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  1. Thank you fish323, he doesn't ship to South America but I'll look for something similar.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for used wide-angle and macro wet lenses (67mm threaded) for compact camera housings. Thanks! Hi, I'm looking for used wide-angle and macro wet lenses (67mm threaded) for compact camera housings. Thanks!
  3. Hello divers, I own a Nikon D80 with Sea&Sea DX-D80 housing, and use the Mares X-Vision mask. This is an excelent mask, but I really can't see the whole frame through the finder So, the question is: What is the best mask to use with SLR housings? (for those who do not wish to invest in a magnifying viewfinder, of course) Thank you Auder Lisboa UW Photographer from Brazil
  4. Thank you guys, for the answers. I'm very happy, Brian quickly replied my e-mail about the photo: "Hi Auder: Thanks so much for your kind words! The photo you asked about was made in fairly shallow water, about 6 or 7 meters deep. It was made late in the day with golden light streaming into the exceptionally clear water. I used a slow shutter and rear-curtain synch. Two strobes on low power. Best, Brian" Auder Lisboa ---------------------------------------------------- Nikon D80 - Sea&Sea housing - SB105 strobes Tokina 10-17 fisheye and Nikkor 105 micro
  5. Hello friends, Please, see the picture below (Brian Skerry, NatGeo). How can I get this smudgy effect? Low shutter speed? Rear curtain strobe? Both of them? I would be very grateful if you could let me know... Thank you, from Brazil Auder Lisboa ---------------------------------------------------- Nikon D80 - Sea&Sea housing - SB105 strobes Tokina 10-17 fisheye and Nikkor 105 micro
  6. Nice job, Dagobert! When possible, buy the Inon fisheye. Absolutely fantastic! Regards, from Brazil
  7. With wide-angle lens and the full zoom the adaptation does not make sense. It´s the same angle without the lens. Before the cut the vigneting is big, I don´t have photos, unfortunately. I have this sample: Photo whithout lens: http://auder.multiply.com/photos/album/39/..._e_Canon_A620#1 Same photo, but with S&S 16mm lens and one touch in zoom button http://auder.multiply.com/photos/album/39/..._e_Canon_A620#2 And others samples... Photos with Sea&Sea 16mm (2005-2006): http://auder.multiply.com/photos/photo/44/1 http://auder.multiply.com/photos/photo/44/2 http://auder.multiply.com/photos/photo/44/6 http://auder.multiply.com/photos/photo/49/2 Photos with Inon Fisheye UFL-165AD (2007): http://auder.multiply.com/photos/photo/49/1 http://auder.multiply.com/photos/photo/48/1 Regards from Brazil!
  8. Hi, "what "lens adapter" system that is??" The lens adapter is manufactured by Ricardo Prudencio, a mechanical engineer from Brazil: http://www.pbase.com/ricadiver/bases_e_out...as&page=all "How critical is position/tilt?" I did not understand the question!
  9. For sale, like new: Aquatica focus gear for Nikkor 105mm F2.8 AF Micro (non VR) - # 18679 U$ 35,00 Auto/manual focus selector gear for Nikkor 105mm F2.8 AF (non VR) - # 18683 U$ 70,00 Both: U$ 100,00 + shipping Payment: proffered by Paypal (user amvlisboa at e-Bay) amvlisboa@yahoo.com.br Brazil - zip code: 85860-310
  10. Hi all, One year later, I have some news I'm still using this kit, but with Inon lenses now (in the picture, UFL-165AD fisheye). Only a recommendation: don't put a glass port, put a acrylic port. The glass port condenses some water on the internal surface. Just one more and important thing... Make the cut carefully. I used a blade like this: Fix the distance between the Canon lens and the Inon fisheye... There is no vignetting I'll put some pictures taken with the new set, as soon as possible Regards from Brazil, Auder Lisboa
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a Dual Sync Cord to connect two Nikonos SB-105 to a Sea&Sea DX-D80 housing. I think the "Ikelite TTL Dual Sync Cord - Nikonos Camera to Two Nikonos SB-105 Strobes (code 4115.2)" is the only choice. (is that rigth?) Thanks, Auder Lisboa Iguassu Falls - Parana - Brazil
  12. Hi all, I am looking for the following Sea&Sea accesories (preferably used): - NX Compact Macro Port Base – Product No. 56201 - Compact Macro Port M (67) – Product No. 56221 - NX Fisheye Dome Port – Product No. 56401 - Zoom Gear – Product No. 31114 (gear originally for Canon, but fits Tokina 10-17 for nikon) - Neoprene cover for the NX Fisheye dome port I'm from Brazil, I can pay through PayPal Thanks, Auder Lisboa Iguassu Falls - Parana - Brazil
  13. Hi! Finally, the result is here (A620 pictures with and without 16mm lens)
  14. Hi all, As I promised, I bring some news. I've tested this adaptation, it works pretty well! I did dive around 65' (20m) without problems, just some flare (I am resolving this problem ) Thank you guyes!
  15. Yes, I used clear silicone. With regard to mechanical restraint, I think the silicone executes this function (like we glue the glasses of a aquarium)...
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