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  1. I've been getting decent beginner-level results from my Sony RX100IV and Fantasea housing, and wanted to step it up a bit for my next/last dive trip in August. I picked up the strobe and wide angle lens but I ultimately I really need more UW time and better diving logistics than I have available to get the most from these items. Both have been used on one trip to the British Virgin Islands for three two-tank dive days, and come with everything in their respective boxes including packaging and paperwork Prices include USPS Priority shipping to continental U.S. Pics below both descriptions Sea & Sea YS-03 - Sea & Sea's basic TTL strobe, the kit version that includes the mounting tray, flex arm with neoprene cover, and fiber optic cable. Mint condition except for some minor marks where the tray mounts to the housing. YS-03 product page $255 Fantasea UWL-400F - High quality wide angle lens at a relatively reasonable price. Also includes a padded and zippered case (this case is really robust and well made), neoprene dome cover, rear lens cap, 67mm-52mm lens adaptor (I believe most Fantasea housings are 67mm), secure string, microfiber cloth and O-ring remover. UWL-400 product page I managed to get two tiny marks on the dome, which don't show up in photos, but do account for the relatively low price. $295 $540 for both Happy to answer any questions. FWIW I'm 'vfrkids' on eBay with many years of 100% feedback
  2. I've been using my Sony RX100IV/Fantasea housing for a while with decent beginner-level results. While I'm not ready for the expense nor have the time to fit a housing and climb the UW learning curve with my APS-C mirrorless (Fuji), I was at least thinking of upgrading to a newer model of the RX100. The primary upgrade starting with the V is phase detection auto-focus which I understand makes focusing much (much) faster. Is this a worthwhile upgrade for underwater photography? Any other upgrades from the V onward worth considering for UW? My primary focus is stills, a little video but not much. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, good stuff. My personal logistics make it difficult currently to take all the sage advice but seeds have been planted for sure. My 'studies' to date consisted mostly of online articles and such, I wasn't aware of the books by Martin and Alex and will check them out. Thanks again.
  4. So I've been doing ok with my Sony RX100IV, Fantasea housing, no strobe, no wide angle, modest expectations and letting the camera do most of the work. Some pics from Curacao This year for a trip to BVI I wanted to step it up, so I added the Fantasea UWL-400F wide angle lens and the Sea&Sea YS-03 TTL strobe. Studied up on concepts, settings, etc. My pics weren't nearly as good this year, frankly not unexpected though, as I felt rushed, to get a good shot before my subject's movement makes it impossible and for not wanting to linger too long to take multiple shots with different settings. I also was very unsure about how to position the strobe for each shot, and felt rushed in that regard too. Since my photographic interest is in marine life (as opposed to, say, corals), and with everything always moving, including the people I'm with and don't know very well....I'd love to hear some thoughts and suggestions on improving as an UW photographer in these generalized vacation-diving settings where you may be the only one on the dive with a camera and strong interest in quality photos. Thanks, Howard
  5. Hi All, Howard from NY, currently living in Rockland County about 35 miles NW of NYC. Born, raised and PADI-certified in the Bronx (Captain Mike's on City Island), about 200 dives under my belt, a few years ago started getting into UW photography - RX100IV, Fantasea housing, trying to keep it reasonable so maybe hanging out on these forums is a bad idea :-)
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