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  1. Could you send me some pics and prices at marc@sunytravel.com ? Thanks and best regards
  2. Sorry the email was wrong. marc@sunytravel.com. Thanks
  3. Could you send me some pictures at marc@sunyyravel.com Thanks
  4. Could you please send me the prices for all the equipment including the camera? And as well without the strobes and arms please? Better to contact at marc@sunytravel.com
  5. I'm looking for rig Canon 5DMIII or MII with housing or camera. Looking for Seacam brand if possible but open minded to other brands. If you have something like that to sell please contact at marc@sunytravel.com
  6. I'm interested in the whole package. Already send and email. Waiting for news at marc@sunytravel.com
  7. I could be interested, how much is the shipping to spain?
  8. How much is the shipping to spain? I could be interested for the whole package
  9. Marc Martinez, spanish dive guide living and guiding at Sharm el Sheikh. Finally joining that comunity
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