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  1. Thanks guys for all your help/advice. Very much appreciated. Now i have a clearer picture what to expect. Cheers!! Keith
  2. I have recently been informed by my local Subal dealer that Subal are willing to custom make a manual port but cost is unknown. So.....i guess it depends how deep your pockets are.
  3. Dear All, I currently own a Canon 300D with Ikelite housing. At the moment I am thinking of getting a Subal housing for a Canon 30D. One of the main reasons I am choosing Subal is because of the good reputation and that they have a viewfinder extension. However, I have a list of questions about the set up of Subal housing and wonder if anyone can help. 1. I have recently found out that the Subal flat port for the Canon 100mm Macro USM lens cannot manual focus but I can use manual focusing for most other wide angle lens and the 50mm Macro with life size converter. Is this true the reason for this question (see question 2)? 2. I also have a kenko 1.4 teleconverter (which I have not used yet) for my macro lens and I have been told that it will not work in autofocus with small apertures for Canon cameras. If so, does this mean that I will not be able to use the teleconverter with subal housing for Canon cameras due to this reason? If so, does that mean that my alternate way to obtain supermacro is to use something like a MacroMate with autofocus? And if it does work in autofocus which Subal port extension do i get? 3. I know that HeinrichsWeikamp produces TTL converters for most Canon and Nikon cameras. However, at the moment, they are not producing one for the 30D. Are they any other options for TTL function with the set up I want? (I use a Ikelite DS125 strobe) 4. Is it true that I can use the DP-FE2 dome port with a collection of extension ports for all the wide angle lens and most wide angle zoom lens except the fisheye lens? (i.e. 14mm, 15mm FE, 17 - 35mm and EF-S 10 - 22mm) 5. For Zoom wide angle lens like the 17 - 35mm and EF-S 10 - 22mm. Will I still have both manual focus and zoom function or just the zoom control? Sorry guys, some of my questions may sound dumb to some of you but I just wanna find out as much as possible before commiting myself to invest my money into a new camera and housing. Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards Keith
  4. Thanks guys for your advice and help! very much appreciated!
  5. I've been reading that you can add teleconverters to macro lense for increased "magnification" for supermacro purposes. Can anyone advice which teleconverters to get for a Canon 100mm USM macro lense. In addition, I was reading the canon brochere and they did not state that the Canon 100mm USM macro lense to compatible to their extenders (canon's teleconverter). Pls advice.
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