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  1. - 8" Domeport (5510.45), includes O-Rings - 290€ - Extension 2.75“ (5510.11), includes anti-rotation lock - 75€ - Extension 4.25“ (5510.24) - 90€ - Ikelite Dual Sync cord Ikelite to Sea & Sea/Inon - 90€
  2. Bump. Still looking for the NA-A6000 and the S-2000 strobes. Expanding my search to worldwide, as long as you ship to Europe.
  3. Thanks for the offer. I live in Europe so the shipping and customs would be a bit much from the US.
  4. Looking for a used Nauticam NA-A6000. Also interested in the Nauticam Mirrorless 7" Dome Port (36129) and Inon S-2000 strobes. Europe only please.
  5. Hi everyone, the process of choosing an ideal underwater setup has been extremely complicated for me so far. I jumped in with an ikelite housing for the canon 5D Mark III last year, but this has proven to be too heavy and cumbersome for travelling. Next up, I was interested in the RX100 and the Olympus OM-D series, but they did not provide the precise AF and picture quality I want. Now I have set my eyes upon the Sony Alpha 6300, which seems to be a nice compromise. It is small and light, the AF is almost as good as a DSLR, and the picture quality is excellent because of the APS-C sensor. Now the question is, what is the ideal setup? The housing is going to be a Nauticam, but apart from that, nothing is set in stone. Most of my underwater photography is either split shots, or CFWA. Options: - E 10–18 mm F4 OSS: nice zoom range and excellent image quality. The 7" dome port necessary for this lens is heavy, but allows for easy split shits. The small magnification factor might make CFWA problematic. Has anyone used a 10 mm extension tube with this lens? - E 16 mm F2.8 with fisheye & UWA converters: only works with 4.33" dome. Split shots are going to be difficult. Corner IQ is bad. Does anyone know the magnification factor of this lens with the fisheye adapter? - Canon 8-15 mm F4 L with metabones adapter: Can someone tell me if this would work with the 7" port? Corner IQ may suffer from the 4.33" dome, and split shots will be difficult. Lens is excellent for CFWA. AF possibly very slow due to adapter? Maybe someone knows the answer to my questions or knows of a better option? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I want to use an RX100 III or IV underwater, with the UWL-04 lens. I read that with an Ikelite housing, vignetting will occur. The next cheapest housing would be the Fantasea, which also has the advantage of working with both the RX100 III and IV. From what I've read, the Fantasea housing has a 55 mm filter thread, whereas the UWL-04 has a 52 mm thread. However, I am a bit confused because multiple brands seem to be making UWL-04 lenses - are they all the same thing optically and filter thread wise? Will vignetting occur with a step-down ring from 55 to 52 with the fantasea housing and the UWL-04? One online shop sells a "RX100 fisheye package" which contains the Fantasea housing and a fisheye lens that supposedly has a 55 mm thread - the D & D UWL-04. I could not find any other information about this lens. Can anyone help me out with this mess?
  7. Thanks again! Bummer about that...are other Camera housings capable of doing RCS with Inon + Canon?
  8. Thanks Pedro! Is there a way to get rear-curtain sync (RCS) with the Z-240 and an Ikelite housing? The camera does not recognize the strobes as flash units, and the proprietary Ikelite circuitry is inactive when using Inon strobes. I really like the look of RCS, and it would be a damn shame if this were not possible.
  9. Thanks to both of you! Pretty sure it's salt buildup, will try soaking it in vinegar & water solution. The settings guide is very helpful, things are a lot clearer now. What the guide doesn't explain: what's the thingy on the bottom right of the front (right below the "Inon Z-240" branding), which can be adjusted with a dial wheel? Doesn't seem to do anything...
  10. Thanks to both of you, now it works! One of the buttons seems to jam a little bit when pressed (can't turn all the way), any tips on how to clean it?
  11. Hi, yes, I am using electrical. No, the button isn't in down position. As a matter of fact, I never knew what that button was for as I don't have a manual. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try and report back!
  12. Bumping this topic, as I have the same question, although I am more interested in the UWL-04 fisheye lens instead of the wide-angle.
  13. I recently bought a pair of Inon Z-240, and it seems like I cannot regulate the power when using them with my Canon 5D III in an Ikelite housing. The left dial is turned to "M" (obviously), and turning the right dial does nothing for the power of the strobes. They always fire at medium strength, no matter what. Help, anyone?
  14. I'm going to try my luck with a mixed setup: one strobe on 2 arms, the other on 1 arm. I bought 2 Inon strobes and the arms used, and before I invest in a 4th arm, I'll check if I really need it. The seller said he never felt the need for a 4th arm, but then again he photographed shipwrecks and not CFWA. What cable(s) would I need to connect the strobes to an RX100 in a nauticam housing? The seller gave me his dual optical cable which he used with an Olympus housing, but I have no idea if that is going to work with the RX100. On a somewhat related note: is there any housing for professional Canon DSLRs (5D and 1D series) without an internal flash that can provide TTL flash for Inon strobes? Not looking to upgrade anytime soon, simply curious.
  15. You may have forgotten the photo ;-) Can you (or anyone else) recommend me a book on the basics of underwater photography gear? As an experienced "over-water" photographer, I'm quite familiar with the act of photography itself (i.e. exposure, shutter speed and the like), but I have next to no knowledge about clamps, arms, balls and so on.
  16. Thanks to both of you! I guess I'll buy two arms per strobe then. Are strobe arms standardized across manufacturers (like the arca Swiss quick release clamps for example), or not? Would I buy Inon arms or ikelite arms if I use an ikelite housing with Inon strobes, or does it not matter?
  17. Hi Kris, I hope you're okay with me hijacking your thread. I didn't want to create a new thread because my questions are pretty similar. I already have an ikelite housing for my 5D Mk III, but I'm looking to get a RX100 III with a nauticam housing because the ikelite is too bulky for traveling. I'd like to get Inon strobes some time in the future which I can use with both housings. Are all Inon strobes compatible with both? What about ball arms, are they standardized between different brands? If I have Inon strobes and a nauticam housing, do I use nauticam arms or Inon arms? Because I don't have the money and I am currently exclusively shooting at the surface anyway, I was thinking some GoPro video lights might be sufficient as fill lights for now. Has anyone got any experience with those? Thanks!
  18. I am using an ikelite housing with fisheye and wide angle lenses, and I'm looking to get some strobes and/or lamps. Do I absolutely have to buy double ball arms or will single arms do? I currently do not aim to shoot macro underwater, however I do want to do some close focus wide angle stuff.
  19. Hi, I purchased an Ikelite housing for my Canon 5D III some time ago, along with the 8" Dome port. Until now, I've been carrying it in a duffle bag with some cardboard as padding. Not really ideal in terms of protection for the housing. I'm probably going to need two solutions: one for just the housing, dome, 2-3 extensions and 2 small underwater lamps; and the other for all that plus strobes, arms, etc when I get around to purchasing strobes. The first solution must allow me to transport the underwater housing assembled, with the camera inside. I was thinking Pelicase or some similar off-brand knockoff, but I'm not sure what size? I'm not even sure there is one which allows for transport of an assembled housing with dome port. What do you guys suggest, and what do you use yourselves? Cheers
  20. Can you show me some pics of the equipment? Are there any scratches on the dome port? And what about shipment - do you ship across Europe or only to France?
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