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  1. thanks! I just narrowly missed out on a 500 dollar nauticam g15 housing. I'm open to used systems, but don't want anything over complicated, yet. For now, any pics I take will be for me and for sharing with friends, but who knows I suppose. Question: are Canon housings fully compatible with INON (or other) systems? I really don't know anything about arms, trays, lenses etc, that part worries me.... also, I've read that canon housings don't have access to all functions, is that important, given I don't require too much from the system?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for some seasoned advice about what to buy, I don't even have a camera at the moment. As a working scuba instructor, I have plenty of friends who do underwater photography professionally or semi-professionally, but they all have a lot more money than me. So my criteria more or less is...:cheap. I can't spend loads so looking for best value for money. Ideally i'd like something that I can add to when possible. For now I'm looking just to buy a camera and housing, nothing more. I've been checking out g15/16, S120 and Sony rx100ii...all recommended by friends. Seem decent and affordable but what housings? With Canon, the Canon housing is cheapest but is that silly in the long run? I've been looking at second-hand Nauticam offers, they're expensive, but is it worth it in the long run? (defo can't afford an new one :-( ) Other background - I'm currently in Indonesia, any recommendations for quality cheap shops around the region? I ended up not buying anything last time I was in KL as I wasn't convinced they were authentic! Finally the reason I'm trying to buy a system now is because I may be going to Raja Ampat for a while, so don't want to miss out on pics while there! Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. hi my name's kat, I don't have an underwater camera yet, or any camera for that matter, but that's why I'm on here, to get some advice and ideas!
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