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  1. The Sea & Sea YS-110 is the only one they had in the Cameras Underwater store in London which works with a compact digital (through a fibre optic cable triggered by the internal flash) or with a housed SLR/Nikonos etc via a sync cable. However see my other post, and one relating to the Ixus 75 - it seems the strobe may be incompatible with the way Canon cameras pre-flash... Philip
  2. I saw this thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=19823 I have exactly the same problem with my Canon Ixus 850IS (called something else in the US, for reasons known only to Canon's "added annoyances" department). The camera clearly pre-flashes, and I have the following results: Manual 1 mode (which is supposed to ignore the pre-flash and fire with the main flash) - doesn't flash at all. Ever. Ignores both flashes. Manual 2 mode (for cameras which don't pre-flash) - flashes with the pre-flash, so that by the time the shutter opens it is dark. TTL mode - occasionally fires a double-flash with fairly random results, occasionally properly exposed. Manual 2 mode with camera set to Flash Exposure Lock (as described in the thread above) - seems to fire correctly, with output adjustable using the dial on the strobe. But it's very annoying having to activate the FEL mode every time you switch between play and manual modes. This is clearly a "work-around" rather than a solution, which is annoying with £1500 kit! Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone successfully operated the Sea & Sea YS-110 with a Canon compact digital? Has anyone successfully operated one of these cameras with any strobe whatsoever? Or should I give up with the 850IX and get a housing for my 5D instead? I only just bought the strobe so could return it to Cameras Underwater and replace it with another one if that would be better. Got to be quick though as am off on holiday on Saturday! All help much appreciated Philip (www.virtualtraveller.org)
  3. Thanks Tim, I'll let the guy who got me worrying about this know he's wrong! Cheers, Philip
  4. Does anyone have experience of using an Epson P2000 with CF cards larger than 1 Gigabyte? Someone told me you can't read cards larger than 1GB, which sounds odd, but I can't find anything about it in the specs. I would be grateful if someone could confirm the truth as I was about to go out and buy some 2GB cards to use with my new EOS 5D!
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