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  1. Great setup for learning the basics of UW Photography! Setup has been used on about 25 dives over 2 years. Camera has seen additional light use on land. Included in this package: - Canon S100 compact 12MP camera - Ikelite housing for S100 (Model 6242.10 - $325 new) - DUAL Ikelite AF-35 strobes (4035 and 4035.2 - $430-$450 each new) - Single arm and dual arm trays Asking $1000 for the entire package, shipping included (US mainland). Will entertain other offers, and am willing to sell in pieces. Battery compartment on 1 strobe has flooded once, but the compartment is completely sealed, and it was cleaned out and works perfectly! Camera: http://www.amazon.com/Canon-PowerShot-S100-Wide-Angle-Stabilized/dp/B005MTME3U Housing: PowerShot S100Product 6242.10 Strobes: AA AF35 Strobe Kit Product 4035
  2. Hi All - I'm new to the wetpixel forums, but have been diving for about 20 years on and off - more seriously for the last 5. Started UW photography about 2 years ago, and I'm getting ready to upgrade my rig. I started on an Ikelite housing for my Canon S100 with 1 AF-35 strobe. Added the second strobe last year. This has been a great setup to learn on, and I've definitely found my groove as an UW photographer. Ready to move up, and starting to think about some things that I want to explore with my next setup, like constant light and more super macro. I'm a serious critter hunter! Cheers, Mike
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