how Ikelite handles this, but I think Subal doesn't require this step. Ike's housing looks good, but the Aquatica housing was a far better value for me (I earn Canadian dollars eh, not US). I did have a look at the Subal housing, and I must say it looks sweet. The dome port is huge, like a proper slr dome, and is glass. The angled lcd is I'm sure a great feature too, but again, this housing is a few bucks. It's also significantly larger than the other brands, but I don't really think that is a crucial consideration. I chose the 19mm w/a lens as the optics from Nikon should be superior, and the lens/port combo is about the same price as the removeable lens. The Nikon lens is awesome and can also be used topside. I use it more often than not. However, the ttl sensor on the A5000 housing could be bloked by the dome port. I'm not sure how the other manufacturers handle it, but it could be possible that the removeable add-on lens gets around this. Hope this helps. I probably just confused the issue...
  2. Happy Valentine's Day!! Alright, it was yesterday. My honey was going to give me a nice tripod, but thought better of it (if it's not the best, I don't want it) and found a great book for me: Digital Imaging for the Underwater Photographer Cool!! I have rudimentary (though growing) experience with scanning tecniques, photoshop, etc., so this book may not benefit me to the fullest extent, but it does have lots of practical help with imaging tecniques specifically geared to underwater photography. It seems to cover scanning (film), image editing software, database, output, slide shows, etc. Author is Jack and Sue Drafahl (not relatives of mine...). Hope this is helpful
  3. Just dove with my new rig today. No modelling light yet. I used my 20 watt dive light for supplemental lighting, for focus, composition etc. The resulting shots DID show the dive light beam in the image. So, how can I avoid this issue with a modelling light? The Q40s aren't too bright, but they are pencil sharp and I would assume they would show up as well??
  4. I have the CP5000 and 2 sb105's. Why not look at the Nikon? The Oly may be less exp. but the Tetra housings are an expensive option, though you could look at other options to house it. I just housed my camera in an Aquatica case (first dive today!) and the TTL works (no ROC nec.). The Tetra housing seems awesome, but you can get relatively true ttl with Nikon cameras and your strobe. I should qualify the statements by mentioning that ttl may not be useable with a wide angel lens (lens partly covers the ttl sensor window). On the other hand, manual seems to work well too (so far). I'll post a critique of this housing/camera/stobe combo after I get more bottom time.
  5. Give us a report when you get back Todd. When I went it was November: DON'T GO TO THE BAY ISLANDS IN NOVEMBER!!! Unless you like a ton of rain every day for 14 straight. It was still great though. When is everyone doing the Port Hardy thing???
  6. Thanks for the tips guys. Are the mini Q40s really bright enough? Is the Aquatica part for the Q40 as well?
  7. Hey folks. Just ordered an Aquatica A5000 housing for my coolpix! Blake, hurry up I'm waiting!! I forgot to ask about modelling lights. I'm using 2xNikon SB-105 strobes, so no lights. I mostly dive in BC at night, so I hear I'll need lots of light for the lcd. Any suggestions?
  8. OK now I got it. 10kb is the ticket!! It doesn't seem to mention file sizes on that page, and the error msg doesn't either.
  9. Wow. Thanks guys, I think. I'll have many more questions soon... I guess with my CP5k I'll continue with jpegs, to keep my life simpler, for the time-being, but will check out Bibble, and see what happens.
  10. I've been trying to upload Avatars. It isn't working. I've tried .jpeg, 42kb.
  11. Wow - hot topic. I can't imagine your being happy in the long run if you opt for a point and shoot when you have a sweet SLR already. There are a couple of things to think about, though: 1. Are you going to keep the slr long-term? I would hate to spend the bucks if I might upgrade a couple of years down the road. 2. If you are only able to optain an effective lens size of 24mm, I think you will not be too happy, compared to something like the 5000 with a 98' angle 19mm lens. I think the limitations of the point and shoot cameras would be a headache when you don't normally have to deal with them topside, ie: shutter lag, processing time (my 5000 takes MANY seconds to process one RAW shot), different menus and controls, etc. One other thing - though the housings for the point and shoots are smaller, you would also have to carry another camera, plus another set of batteries, chargers, possibly different memory cards, etc. This might not be an issue if you dive locally, rather than travel. Rob.
  12. I shoot a CP5K, and have upgraded my firmware to 1.7. This enables Raw image file capture. From here, I'm quite lost: I see this file size is about 1/2 of Tiff. Is the quality as good? Is it much better than Jpeg? Why would I choose to use the Raw mode? I also have heard that Raw does not sharpen, or otherwise manipulate or process the images. What does this mean to me? Do I have to open each image in Photoshop and manually apply white balance, sharpening, color optimisation, etc., to each image? Or can images be used as-is and only manipulated further if by choice? What programs are able to open and manipulate Raw photos? I have been using my XP photo wizard to import images rather than the Nikon software, but after taking some .nef images, XP doesn't seem to recognize the files on the camera. I know, lots of questions. Any answers would be super. Rob.
  13. I have 2 SB-105s and plan to house my Nikon CP5000. I have heard that most strobes are more than adequate for digital. These strobes aren't digital strobes, but I wonder if anyone has had experience with this setup? Do the strobes have enough power to recycle faster than they did with film?? Or will it be the same as with my NikV? Are there any problems with Nikonos strobes in this setup? Any tips/suggestions?? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Thanks for the review. It's really helpful.
  15. I wish someone from Nikon would come out and address this issue once and for all. I don't yet have a housing for my CP5K. I have just purchased an SB50dx though, and no mattter what I set, the onboard flash still fires. I don't think it's a preflash; it flashes at the same time as the accessory flash. I have done some food photography using the 50DX. If I shoot with both flashes, then cover the accessory with my finger, it exposes correct, but my finger gets really hot, indicating a full power flash??? If I cover the onboard flash FIRST, then I don't get proper exposure. I have tried the settings in the menu, and I am shooting in C1-3, not CA. Firmware 1.7. whasaap?? Rob.
  16. CP5000 - You can adjust Exposure compensation by pushing a button and rotating a bezel on top of the camera. I don't have a housing yet, so I'm not sure how easy this could be underwater. Topside, it's a snap. If you want to change the strobe power options, though, (to balance background, for example) you have to go through the menu - major pain. If anyone knows a shortcut for this, let me know. As for review, you can set an automatic review for after the shot, which may not be long enough for you. you can go into a quick review mode easily by hitting a button on the camera, then flip back again. It's really quite fast compared to going into review mode; there's no need to do that. Rob.
  17. Hey folks. I'm so excited that there is a forum on underwater photography. Good job. I bought a Coolpix 5000. My decision was based on the macro, and TTL capabilities. I currently do the NikV thing, and have two SB-105s. I am now researching housing choices. I know about the Aquatica, Ikelite, and Light&Motion housings. Can anyone relate their experience with their housings? Good, bad, ugly?? I would really appreciate any info or advice.
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