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  1. Thanks Richard. Not surprised that they have a third party do the housings, but your commentary about the housing differences was very helpful as I hadn't thought about the port question. The ports on my current Nauticam setup are pretty expensive and in excellent shape, so the ability to use them on a different housing definitely does have value.
  2. I've been shooting a Canon 7D in a Nauticam housing for a few years, primarily for video. While I love the setup, it's hard to ignore the advances, weight and size differences inherent in the MFT and FF cameras being discussed. While I'd agree that the Sony full frames seem to be exceptional cameras, I'd also agree with some of the earlier comments that the price in putting together a full Sony system plus housing and lights can become pretty prohibitive. Also obviously a bigger setup than the 4:3 cameras. Very much intrigued by the EM1 MkII, as well as the Panasonic GH5. Main question that I have is around the housings. I like the fact that Olympus actually makes housings for their own cameras. Just intuitively seems to me that they know what they're building better than anyone else, so it would seem that the housings should work very well with their cameras. I would think the polycarbonate housing of an Olympus would certainly be lighter than, say, a corresponding Nauticam housing. What are the other primary differences between a Nauticam housing or Olympus' own housing for for the EM1 MkII? As an aside, I'm not as frequent a visitor to this site as I'd like to be, but looking to change that this year. Some exceptionally smart people here who are passionate about what they do. I seem to learn more here in 15 minutes than a days worth of research on other sites. Great stuff!
  3. Was never able to locate additional batteries. Completely agree with the assessment that it makes no sense to create LED lights that provide a longer lifecycle, but batteries that are obsolete once newer models are out. Would definitely like to hear what the former rep says. Thanks!
  4. In checking markets outside of U/W photography, it appears that there are a number of batteries with a similar form factor, but all have a different attachment than what's used on these lights. There is one company that appears to have them in stock -- a company called Fotografit. Appears to be a Norwegian company. Anyone familiar with them? Would just like to be sure it's a reputable place before ordering
  5. That's interesting. I'll check again, but thought when I'd searched the specific model number, results were very limited. I get that we all choose to participate in a hobby that can be an expensive one, but spending $3500 on a set of lights and then finding that the batteries are no longer available is a bit of a head scratcher. It's a limited market, so I understand the need for the companies in the space to sell new lights, but there has got to be some semblance of backwards compatibility built into the equation. Thanks for the recommendation -- much appreciated! I'll see if that's an option
  6. New to the forum but have always viewed this site as a great source of information. I shoot video with a Canon 7D in a Nauticam housing, using Light & Motion 2000X video lights. I've generally only used my lights on trips abroad (live in Southern California) but would like to start using them on local trips as well. While I've only used the lights on three trips (yes, I'd have been better off renting at that rate of usage), I haven't done a good job of charging the batteries periodically when not in use. Net effect is that I now have a great set of lightly used lights with batteries that no longer work. I unfortunately realized early on in a recent trip to Palau that I only had one usable battery, which resulted in a lot of potentially great, but half lit footage. I'm not able to locate any batteries, so I've really got two choices: If anyone knows of anyone still stocking these batteries (7.2V NiMH WN-6) it would be a great help, as I love the lights and would like to start using them more frequently. Conversely, if no batteries are available for sale but someone has a batch of batteries and a need to replace existing lights, I'd be open to selling as well. All help appreciated, and look forward to spending a lot of time here!
  7. Hi, Folks This site's always been a great source of information. My name is Kevin Sullivan -- located in Southern California. Love diving the local waters as well as pretty much anywhere else globally. Have always loved shooting video, but now looking to get into digital stills as well
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