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  1. On 2/16/2020 at 7:27 PM, Bevanj said:

    Hi HCldiver, 

    Sorry - I've been being slack at keeping an eye on the thread I started.

    Sure, I can make something that will hopefully fit your A7R2 housing and be cheap and reliable. 

    Fire me a PM. 


    Hi Bevan,

    Just wondering if you are still making the trigger, looking for one for a Sony A6300.

    Have sent you a PM.


  2. Hi


    Anyone heard of ArmShot? Its a new arm manufacturer, supposed to be the same as Ultralight.




    I Have a Canon S100 in a Recsea housing and a S2000 strobe. Looking at getting a second strobe and longer arms. Already have an ultralight arm.


    They are compatible as I tested them in the shop. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them.


    Can't find any info on them online..





  3. Hi,


    I'm Oisin from Ireland living in Paris at the moment. I love photography and diving and combining the two together!


    I have been using a Canon S100 for the last few years and may upgrade soon!


    Looks like their is some great advice to be got here!

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