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  1. Me old Mucker Simon Spear has just finished a trip to Fiji with the PMW200/Gates set up so he may just chip in... Dean
  2. Record ... Buoyancy and a good post production Software/ unit Dean
  3. No thanks ... Washing my hair which sadly takes less and less time each passing year Dean
  4. Contrast blah blah cyans blah blah interlaced blah blah ... All good points! but to be honest it was beautiful to watch and had some real Wows in it... I visited Palau in 2002 (too long ago) and this took me back. You probably pinch yourself everyday living there mate Dean
  5. Didn't they ask for 'expert' recommendations??? Lol Dean
  6. Big congrats Bud ... Lots of love to the 3 of you from the 3 of us Dean
  7. What do points make?????? ... PRIZES!!!!!!!!!! Dean
  8. Lovely footage once again Rafa ... Sounds like Don LaFontaine doing the voice over
  9. It's pretty impressive! Although once again it's just the body so you'd need to budget the rest to get it up and running... Still, what a price drop! Waiting for Sony to drop the new F5 to £2k I won't hold my breath Dean
  10. Looks inviting ... If you have the money http://nofilmschool.com/2012/11/red-cuts-epic-price-half-scarlet-under-8k-red-one-4000/ Dean
  11. Could have told me you were heading up!?? ... I didn't know you were on the board of the furniture people Dean
  12. 15fps? ... Still liking the rest of the specs though Dean
  13. Probably shot on a RED then pushed through some fancy post house
  14. There were certainly some excellent sequences ...
  15. Lovin the look of the 3 .., Got to take into account the post work on these tasters though ... Dean
  16. Great images as per usual me old mate and a thought provoking story Dean
  17. You are doing a great job and thanks for posting ... I think they are only meant to be constructive comments ... Keep up the good work Dean
  18. Are you questioning my authority on light refraction through dome ports and lenses at depth in Tongan waters Davide? Dean
  19. Awesome... I'm guessing Tokina 10-17mm by the way the light hits Dean
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