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  1. Yes like what i have mentioned in the title, i realised that there are 2 kinds of rigid housing available. however i wonder from your experience which do u prefer. Metal housing is tough, sleeker and do away with the need for weight belt. however it is very expensive, heavy and chances are some parts will corrode. plastic housing is cheap, lightweight and anti corrode. however it is not as tough, requires weight, bulkier and traps more air which may leak to opening of casing. Yup are there any other problems or benefits i missed out on these 2 choices? and so which do u prefer? thank you
  2. Hi i've read suggestions on whether to get camera with positive buoyancy or negative buoyancy. Adding weight to camera to offset buoyancy was actually brought up. However i can't really find any weight belt to go with housing. pls advice or enlighten thanx
  3. Hey pple, Thank you for your replies and time taken to answer my questions. Ur feedbacks are very useful to me. Yup i agreed with most of the problem that you are facing as i find it applies to me as well. actually i came up with 2 concepts so far...one a very practical solution and the other one a totally new experience of capturing memories. The first is a camera that is ur mask. So it's always ready. You never worry abt missing a shot anymore. Viewfinder is in the mask itself too so u save up one batt. It is detachable so it functions as a normal camera when u r not diiving. The second concept aims at taking down all ur precious memories of dive. I personcally have a lot of nice pics of seneries etc....but somehow they r not really my memories. Real memories like how some funny things happened out of no where and you find so amuse by it that you dun take out ur cam and take record. Yup my concept is this camera that "float" above u ,taking down pic of u at regular interval. you do not have to worry abt taking pic anymore. Just enjoy ur dive. As we are talking abt digital camera here wastage of shots will not be a problem. It functions as a normal camera if u really wanted to take some specific shot as well.
  4. Hi, i'm actually an industrial designer doing my final year design. i dived a few times in the region of malaysia in Pulau Aug and Perhentian. personally i took on this topic due to my disgust of camera maker trying to pass off something designed for land use to be used underwater. the ergonomics and condition of the two environment are of extreme difference, not to say the function(eg bigger viewfinder, the filtering out of red spectrum due to water ....) so here i am trying to redesigned a underwater digital camera...one take you need not put on a housing...can be used on land and water and most importantly have all the features that you wished for (underwater). For example due to all the equipment you are carrying...u may not want another thing hanging ard you, diving is such fun and enjoyment and you dun seem to have enuff time diving ard not to say take pics (so something that helps u take pics?)....yup the list goes on and on. hope i can get feedbacks from you guys. it'll be a great help to my thesis. ha wild ideas are welcome. thankyou
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