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  1. I looked at both and went with nauticam and vacuum valve to pressure test on the work top.
  2. i've been useing mine for four months now ( has the trigger on the flex tray ) and all is good.
  3. I've dived both for many years and control is the most important thing no matter what you use. BCD you get pockets Harness a couple of D-rings but practice your finning technique to, good technique can real help out. hope that doesn't sound to preachy.
  4. a question on the housing, how easy is it to operate with a 5mm gloved hand
  5. Hi my name's Darren and i like taking pictures underwater, i've been using an old canon compact 95 something for years now and its time to move up and spend spend spend.
  6. thanks for putting this up as i'm looking at the a6000 and it's looking good to me
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