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  1. Looking for any underwater housing for Canon EOS R. Must be located in Europe.
  2. Selling a complete Ikelite set for the Sony Alpha 6300. Ikelite 6910.63 Underwater housing for Sony a 6300 LIKE NEW Ikelite 5516.80 Mirrorless port adapter for modular 8" dome LIKE NEW Ikelite 5516.69 Mirrorless 2" lens extension NEW, never used Ikelite 5510.45 dome port 8" USED Total: 1320€ Shipping around the world
  3. Only one item left! NEW PRICE! - Extension 2.75“ (5510.11), includes anti-rotation lock - 40€
  4. Selling a i-Divesite/i-Das/D&D UWL-04 Fisheye M52 with x0.42 dome in excellent condition. Comes with an i-Divesite Adapter M67 to M52 This wet lens can be used with every underwater housing with a 52 or 67 mm filter thread. A focal length around 28 mm gives the best results. Shipping within Europe and to Great Britain. 260€ (does not include shipping)
  5. NEW PRICES - Extension 2.75“ (5510.11), includes anti-rotation lock - 50€ - Extension 4.25“ (5510.24) - 60€
  6. Selling a new, never used Nauticam E mount 4.33" Fisheye Port (Nauticam #36125). For use with all Nauticam underwater housings for APS-C Sony E-Mount mirrorless cameras e.g.: NA-A6000, NA-A6300, NA-A6500 Supported lenses included the Sony 16 mm 2.8 (with and without fisheye converter), Rokinon 8 mm and others. Shipping within Europe and to Great Britain. 370€ (does not include shipping)
  7. Thanks for your reply. I am indeed using manual settings now, but I have to say that it is a bit cumbersome when switching between targets of different size. e.g. you will need to get much closer to a small fish than to a sea turtle to fill the frame, and have to adjust accordingly Thank you for your reply. I think I worded it wrongly. The camera does do a pre-flash. The strobes don't - they simply fire at full power as a response to the pre-flash and, since they don't cycle fast enough after a full discharge, don't fire at all for the actual photo.
  8. Hi, I am using a Sony A6000 in a Meikon Underwater Housing, with two Inon S-2000. Strangely enough, even though the Switches are at S-TTL setting, there is no pre-flash and the flashes seem to fire at the same power regardless of camera settings. This can result in under- or overexposed pictures. As far as I know, the magnets are only necessary for manual shooting. Anyone got any ideas? I am thankful for any and all help.
  9. I am looking for a Sea and Sea MDX-a6000 or MDX-a6300 as well as a ML Dome Port (Product No.30121) and a ML Extension Ring 25 (Product No.30122). Shipment to Europe. Thanks!
  10. 90€ plus 18€ shipping costs = 108€. For 100€ including shipping, it's all yours.
  11. - 8" Domeport (5510.45), includes O-Rings - 290€ - Extension 2.75“ (5510.11), includes anti-rotation lock - 75€ - Extension 4.25“ (5510.24) - 90€ - Ikelite Dual Sync cord Ikelite to Sea & Sea/Inon - 90€
  12. Bump. Still looking for the NA-A6000 and the S-2000 strobes. Expanding my search to worldwide, as long as you ship to Europe.
  13. Thanks for the offer. I live in Europe so the shipping and customs would be a bit much from the US.
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