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  1. Thanks, alot of good info here, better than buying a new port
  2. I recently scratched my 6" Ikelite dome on the inside of it. It happend when the end of the lens touched the port, maybe the wrong port for the lens but it was the one that matched up on the chart. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with plastic polish like Novus or anything similar, its not very deep, I can barely feel it with my finger nail. Thanks Dave
  3. I am leaving for Maui on Thanksgiving day. I am new to underwater photography and wondered if anybody had any sugestions for any shore dives, I will be there for 9 days and dont really have any definate plans other than spending as much time as I can in the water. I just got my housing and strobe from Helix yesterday, those guys are great they really helped me out last minute. I have a 20d with ikelite housing and a ds125 strobe any sugestions would be apreciated or if anybody will be there and wants to dive that would be great too. I sure am looking forward to warm water diving, I seldom get out of my drysuit in the Great Lakes.
  4. Hi everyone My name is David I am an Engineering manager at a Tool and Die shop where I also am a Die Maker I live in Michigan and dive inland lakes and the Great Lakes and manage to go to the caribean a couple times a year (gota thaw out). I have been shooting film untill my recent investment in a 20d and am currently rounding up equipment for it. I am eager to learn what I can.
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