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  1. Did a trip on the Suzanna 1 through Tony Backhurst to the Brothers/Elphinstone/Daedalus April '02. Excellent trip, lovely liveaboard, would go again. check: http://www.scuba.co.uk Seadeuce
  2. I came back from a trip to Truk (Chuuk) last month and found fares going WEST from Europe considerably cheaper than east. Travelled all the way by Continental, which allows TWO checked bags of up to 70lbs each, plus one carry-on. I had no trouble bringing another small bag as an additional carry-on. My route was Shannon - Newark, 3hr wait, on to LA. I booked this as a separate return trip, and had two nights in LA. On to Hawaii, where I took the option of a 3-night stopover and did some diving, of course On to Guam, then back to Truk. Altogether 33.5 hours in the air. BUT! I now have over 30,000 airmiles for any upgrades etc. on future trips by flying the one airline. Went to Palau via Manila with KLM in '96 and got caught for excess baggage on the return leg - thanks to a very DELIGHTFUL Ms. Jiminez at Manila airport. The difference in price was almost 1,000 euro west/east. A lot of that was down to the Euro/Dollar rate. Hope this "itinerary" may help you use two weeks, maybe one onboard, another at other locations along the way. FWIW I used the Ocean Hunter in Palau and the Odyssey in Chuuk. Cheers, Seadeuce
  3. Your middle name isn't Doubilet, by any chance ....? Seadeuce
  4. Hey you guys! The 10.5mm is available from UR Galaxy Co. Ltd. Google will find the site on the Ebay listing of stores. I have dealt with them before, and am awaiting an 85mm 1.4D for topside work. Never a problem. Price should be STGĀ£560 or thereabouts. the email address for direct enquiries is: hugoso@urphoto.com Cheers, Seadeuce
  5. Either (a) Titan Scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis cacopsis) or (B) Speckled Scorpionfish (Sebastapistes coniorta) Seadeuce
  6. I NEVER buy travel insurance. Just book through my MBNA Gold Card. Covers most eventualities. I have no affiliation with this company, but have travelled widely - SE Asia as well -and all on the card. Have just returned from Hawaii/Truk same way. Something for you to consider, hope it helps. Cheers, Seadeuce
  7. 80 - 200 was enough when I went there; wildlife is very easily photographed - used to tourists, undisturbed in protected national park. You seem to have most of the lens range covered by your list of lenses, surprised you are considering a wide zoom, bit of an overlap with 28mm. Of course you may wish to get the 70 - 200 VR for a "compromise" lens .... Cheers, Seadeuce
  8. Suggestions for Belize: one week's liveaboard doing the reefs - Turneffe, Lighthouse, and hopefully, Glovers. Then four days off-gassing to see Hidden Valley Falls, Caves, inland to San Ignacio, Xunantunich, and across to Tikal - unforgettable! Don't forget Flores, nice town. Better to hire the one taxi, quite cheap, to do the land trip. Two/three days in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. If you're there on a Wednesday, take in the Chicken Drop - I'll say no more. Taca or Island Air runs flights from Belize City to San Pedro, and return flights are not heavily subscribed. We asked the pilot to stay below 300ft and he wave-hopped us back!! Lovely!!! Diving is not bad, Blue Hole (should be called Black Hole) must be done. 145ft "escorted" dive. Our DM was some 100ft in front of the group. Half Moon and Hat Key are good sites, you may see the odd nurse shark. Johnson Reef is overdone in my opinion. Rendezvous Point and the Elbow on Turneffe are okay too. Hope you have divers aboard the Aggressor, not people doing courses! They can seriously affect choice of site. Enjoy!! Seadeuce
  9. Having done Belize, Palau and PNG, I can say with conviction that Belize does not come near what's on offer in the Pacific. Palau - Wide Angle territory; walls etc. PNG - Milne Bay - Macro Paradise. Mike Ball's Paradise Sport was one of the best liveaboards I've seen, and THE best for catering to the UW photo/video enthusiast. Depends on what you want from your trip. Advantages of Palau - a Yap or Truk add-on. Advantages of PNG, GBR add-on. PNG was better value for money in no. of dives etc. But memorable diving available in both places. Up to you! Cheers, Seadeuce
  10. Home page of digideep has list: http://www.digideep.com Seadeuce
  11. I use a large dessicant (which is guaranteed to last a lifetime), got it from: http://www.sobefoto.com I have no relationship with this company, just have that one product - that works for me! Cheers, Seadeuce
  12. That friendly surgeonfish is a Sohal (Acanthurus sohal) They were very numerous in the Northern Red Sea in the late 80s/early 90s, but have thinned out since then. Have a shot of one on my bedroom wall for years. He's called a surgeonfish because of the scalpel (!!!) at the base of his tail - can give you a nice little cut too. Happy Snapping, Seadeuce
  13. Maximum size acceptable for carry-ons is 45" total measurement. That is, height + length + width. I bought a Pelican case at B & H when in NY, but got a Porter Case for my carry-on. As the name suggests, it can be let down to use as a trolley, and takes a large suitcase plus my Pelican 1620 on top. It's a "third hand" so to speak, when travelling. I got the Pelican with pluck foam, but my carry-on is compartmentalised for digital or/and video. Much more flexible. Best of luck, Seadeuce
  14. It's an Arrow Crab - (Stenorhynchus seticornis) Keep looking! Seadeuce
  15. If you want to repeat the crab opportunity, then find another hermit, place it on the background of your choice - sand is easiest - then wait until he walks around a bit. Approach from behind and place your index finger on top of his shell, pinning it to the ground. Very often his curiosity as to why his home has suddenly become "stuck" will lead him to exit his shell to take a look. You can then place the shell about ten inches away and shoot his returning, taking hold of the shell, and reversing into it. Don't believe me? Try it and see. I always show trainee divers the hermit's repossession of his home - adds to the joy of the UW experience. Best of luck, Seadeuce
  16. S2 Pro + Ikelite owners: Is the +4 diopter only necessary for macro lens, or are other diopters optional? How about other lenses - will they need the same? Appreciate info. Am trying my best to get system ready for the ocean while waiting (Yawwwnn!) for the new Ikelite housing. Seadeuce
  17. Got my S2!! Next step-- housing. Does the Ikelite have a new back, and if so, what extra functions are there? Recommendations for a twin strobe setup - twin sync? have seen stories of flooding. Finally, merits of ULCS v. Ikelite strobe arms etc. Yes, I know it is a personal choice, but need input before I can make one. BTW can't find the site with a listing of all the Ikelite housings and accessories (code numbers). They're not on the Ikelite site. Didn't bookmark them when last seen. Afraid if I order I will be left short of a vital piece which I did not mention. Many thx, seadeuce
  18. After much soul-searching and checking of sites/reviews, I have almost come down on the side of an S2. The final factor to decide is cost; I want to use the camera for a while before getting an Ike housing, but also want a "system" that will allow flexibility UW. Therefore I would appreciate your input as to which lenses to get to obtain good images in GREEN water. Not lucky enough to have blue over here in Ireland. I am used to shooting Macro, and have already decided on the 60mm Nikkor. But the rest .... ? Two more should do, but which? Also, will one DS200 suffice, or should I plan on a DS125 plus a YS90DX? Have heard that the RAW converter with the camera has given problems. Is there a better alternative? Any advice on a "complete" system, based on actual UW usage, will be welcome, as I am a newbie at digital - reckon you've guessed that already - and I am trying to reach a hit list of accessories Etc. that I can get over a period of time suited to my budget. Hoping to minimise mistakes by tapping on to the experience of others. Cheers, Seadeuce (aka Nigel Kelleher)
  19. I am down to a shortlist of three cameras, and would appreciate some input on the final decision. Powershot G2 Coolpix 5000 3040Z I have decided on an Ikelite housing. 1. Need to have excellent Macro capability; 2. Good AF in low light; 3. Good WA with no distortion; 4. Minimum shutter lag; 5. Immediate Playback facility. Am keeping the needs as short as possible to get a few responses. Would appreciate also opinions on DS125 or YS90DX strobes. Thanks in advance, Seadeuce
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