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  1. i will sell you the strobes for 575 and you pay the shipping
  2. Paypal is a good idea, although I do not know how it works to get paid by them. I often use it to pay for purchases. How do you want to proceed?
  3. how would we handle the payment in US dollars? I have 2 optic cords for them as well.
  4. It depends on what you think they are worth. I was thinking that the entire package would be easier to sell.
  5. Olympus E-620 Camera Olympus PT-E06 Underwater Housing 2 Sea & Sea YS-110a TTL Strobes Zuiko 14 -54 lens Optic fiber cables for strobes Ultralight set up for housing and strobes Rechargeable batteries and chargers for camera and strobes Pelican case for everything $1,250 I have photos of the equipment but do not know how to compress them to upload.
  6. Skip from Silverthorne, CO. I manage to get in 25 - 30 dives a year. No I do not dive here.
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