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  1. Like new Canon 5D Markiii with a mere 6200 actuations. Just returned from Canon ( in their box/wrapping) from 18 point servicing, has been regularly serviced under my Canon Professional Services. Love the camera, but desire larger sensor for bigger printed images for art sales. Have all original boxes misc. Will ship in US reply or contact me at bruce@underwaterstudio.com. Firm at $1675.00 Thanks, Bruce
  2. Sorry, yes it has and I am still trying to learn how to remove the original post rather than post that it has been sold. If U know how or how to amend another posting.....luv 2 know! Thanks, Bruce
  3. Please see above with photos of all equipment......5D Mark II camera.$900, Housing including all above ( save Aqua View ) $!675, Aqua View $775 I highly recommend the Aquatica Aqua View and Air Lock to make the system "bullet proof" against leaks...cannot even remove back door or port when activated..very reassuring while on descent!.........U may also contact me directly at bruce@underwaterstudio.com
  4. Hello, you ought to consider my recent offering of both the camera (little used ) and a great Aquatica housing with alarm, Air Lock and Aquatica Aqua View for easy viewing. I am even throwing in a pair of strobe arms and a serviceable 8"port for wide angle. Please see my posting, reply here at Wet Pixel or directly at bruce@underwaterstudio.com
  5. Oh my. Sorry about that. I did buy with 2 and in my haste in posting forgot that I replaced one with an Air Lock portal. When I did purchase with 2 I never used the one replace and utilized a Y cord with Ike connectors. As soon as I can figure out how ...I will correct. I do believe it is more useful/valuable with the Air Lock which I highly recommend to eliminate fears of a flooding. My apologies, Bruce
  6. This is straight ahead offer. One Canon 5D MarkII, Battery, Charger, Service by CPS One Aquatica 5D MARKII PRO HOUSING WITH DUAL NIKONOS Bulkhead, factory Water Alarm, AIR LOCK Installed ( no pump, available from Backscatter/$100) One 8" Dome with neoprene cover Complete TLC arm set ( two 12" and two 6" including angled Aquatica connectors to housing One Aquatica Aqua View ( viewfinder ) ....can be sold separately All equipment for sale as shown in accompanying picture and well cared for and in condition. Dome is serviceable and has some surface scratches ( water fills) . Camera was dedicated to macro and utilized less frequently than my other MarkIII for W/A. 5D Mark II camera.$900, Housing including all above ( save Aqua View ) $!675, Aqua View $775 file:///Users/brasner1/Desktop/IMG_2258.JPG Will accept Pay Pal
  7. Please see my posting in reply to nino.ten in this same section...feel free to contact brasner directly at bruce@underwaterstudio,com
  8. Please see my posted reply to nino.ten above...feel free to email me directly at bruce@underwaterstudio.com
  9. I will sell both for $215.00
  10. Yes I am just about to post for it. It is in excellent condition and not used all that much as I have a MarkIII system which is dedicated to wide angle and use the MarkII for macro about once out of 4 d-5 dives with wide angle, I have ordered a new 5Drs to replace it. It comes with a moisture alarm, air lock port installed making this sure not to flood, a set of TLC arms, and an Aquatica Aqua view. I can also include a secondary 8 inch dome port with a neoprene cover. Additionally, I have a pristine Canon 5DMk II camera serviced by CPS! Reply or reach me at bruce@underwaterstudio.com
  11. Hello. I am Bruce Rasner and just never got around to joining until now. I have been quite the busy diver since early 80's and diving with obsession since '90. Fortunate to have been to most diving destinations I have wanted to visit at least once and graduated to digital in '05 after shooting a Canon F-1 until then. Presently, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mk ii and Mark III in Aquaticas with as nice assortment of lenses. Now, I await the arrival of my new Canon 5Dsr. Based in S.California I have been fortunate to have been shooting professionally for a number of years and looking forward to finally avail myself of membership here after hearing nothing but great things about WP..
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