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  1. We have a last minute spot that opened up on our December 2017 photo workshop in Anilao, Philippines at Crystal Blue Resort. https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/anilao-dec-2017-photo-workshop Your hosts will be Vijay Raman and Matt Sullivan, and the trip includes daily night dives. December is peak critter time!
  2. We have a couple of last minute spots that opened up for a Komodo, Indonesia photo workshop with Mark Strickland. Dates: July 27th - Aug 3rd Boat: Komodo Dancer (Indo Aggressor) Mark Strickland, an internationally acclaimed underwater photographer, has dived Komodo many times and will be teaching underwater photography at hand-picked dive sites, both wide-angle and macro. Email info@bluewaterdivetravel.com for a special price for this trip, and mention you saw it on wetpixel Trip details: http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/trip-komodo-july-2017
  3. Turn what many call the Trip of a Lifetime into a reality with this special prices on our Galapagos photo workshop. This will be an epic trip with a rarely offered 10-night trip to see hammerheads, mantas, marine iguanas, penguins, batfish, seahorses, galapagos sharks and more. The trip is timed for the best hammerhead and marine iguana encounters, best visibility and best water temps. Extra time at Darwin + 3 land tours. Trip will be on a newly refitted Siren Fleet vessel. The trip is hosted by Bluewater Photo owner Scott Gietler and features daily photo seminars, image reviews and one-on-one photo instruction. Dates: April 10-20, 2017 Price: 50% off retail price! Email Bluewater Travel for more details! Learn more: http://www.bluewaterdivetravel.com/galapagos-island-underwater-photo-april-trip
  4. We have chartered the Carpe Vita Explorer in August of this year, we are offering a few spots for a very special price of only $1,999 USD plus free Nitrox The trip is Aug 21st - 28th 2016, let by Bluewater Travel's Katie Yonker. The Carpe Vita Explorer is considered one of the nicest boats in the Maldives, and is one of the only boats to offer 4 dives a day. http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/maldives-trip-2016
  5. We still have 1 spot on the May 30th trip, and 2 spots on the June 20th trip, the spots are $1,750 off, which is $4,449 USD instead of $6,250. Trip details are here
  6. We have 2 last minute spots available on each of our 2016 Galapagos trips at $1,000 off. May 30th - June 9th, and June 20th - 30th 2016 on the Galapagos Master. Ron Watkins will be leading the 1st one, Kelli Dickinson will be leading the 2nd one 30 dives are offered (instead of 20 on a 7 night trip), double the days at Wolf/Darwin, and the hammerhead/mola action on my trip last month was epic. Full details are here. Scott
  7. We have 2 last minute spots available on each of our 2016 Anilao, Philipines photo workshop trips at $300 off. April 21st - May 1st, and May 1st - May 11th at Crystal Blue Resort. I'll be leading the 1st one, Brent Durand will be leading the 2nd one, Mike Bartick will be there for both workshops. Non-photographers, videographers, and beginners are welcome and will feel comfortable on the trip. Full details are here. Scott
  8. We have 2 spots left on a custom 12-night "Best of the Philippines" trip Feb 15-27th 2016 on the luxury Philippines Siren liveaboard boat. This trip includes a free, optional photo workshop by the trip leader Ron Watkins. You can sign up as a couple, 2 friends, single male or single female. The itinerary includes thresher sharks at Malapascua, whale sharks in Oslob, baitballs at Moalboal, macro at Dumaguette, schools of jacks at Balicasag and many other awesome destinations in the Visayas. The trip includes nitrox, gear rental, beer and much more. Full details here http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/visayas-february2016-trip
  9. There is one spot left on our Maldives photo workshop on the Carpe Vita Explorer for $2,299 The trip is Oct 18th - 25th of this year, prime time for whale sharks and mantas. http://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/maldives-workshop-2015 Email info@bluewaterdivetravel.com for more info. Scott
  10. Sorry, I had the price wrong, it is $2,499 - this is over 25% off
  11. We have 2 spots available to Socorro Island on the Nautilus Explorer on a 9-day trip this April 6th - 15th in a deluxe stateroom, $3,350 $2,499 including all taxes. This is peak humpback whale season, in fact we had guests snorkeling with humpback whales in Socorro today. Dolphin, shark and manta action was also great. Email info@bluewaterdivetravel.com to reserve one or both spots.
  12. We are running a Cocos Island trip on the Okeanos Aggressor this June 27th - July 7th. You fly into San Jose, Costa Rica. Experience some of the best hammerhead & big animal diving in the world. The trip is guided by Bluewater Travel's Katie Yonker, and there will be daily image reviews conducted. Spots are $740 off and start at just $3,995 USD. Full details are here: http://www.bluewaterdivetravel.com/cocos-trip-june2015 Or email info@bluewaterdivetravel.com for more details.
  13. We have several spaces reserved on the new 5-star Red Sea Aggressor, on Sep 20th - 27th of this year. The trip is in imho a great deal at $1,199, which is $500 off the regular price. The trip is led by Bluewater Travel's Katie Yonker, and will do the Brothers/Elphinstone route. Airfares from most locations including the US look quite reasonable at this time. Full details are here.
  14. We have a couple spaces left on next month's Sea of Cortez liveaboard trip on the Rocio del mar. The trip is July 19th - 26th, and costs $2,395. You can fly into Phoenix and take a shuttle to the boat, or drive 6 hours from Los Angeles. The trip features many whale shark encounters, great sea lion action, schools of fish, seahorses, nudibranchs and much more. Well-known photo pro Mike Bartick is the trip leader. Full details are here, and you can read about the boat here. Scott
  15. We tested the Dyron 16mm fisheye lens with the Recsea RX-100 housing today, there was absolutely no vignetting, and a very wide angle of view. - Scott
  16. Like John and Okuma said, I'd go with the 60mm macro lens. Easy to use and you'll get some incredible, sharp shots right away! The Sea & Sea housing is great, you'll love it. - Scott
  17. Like Dave said - the strobes and lenses will easily more than double your necessary budget. But imho the dSLR is not necessarily less simpler to use, or harder to handle underwater. Good luck! - Scott
  18. Don - the G12 focused great underwater for me, when you used it you may have had it on the wrong auto-focus settings. And many of our La Paz workshop participants got some great sea lion action photos with the G12. - Scott
  19. Yes, the E-PL3 comes with an attachable flash, it is no problem using it underwater. It works very well with 2 Ys-01 strobes, those are great strobes, very small and powerful, with a good angle of coverage. They are fired via the Sea & Sea fiber optic cable, which attaches to the E-PL3 housing. Hope this helps - Scott
  20. I've used both of them recently. The Sola 800's (and the I-torch lights) have been hassle free for us. We had a couple sola battery problems earlier in the year. Some of the bigger differences between the light is the beam angle, 110 for the i-torch vs 60 for the sola, size (sola is smaller) and whether you want to have to change the battery or not (Sola has a sealed battery). Each of the three is a personal preference with pros and cons, with different people having strong views on both. I'd decide based on those 3 criteria. How you change modes in not a big deal imho. Good luck! Scott
  21. You want to have 2 good strobes like a Sea & Sea YS-110a for still photography, and a small video light like the Sola 1200 light for faster focusing and video. You can buy all 3 now, or buy them in pieces Have fun! - Scott
  22. When I photographed Mandarin fish the red light really seemed to help, it did not startle them and my lens focused faster. - Scott
  23. Recsea just released their Sony NEX-5N housing, I haven't seen any reviews on it yet though. The feedback from our customers on their small aluminum NEX-5 housing was very positive. - Scott
  24. Bluewater Photo is selling the Dyron UV lights.. We have a couple on the way and I'll let you know how it goes after I try them out. - Scott
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