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  1. I have 2 INON strobes (1x S2000 and 1x D2000) which I used at maximum output.


    White balance is on automatic and just very small adjustments in Photoshop are needed afterwards.

    (For each picture I increased the color red as I did not have a red filter)

  2. I just returned from Marsa Alam (Red Sea, Egypt) and had my first session with my Canon G16 in the Fantasea housing, wide angle lens and 2 x INON D2000 strobes.


    My standard setting was:

    ISO 80




    During the dive I mostly adjust the aperture.

    I like the background with the shutterspeed at 1/125.

    In a cave you will need to increase the ISO.


    I am new at UW photography and made around 20 dives with a camera so far.

    But I happy with the results so far.







  3. Hello to you all,


    After 20 years of diving I got a little bored underwater lately.

    I really annoy my buddy when I start practicing underwater acrobatics or playing tag.

    So she suggested underwater photography to keep me busy. :chatterbox:


    I got a good deal on a Canon G16 with a fantasea housing and 2 Inon probes.

    As I dive in the Netherlands most pictures will be macro because visibility is often less than 6 feet.


    I read something about ISO, shutterspeeds and dia somethings.

    Got two probes too lighten up the water at any depth.

    So how difficult can it be to snap some good pictures underwater?


    2 dives later I realized it is not really easy.

    From the 200 pictures I took only 2 were decent....


    So it is a great succes!! :dancing:


    I am not bored anymore and my buddy is now annoyed as I am laying in the mud for minutes just to take a picture of a tiny sea creature I never noticed before.

    I have a lot to learn and hope to post some good pictures in the future.

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